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  1. Where can I stream the music? Is the production like the first one?
  2. Also found this one, no idea what kind of variant it is https://www.jpc.de/jpcng/poprock/detail/-/art/manchester-orchestra-the-million-masks-of-god/hnum/10436008 edit: on other sites its labeled as LVR1793, so probably just the regular version
  3. jeeeeeeeez, I was in the process of fulfilling my roughtrade order for the deluxe edition, but now it's sold out...
  4. Well depends on where you live I guess, my bad. Check the timer on https://themillionmasksofgod.com
  5. Apparently they already demo'ed the new song on insta a year ago For those who are curious: https://streamable.com/1wtdq
  6. think the manager answered "thats the plan" when asked about getting a collectors edition for all the other albums. So think Ten Stories and Pale Horses will definitely get the same treatment, but can probably take some time. Bought the Pale Horses deluxe not so long ago from the UK store, doesn't fit nicely next to the latest CFUTF and B, S boxes. The Untitled collectors edition looks cool next to the those, just twice as fat and heavenly white. Like a good conclusion
  7. by the way the collectors edition is also sold out on the UK store, happy to have ordered quickly. This is the only album im missing so far from the mwY collection, mock ups look great. So after this one we'll get a Collectors Edition of Ten Stories I assume? ;)
  8. this crazy thing called Brexit could probably still hurt some on the mainland Edit: now im thinking about it, would it be wise for bands to switch to a non-UK EU store? I wonder where the majority of the orders go to from their UK store
  9. Sucks apart from Andy Hull are there more collabs on this album?
  10. I mean it’s coming from Germany;) 9euros is what I would pay for something from the US
  11. Either the photo's of the JPC variant dont do it justice, or there are two variations of color floating around. Mine is definitely more blue than what Im seeing in this thread.

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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