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  1. Im not wanting it to sound bad, im just not able to drop immense amounts of cash on a turntable that i cant guarantee even works yet... i would have to think that even the Art dj pre II is probably atleast similar or better then some of the modern tables pre amps like the audio technica lp60 and lp120. Maybe ill even consider the Pro-ject audio phono box mm for $80 or be cheap and get the $13 one to hold me over till i can save a bit more and get something $80+.
  2. im guessing that last part was a joke? And yeah, i was thinking full blast may cause something to be overloaded... i saw the beginners guide. By not reccomended unless for ultra budget use, does that mean not reccomended for a expensive players or not reccomended for anyone? Do you think i fall in that catagory? will the sound quality be terrible?
  3. I picked up a Pioneer PL 12D II the other day at a thrift store for $15 it needs some work but i think its worth it, it has a Empire 2000 E/III cartridge in it... I dont have a pre amp yet, because the previous record players i had are already equipped with a preamp inside it, so whats a good and stable but cheap preamp? Im 16 so i dont have aton of money to buy something crazy, i saw a pyle one for $13 on amazon but i heard that model isnt very stable and breaks within a month, aswell as a poor warrenty policy. what do you guys think? anyone here upgrading their preamps soon? or have one from a previous upgrade their willing to cut me a deal on? And if anyone has a belt for the player, stylus, or a tracking gauge i would be interested in those. One more thing, i know you need a preamp to make it loud But can i plug it straight into my reciever just to test it? before i go ahead and spend however much on a preamp?
  4. I Bought some albums that have nearly destroyed jackets and sleeves for cheap today.... But i dont really want to put them on my shelf because their practically crumbling from water damage. Does anyone have spare jackets/sleeves for the albums i listed below? Let me know a price and the condition of yours... If you dont have a spare cover laying around but have the album in bad shape and a good cover then let me know and i might be willing to buy it. The albums that need jackets,sleeves, inserts,etc. are: The Doors- Alive She Cried... 60269 Elektra Beatles- Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band... smas-2653 Capitol Beatles- Let it be... ar 34001 Apple Queen News Of the World... 6e-112 Elektra Beatles- Yellow Submarine... sw-153 Capitol Black Sabbath- Black Sabbath (Self Titled)... 1871 Warner Bros Foreigner- Double Vision... SD 19999 Atlantic Van Halen- Women and Children First... HS 3415 Warner Bros Lynyrd Skynyrd- (Pronounced leh-nerd skin-nerd)... mca-5221 Mca Records Prince- 1999... r252483 Warner Bros The Who- Meaty Beaty Big And Bouncy... Mca 37001 Mca Records Rush- Exit... Stage Left... srm-2-7001 Mercury Records
  5. How do i search for sealed vinyl on discogs? I knew about the site but it only goes upto mint.
  6. Lol, Im away for 20 minutes and i already get so many troll comments. But does anyone know? And any clue of a general value?
  7. I found a sealed carpenters singles album the other day, How do i tell if its the original pressing or the repress? I bought it at a yardsale and honestly i doubt the guy was the type to run out and buy a repress but it doesnt hurt to be sure. What should i look for in a original press?
  8. I wasn't expecting a 3k table out of the deal lol. But i ended up going to a yard sale and bargained with a guy who ended up having one of those overpriced Crosley 5 in ones and a decent sound system both for $12 so i cant complain, Eventually ill sell off the Crosley for something a lot better and that has audio out. But he gave me 2 sets of speakers and only one reciever so i think i may sell off the other set and i can probably make my money back plus some.
  9. I found it somewhere else and it said on the cover KD-291RC/ KD-291R So i guess its the same player just maybe a slight difference. Its probably the same needle though.
  10. It looks like they share the same manual and im being offered one for cheap. Just want to make sure i can use the needle from the KD-291R since i cant find one for the RC. Whats the difference anyways? And does it have a preamp built in?
  11. She lived like a hour a way and i dont think it was very nice to ask my mom to drive that far so i had to pass.
  12. So your reccomending on buying something like a audio technica lp 60? I kinda want the old style analog sound. Anyone know if the lp60 is analog or digital? I know that it has a 3.5mm jack built in so, aslong as the headset has a volume button it should be just what i need.
  13. Now, what if the table already has a phono preamp inside it? I heard most old decent tables already have one. Would that mean i can just adapter off the rca? And if its not loud enough i would need a headphone amp?
  14. The ones im planning on using do, although if i ever get a new one or need to use another headset i can just use something like http://www.amazon.com/Foxnovo%C2%AE1M-Female-Headphone-Extension-Control/dp/B00DYP98LUSo that preamp would make everything work?
  15. No, i dont own anything yet. So i would plug in my record player, hook up a phono pre amp and then my headphones. So can i use something like this? http://www.amazon.com/PYLE-PRO-PP444-Compact-Turntable-Preamp/dp/B004HJ1TTQ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1441627089&sr=8-1&keywords=phono+pre&pebp=1441627095552&perid=0VCTPZR6EZKHWFSYQM99Its not the best but wouldnt it atleast get me started? I think that is a 3.5mm headphone jack but if its not i can probably just use a adapter to convert the rca to a headphone jack.

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