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  1. Are we gonna talk about how Remains isn't a double 10" pressing?
  2. Honestly I haven't really liked either of these singles. The newest one is better than the first but not by much.
  3. Ehh fuck it I ordered it. Never was a Mad Caddies fan but I’m a completest and I’m always happy to support Fat Wreck.
  4. So I got an update in July about this being delayed and now it's December and I haven't heard a thing about it. Anyone have any info on when these are shipping?
  5. Wow Interpunk's site still looks awful. Haven't been there in a while.
  6. I know I'm just saying that normally with Fat I get the shipment label notification within an hour of placing the order.
  7. Yeah I'm talking about Armor & Devotion. It really didn't do anything for me. Maybe I'll give it another try and see if something clicks this time.
  8. Exile & Transmission Alpha Delta were both really good. Their last album was really disappointing though.
  9. I ordered the bundle without reading and canceled the order to get the individual variants, I am so stoked for this drop! Fat has killed it this year!
  10. There is no way this gets pressed and fly under the radar like that.
  11. Yeah they are few bucks more, but honestly in the 3 short years I've been collecting Newbury has had the best customer experience. I can't tell you how many time I've ordered from other distros with no idea when the order is shipping, I get no communication as to when it's shipping, the shipping label is printed 2 weeks before the actual shipping date, and then it takes 2 weeks to get to me. Or I order a something with a ship date a month or two out that becomes 6-8 months out with no update. It also seems like they aren't scared of having some inventory on hand as they order plenty of stock on pre-orders that don't sell out in 25 seconds and the site doesn't immediately crash every time a popular pressing goes live. I think at minimum Newbury is very good at selling vinyl.
  12. Seems like Newbury has been non-stop lately. Are they always like this?
  13. Where are you seeing the color? Also the email mentioned it's the second to last one of the year, hoping we get Bracket - Novelty Forever next.
  14. I managed to get the splatter variant but I would be sort of annoyed if I grabbed white and then there was a second drop with a CIC.
  15. Yeah its definitely the best song on the album. I really do think that the album's biggest crime is that it's a little unfocused and it's mixed like shit. The songs themselves have a lot of potential.
  16. I have Nimrod on black and I'd pay for a cool variant but a) silver ain't it and b) I just want the original album.
  17. Honestly if Jerry Finn had been alive to produce Neighborhoods it would have been a great album. There are a lot of good ideas on that album it was just kind of all over the place.
  18. I went to buy it today even though I held off because I've spent too much on vinyl this month. It was sold out. So I'm gonna have to wait for the secondary market.
  19. I mean he definitely does think like a teenager, having to go into pop punk threads to make sure everyone knows how he's a ReAl PuNk RaWkEr and how pop punk is sUpEr GhEy. I literally haven't engaged with someone on this level since I was 14 so it tracks.

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