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  1. There will be 50 more of deluxe coming to the UK store. (As long as the UK will get a Brexit deal in January, or stop the nonsense all together this should be the better option for EU folk)
  2. I went for it anyway, been waiting for this repress for too long. Can not let this pass. But may cancel if they add this to their EU store ps. I paid $57 for shipping🤯
  3. Great topic so far, please keep going. summary so far: - lots of people do not forgive - lots of people do not care about this band, yet are here to post - some people are excited for the music
  4. Some people find he messes up the vocals, as in that it's not clear enough to comprehend. Some of my fav albums come from the hand of Yip, so I'm stoked about the collab
  5. "This item ships to US addresses only." nice of them
  6. Glad i didnt pass on this, looks great! Thanks for sharing
  7. The BSM (EU) variants look great! (judging from the pics on discogs) For pics for the EP variant, check here: discogs page
  8. Dont want to ruin it for you, but if youre in Europe your customs bill will be pretty steep bought something from the mwY store two months ago for 27 dollars(ex shipping ), my customs bill was 23 euro. so went with BSM today
  9. im pretty sure they did 5 takes, its cool! Was also pleasantly surprised by the german version, like the japanese one as well! (i bet it required a lot of effort to pull this of!)
  10. been listening to this album today, its really really great! Was checking DW.eu and there is a black in transparent blue, not listed in this thread though.