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  1. That looks really cool but UGGGGHHHH why does it have to be a double 10"!?!?!
  2. Maybe it's a quicker queue but at this point I think we are all used to long lead times so I'd rather wait and get a 12" than a double 10". Judging from the reactions it seems like people don't really want the 10" drops. I reallllllly hope GM isn't a double 10".
  3. If the 2x10" came in 12" sleeves I'd probably consider getting them but I'm anal about my collection looking flush lol.
  4. Topshelf records' distro went bankrupt and they are in a bad place. , please consider helping: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/topshelfrecords/we-need-your-help-to-save-our-label
  5. 1234 Go Records has the SWYA repress being an LP + 10" so idk if it's 2 10" or not.
  6. idk if I'm gonna try again, but I probably will haha. I assume this second press is not in hand and will ship in a year.
  7. I'd honestly be ok with a 10" if it came in a 12" sleeve haha. Just so it looks better on my shelf.
  8. I've never had an issue with the way my Newbury presses look. I would say they are one of my favorite distros honestly.
  9. Ugh, do I have to get this now? I really really want this album but $40 for 2 x 10" is a tough sell.
  10. Yeah I really want this but I have to pass on 2x10"
  11. early Bracket is really underrated, I also didn't really love Double Plaidinum when it first came out but now it's top 3 Lagwagon for me.
  12. When they repressed Teen Idols it definitely threw me for a loop
  13. I wish I could post a poll in the thread of what we think the next 25th anniversary drop will be. I hope it's either Novelty Forever or Double Plaidinum.
  14. Got my copy of Have A Ball today. It's a red splatter that doesn't look anything like what was on the site. I like this variant way better! Anyone else get that?
  15. For real, you can get a near mint Sticks & Stones for $100 on discogs which is still more than I would pay for it but not nearly is insane as $400. I wonder what these'll go for once people have them in hand.
  16. In Reverie was in 2021? I could have sworn that was 2020. Time is a flat circle I guess.
  17. "OUR LAST THREE VINYL DROPS SOLD OUT IN SECONDS, LETS PRESS MORE, OR DO YOU GUYS NOT LIKE MAKING MONEY?" But seriously, I see certain albums from much smaller bands get repressed constantly and I assume they sell through the inventory so I always wonder why certain albums don't get repressed as often. I think The Get Up Kids' entire catalog got repressed over the past 18 months but I don't think one Saves The Day album did. Same label and everything. I don't understand it at all.
  18. I mean if they pressed 2k because that's all that Universal allowed them to press then I'm not sure why it's TTTH's fault. 2k would have sold out in seconds no matter which label it was released through. Why isn't Chad calling up Universal and saying "our last three vinyl drops sold out in seconds, lets press more, or do you guys not like making money?" Fat Wreck Chords has like 5 employees and they are dropping cool represses at low prices with plenty of stock all year every year, most of which are in hand when the orders go live. Strung Out's Suburban Teenage Wasteland Blues had over 3k pressed at $20 and they aren't nearly the size of NFG.
  19. Idk much about this process either. I've only been collecting since 2015, so not that long. I've lost out on vinyl before but the worst experiences I have had have been this drop and the Sticks & Stones drop, the self-titled drop was even pretty bad. I don't know if it's just a thing with Universal being a shitty to work with but much smaller labels often don't have this problem.
  20. Help me understand this...why on Earth would labels not allow vinyl represses for all-but-guaranteed net new revenue on 20-year-old albums. Seems like a no brainer.
  21. Yeah I was on the site at 11 sharp and didn't get one either. They honestly could have tripled the pressing for this and it still would have sold out.