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  1. But is there any EU version that is not on standard black wax?
  2. 78 AUD + custom fees for one record shipped to Sweden. Nah.
  3. Sadly Newbury shipments always arrives with customs and fees for me in Sweden, so I try to avoid ordering from them as much as possible. Sometimes it's not possible, but most times it is.
  4. You're right. I assumed that ATO did their own pressings locally, but the "doublemint" and "grimace purple" variants found at Pirates Press status page matches the description on the mockups from ATO. Phew.
  5. I'm picturing the mayhem that will follow when they add the /2000 editions for pre-order.
  6. Copped 12BB, ELTS and WB. Inventory is already down to about 2000 each on those releases.
  7. Eyes Like The Sky has portraits instead of that prancing horse, and the Willoughby's Beach monster has some extra pair of eyes I think.
  8. I’m thinking that the 7500 is just a big bunch of good ol’ black wax, but who knows. Would be fab if they arrange some EU distribution to reduce the shipping costs.
  9. @insta.gramophone Captions are mostly in Swedish, but I guess you can relate to the pictures anyway.. I did a semi ambitious Best Of 2016 list and I've still not given up the idea of doing one for 2017. Got the last missing record this week (KGATLW - Gumboot Soup from Flightless) so now I have nothing other than myself to blame.,,
  10. +1. Was really happy when I got that shipment from Fuzz Club the other day, totally worth both the price and the wait.
  11. I’m game! But I noticed on your store that the shipping to Sweden is somewhere around $100... Would it be possible to update the site with the actual cost before pre-order goes live?
  12. Can someone please explain to me how the Diggers Factory business model works? I've read their own explanation twice and still I don't understand how €1 per "digger" can cover all their production costs, or if everyone eventually have to pay for shipping, etc, when DF reach their sales objective? EDIT: Found the shipping cost after the pre-order link. Still don't understand how €1 covers the production costs.
  13. Fuzz Club variant 2 is now sold out. I bought one in the last minute when I got convinced by your praise for them. A bit worried now about the coming avalanche of pressings that I have to keep myself from ordering...