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  1. Ya, S&M never really hit for me, but love their first LP. This first single has me back in on them!
  2. Also still waiting.... starting to consider just raising a Paypal claim and ordering what he he selling at the shows, because I really want this.
  3. They hold a festival that brings in thousands of fans that would never visit Iceland and thousands of dollars in buziness.... annnnd a big f u. Happy to see they are cooperating, but this feels a little tone def for a country that routinely gives deep discounts on flights if they have a layover in Iceland just to get people in the door.
  4. I'm still waiting on the test press.... anyone else receive theirs?
  5. Personally, I found the bundles of both variants for the same record to be a bit odd... is there really that much demand for BOTH variants that a bundle needed to be offered? Not to mention no bundle of the two most common variants but one for the more limited variants... Either way, stoked to have got these before they totally sold out. Looks like the /700 variants as solo pieces are only left
  6. Thanks! Grabbed a TP while I could... Pricey as hell for a 2LP ($30 shipping to Canada...) but he's one of my favorites so I can dig it.
  7. I can only assume there will be a better walk-through of this 'experience' at some point outside of Domino. Still not sure if this is an album proper or just an extension of an experiment? https://pitchfork.com/news/animal-collective-announce-new-album-tangerine-reef-share-new-song-listen/ Teaser video:
  8. I'm less worried about celebrity X who hocks product Y than the pleebs who buy product Y because of Celebrity X.
  9. Classic (BLACK) in the listing but clear in the description... Roll a dice with that one.
  10. I have all the variants and singles from their first album... and probably want to unload them all outside the clear variant. Some decent tunes but the demand for their limited shit is nuts for the actual quality of the music. They are playing right into the collectors hands and doing well at it. (Don't get me wrong, I like em! but your kinda feeling yourself a bit when you release 233 hand numbered copies of various album covers knowing full well they will be sold out within 6 hours of release)
  11. Amazing album, but like others I will stick with my OG until I hear good news about this pressing. The OG pressing has its warts but I've learned my lesson by jumping on reissues (especially multi-colour ones) that don't deliver on the 'upgrade'.
  12. Really interested in this given it's during their 'Mess' days. Would love to hear more first though.
  13. I believe it is a Spotify fan pressing... meaning NIN will not be sending out an e-mail. As others have mentioned, this may just be an exclusive press that someone got the rights to and NIN didn't really have much to do with it.
  14. Mine was top notch quality, but the 7 inch sounded mehhhh. Some of the best quality pressings in SWAPS from my ears are Panda Bear and Nils Frahm if you are into any of those. Both are unique to VMP (45RPM remaster for Panda; alternative album cover for Nils). I'll also prop up The Books and Main Source if you want to try something a bit different in regards to experimental or 90's rap.
  15. Off to ETS to see the salt that will be spewed by the NIN collectors... As others have mentioned, NIN's fanbase is filled to the brim with completionists due to the 'halo' model. This non-advertised, after the black came out, listing will drive some of em bonkers. Glad I got in... but at $42 CAD... it stings.