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  1. "guuuurrrrrrllllll drop it to da flooooo, i luh da way yr bootay gooooooo"
  2. ^got in on this. put the game in last night and decided to play it in the dark with headphones. awesome mistake. game scared the shit out of me a couple times. not as bad as the first one, but it holds its own.
  3. flicker

    super bowl commercials.

    http://heythatsawesome.wordpress.com/2011/02/03/volkswagon-the-force/ best
  4. dead space 2 looks legit as hell.
  5. i think we might get a hotel room and drink a buuuuunch of whiskey. and then keep calling room service until they threaten to kick us out.
  6. flicker

    Got rid of Cable TV No regrets

    i havent had cable for 5 years now. dont miss it one bit.
  7. fuck her sister/best friend.
  8. flicker

    eBay ID: adambombx79

    why would you ever gift someone money? you almost deserve to be ripped off.
  9. flicker


    not into him.
  10. flicker

    Verizon iPhone

  11. flicker

    Best man speech

    tell her she has a great rack and if that dude hadnt locked you down, you'd totally bone her. dont say fuck, this is a formal event.
  12. flicker

    New Message Board

    i want my own section on the new boards where i can be mod and do whatever the fuck i want...
  13. been playing Mass Effect 2 since xmas. much better than 1. snagged all the DLC when it was marked down to 200pts last week.
  14. flicker

    have you ever face some shit like this ?

    has anyone else ever tied to shit on a bird?
  15. flicker

    Message board

    hey Virgil, your vagina is showing.