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  1. Have a feeling it will be next year The UK store is down due to bankruptcy of the store-platform. I wonder how the transactions are managed, as i have a pre-order of ten stories. [edit] hope they move the store to the EU
  2. FYI if you catch them on tour you’re able to buy the Baby pink w/ white variant. They refer to it as the band version. was great seeing them yesterday! They were opening for Caspian/Cult of Luna and mostly played songs of the new album
  3. This album is going to be great! Going to see them on the release date👌
  4. I bought tickets to the live stream after it aired. So it’s already VOD, just go to veeps.com I do think the price is quite steep, but the setlist of the last show was really great
  5. As much as I would like that, I don’t see it happening. The manager shared on twitter that he still gets emails from EU-folk about when the EU farewell tour is happening, haha! Anyway, lots of love and respect for this band! Hope they are happy how things came to a conclusion last weekend. ps. The live stream was really good
  6. Really like the initiative Derek! Ordering for us EU folk is expensive as well through bandcamp, 30euro + 10euro shipping + 7,50 taxes... Thats 47,50! But im seeing the legends in November, will likely grab a whatever-edition at the show. Really cool options available
  7. Hopefully you are out of the pub by now. Get shopping!! https://mewithoutyou.awesomedistro.com/collections/frontpage/products/ten-stories-collect-s-edition
  8. Bought tickets for the Cult Of Luna/Caspian/Holy Fawn EU tour, not sure how they will divide the set times. October seems far away though...
  9. Do we still care about what happened? It’s all pretty childish with all these twitter threads Just sad we won’t be getting new music anymore, Radical is great
  10. Thats because there is a silent part in "The Cure For Pain", the empty grooves make it look different.
  11. Just to be sure, the variant outside of your package was less dark than the one inside? Think I’m in luck again, the one outside of the package is like 99% black, the one inside the package is less dark but still very dark😒 Edit: added picture
  12. Was in contact with the UK store about the extra costs, they will likely make the process for the EU people a bit more friendly by the end of the year. So you pay the customs fee when ordering the product, sounds better...
  13. Remember the belly band without a number! That one is even more rare! Would be nice if they start selling a standalone belly band for the Untitled CE, it doesnt really need an overhaul right?
  14. Got notified the A->B Life colored deluxe is on its way from the UK store. The bad news: due to the lovely brexit it means paying extra. In my case it ends up to be 18euro extra. Think going forward it would be cheaper to buy stuff from the US store for EU folk.
  15. How did they package the new belly band? Was it like a parcel? Or maybe it was put in a letter?
  16. Great news!! Awesome that they fixed it, hopefully mine will arrive soon as well!
  17. this the only limited version I saw was the white indies version at 33euro( or 34pounds in the UK) without shipping... Insane!
  18. Did some of you get the It’s all crazy collectors edition already? Have they managed to fix the belly band (since the “LP4” is missing on mine)?