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  1. If they don’t remove the ad blocker, I guess I’ll have to stop using VC. I have a whole network at blocker installed on my router. I had to disable it to come here and post this. This is how websites die.
  2. https://jackpotjuicer.com/products/jackpot-juicer-vinyl-2xlp-fan-first-edition?_pos=2&_sid=2a333ca02&_ss=r Jackpot Juicer on limited edition 2xLP color vinyl. The "Clear with Blue & Red Splatter" variant is limited to 2,000 pieces total. This vinyl will ship with an insert that is made to be colored by the buyer, so you can design it using colors of your liking. It will be packaged in a resealable vinyl sleeve. Please note that this item is a preorder that will not ship until Mid August 2022
  3. The target clearance section has been a goldmine lately!
  4. A lot of bands have been doing the multiple drops thing, so I’ll cross my fingers for you!
  5. I completed mine Voyeurist set last week as well! https://imgur.com/a/K77x8eK
  6. Hell yeah!! Stoked about this one! I still have my hot sauce from the preorder of this record!
  7. Same thing happened to me. I had even reached out to customer service directly and they still cancelled mine. I immediately reordered again this morning.
  8. Slightly unrelated but Spencer was just featured on a new Brand Of Sacrifice single titled “Enemy”. They still have a few copies of the 7” available. The song is awesome, and it’s pretty cool to see Spencer featured in such a heavy song! Link to YouTube short film Cole Bottle Clear https://brandofsacrifice.indiemerch.com/item/100480 Translucent Blue https://brandofsacrifice.indiemerch.com/item/100481
  9. I reached out to Target’s customer service directly about this. They said that once you click on the link you should be good to go. I don’t fully believe them though.
  10. I didn’t pick up any of the apparel mainly because I own more band T-shirts than any normal human should possess! Plus I’m sure there will be a fearless records exclusive package that includes a T-shirt bundled with vinyl.
  11. Underoath // Voyeurist - vinylmnky New "Golden Age" variant.
  12. 24hundred exclusive. https://24hundred.net/products/voyeurist-12-vinyl-powder-blue?_pos=2&_sid=fcb7e3cc4&_ss=r
  13. Walmart exclusive! https://www.walmart.com/ip/Underoath-Voyeurist-Walmart-Exclusive-Vinyl-Exclusive/872792620
  14. Apparently if you get the deluxe, it has an Easter egg with the jackets and long sleeve. “Color: Coke Bottle Clear Limited to 3,000 Packaging: Animated Deluxe Edition includes a plastic o-card sleeve that activates playback of the jacket’s interlaced video imagery. Watch portions of the album art animate in real time as you move the jacket inside the o-card sleeve.”
  15. We all know it’s a black pressing that they did a limited press on. Sadly not the real “test press”. But I still shelled out $75 for it, so maybe I’m stupid….
  16. There’s another clip of a new song up on their website! Webcam required. https://www.voyeurist.io