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  1. You guys are delightful. But I will humor some of you. I have not been on the sight since 1st quarter 2017. My secretary and bookkeeper above can give you a more detailed account. I believe his walls are full of pictures and newspaper cuttings of the aforementioned events. I messaged Mr. T back then (T, please tell me if I am wrong) to try and correct this ship. But like very few of us here, he and I have lives and are not glued to our screens. The expression 'let me see what I can do', denotes a replacement or refund, not a further delay.
  2. Yo, DM'd ya. My bad dude. I haven't been on this in a minute. I'll see what I can do here.
  3. Kemado has not posted them up, but I know they are coming. I think they are going to wait close to the new record release. @thatpunkguy Yes you are correct. INO will be black. I meant AS High...
  4. Its the new record. It comes out in September. As for the represses from Kemado. They are exact to the OG. INO will not be numbered. Saw them last week. Talked to Slim for awhile.
  5. I don't think he meant there was a re-issue, I think he was more like asking about it not being re-issued yet.
  6. I have as well, it's great! They also announced a deluxe re-issue of Mexico through Anton Newcombe's label A-Records coming in May. I'll be getting that as well. These ladies are great!
  7. Aww man, my favorite thing about Saosin has always been the drums. Alex is a beast. Thanks for the vid.
  8. good song, but the vocals are way overproduced imo. I was gonna say it sounds too polished, but that has always been Saosin's style. And not digging those background screams
  9. You have the option to jump on and off as you like. I jumped on for this months "National - Cherry Tree" but don't plan to get anything next month. It's pretty cool they give you that option. Plus you get free shipping when you buy more than 1 record, which makes up for the $6 IMO

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