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  1. Sucks apart from Andy Hull are there more collabs on this album?
  2. I mean it’s coming from Germany;) 9euros is what I would pay for something from the US
  3. Either the photo's of the JPC variant dont do it justice, or there are two variations of color floating around. Mine is definitely more blue than what Im seeing in this thread.
  4. I know, think they are made in Europe somewhere (think thats why I got it early) Packaging is similar to the Catch For Us the Foxes edition. vinyl are really close to the mock-ups, just that the yellow is transparant-yellow
  5. Brother, Sister Collectors Edition is in! Vinyl colors are really great👌!
  6. Seeing the artwork from the original DTGL release is not used I doubt the value will decrease as it will stay a "unique" collectors item
  7. Thanks! Too bad they didn't go with the other artwork though Edit: for reference old version
  8. Showed her the "Iove you - Phoebe" message. Had to explain who she was again, so decided to show her the Playboy article... It all went downhill from there
  9. Got the JPC variant today, looks great! and a message that she loves me, will have a serious talk with my gf later
  10. https://twitter.com/JezPennington/status/1238095638346244097
  11. did they sent out an email? ordered at the EU shop, didn't receive anything