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  1. This was such a strange rollout, hopefully my Amazon order arrives on Friday.
  2. I just checked Amazon and it’s telling me I should receive the album on Friday. Anyone else’s Amazon pre-order showing that it’s shipped?
  3. I got mine yesterday. Honestly, this pressing feels really cheap. Not super excited about what I received. But whatever.
  4. Yeah I get that, I'm almost surprised that Fat can hold their money for that long. Pair that with the fact that their vinyl is relatively lower-priced than other similar labels. Yeah my last preorder before Propagandhi is a May 2022 delivery estimate.
  5. Also seems like Fat is ordering their presses far enough in advance so that it isn't a long wait between the pre-order and the delivery. With the 25th anniversary releases it seems like they have them in stock when they put the order up. I hope more labels do this as turnaround times for vinyl get longer and longer.
  6. Got my Survival of the Fattest today, sort of disappointed in the color tbh.
  7. I love Dan and all, but the combination of this being kind of pricey, it shipping at least 5 months from now, and just the one color variant has me thinking I'll sit this one out.
  8. Oh damn! Thanks for letting me know. That’ll be an instant buy.
  9. We have a few more years until that 25th anniversary right?
  10. Haha, so the coke with yellow is green and green is blue. Makes perfect sense.
  11. I ordered the "Coke Bottle with Bright Yellow Swirl" variant but that doesn't seem to be pictured. There is the Wax Mage one with real money pressed into it, a green variant, and a blue splatter variant.
  12. Yeah me too! Fat has really been on top of their shit with these represses.
  13. Snagged one, weird there doesn't look like there are ship times or a pic of the record like the past few drops have had.
  14. That’s really strange. I got mine on 8/22. I’d be bothering them about it.
  15. Pulley was an instant pre order, I love that album.
  16. Yeah I got the white pressing of the box set, I like these variants more so I sort of wish I hadn't have bought the box set.
  17. Is it normal for Amazon to have the preorders up this early before Smartpunk even announces it?
  18. Looks there are still lots of bundles left, surprised this didn't sell out quickly.
  19. Well they did Anthem last year so maybe they'll do Rockview next year.
  20. Amazon has this shipping November 12th from Smartpunk. No announcement for either LTJ or Smartpunk. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09F14TF1D/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_dp_VP2KN7NPX6XFJX696HYB
  21. I am assuming that Bark Like A Dog is the next release but I wonder if "E" Is For Everything on Fat will get the 25th anniversary treatment?

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