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  1. 1 hour ago, danmpie7 said:

    Might be a hot opinion but PH is top 2 for me from them. I know mwY gate keepers will insist Catch or A-B is far superior (Which the GK can suck my shit because I've been on them as long if not longer that most people I know or talk about them) but it just is personally so flawless top to bottom so I am really excited for this release. Also, they are such a class act repressing and putting this out for so cheap. It cost more to ship that the actual product. My wife actually told me about it in passing last night assuming I already saw it but I wasn't really on social media the last few days so I am glad she did. 

    Pale Horses is also in the top for me! Basically the album that got me to fangirl level (and saw them perform many times before PH released). 

  2. 10 hours ago, whoa said:

    My copy had been sat in my US mailbox since December (thanks @joneboonfor the heads up on emailing them, all sorted, my copy is enroute), I think the intercepted EU/UK variants have been in-hand for quite some time, probably just catching up with the rest of the orders now.

    Anytime! I'm happy it all worked out! Haven't gotten any notification yet, we'll see what happens.


    With this version (almost) on its way I'm ready for the Pale Horses Collectors Edition! After that I'm satisfied, nothing will top the Untitled CE and it fits perfect with the other versions.


    Edit: As for suggestions for vinyl color for the Pale Horses version: Rainbow?

  3. 9 hours ago, whoa said:

    They'll do an LCD Sound System and be back for a comeback tour in like 6 months or something!

    As much as I would like that, I don’t see it happening. The manager shared on twitter that he still gets emails from EU-folk about when the EU farewell tour is happening, haha!


    Anyway, lots of love and respect for this band! Hope they are happy how things came to a conclusion last weekend.


    ps. The live stream was really good


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