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  1. How did they package the new belly band? Was it like a parcel? Or maybe it was put in a letter?
  2. Great news!! Awesome that they fixed it, hopefully mine will arrive soon as well!
  3. this the only limited version I saw was the white indies version at 33euro( or 34pounds in the UK) without shipping... Insane!
  4. Did some of you get the It’s all crazy collectors edition already? Have they managed to fix the belly band (since the “LP4” is missing on mine)?
  5. The colored collectors edition is also available in the EU store, along with some new merch https://mewithoutyou.awesomedistro.com/products/700771-a-b-life-collectors-edition
  6. "Across Infinite Granite, vocalist George Clarke showcases a startling vocal range; falsettos, whispers, multi-part harmonies, and other adventurous vocal treatments, with his trademark black metal-inspired howls mostly absent." NOOOOOOO MOSTLY ABSENT (in other news im digging the song)
  7. For those who care, some person posted the live stream on YT
  8. Hope they can resolve it quickly! As I understood the "LP4" should have been on there, likely something went wrong at the print shop. Also it's way better they find out now, before sending out every package. Saves the band a lot of money I guess (hope they can blame the printer)
  9. I’ve contacted the manager about the obi strip, think he wants to resolve it before shipping everything out in the US. No idea how they would like rectify it for the EU folks… to be continued
  10. Received mine today, think @whoa nailed the description. Whole package is really nice, really happy with it! Set is now complete (album wise) The obi strip is missing the "LP4" on the side though, which looks weird when sitting next to the CFUTF and BS collectors edition...
  11. Got shipping notice from the EU store for the It’s all crazy collectors edition
  12. Where can I stream the music? Is the production like the first one?
  13. Also found this one, no idea what kind of variant it is https://www.jpc.de/jpcng/poprock/detail/-/art/manchester-orchestra-the-million-masks-of-god/hnum/10436008 edit: on other sites its labeled as LVR1793, so probably just the regular version
  14. jeeeeeeeez, I was in the process of fulfilling my roughtrade order for the deluxe edition, but now it's sold out...

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