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  1. You know what? I think I figured it out. We're thinking about it all wrong. This isn't one LP. This is two EPs pressed on one lp for our convenience. Two sets of five pigs wrapped in one beautifully snug blanket This is one bird in hand rather than two in the bush. Plus two covers and the peace of mind that we only have to get up off our asses half of the time to flip said bird. Still...probably passing on it,
  2. This sounds cool. I love D4 and Dave Hause, but $35 shipped is pretty steep for this, imo.
  3. Hey boss, if you want to talk about new variants, I think you're in the wrong thread
  4. It might be. I just bought it within the past ten minutes and had no issue. Now that I try again, it looks like I can't add it either.
  5. My tracking never updated from label created/awaiting item. It just showed up. It went from label created to delivered. You're probably in the same boat, I'd guess.
  6. Just got this month's Patreon package and it did not disappoint. So glad I was able to get into this thing.
  7. Reading this board, I think it’s a lot of people’s top target ( mine too). I think it’s going to be tough to get.
  8. Snagged that color your own variant. It will go nicely with my Morbid Stuff color your own.
  9. Good luck with that. Seems stupid prices are ruling the day with this one right now. Maybe once the reissues are out the flippers will try to cut their losses. I also saw Rhino is putting out a box of his first 7 records, but they only show a cd set right now.
  10. I got you. Two weeks can be a few things. First, it is usually seen as a total of 14 cycles of 24 hours. Second, in the corporate world it can be 10 cycles of 24 hours. Finally, in no world I want anything to do with, it can be two cycles of this:
  11. Plaid Room Records looks to be putting their leftovers online at 4PM EST on Saturday. https://www.plaidroomrecords.com/collections/rsd2020
  12. I’ve placed several orders with DD and have never had an issue
  13. Big Rig was a very short lived project from Jesse Michaels (Operation Ivy, Common Rider, Classics of Love), Doug Sangalang (Screw 32, Limp, One Time Angels), Kevin Cross (The Nerve Agents, Pitch Black), Jeremy Goody (Pitch Black) and Brandon Riggen. The band rose and fell in 1993. They played a single show and left behind a demo and this EP which was originally on Lookout Records in 1994. We are extremely proud to be able to reissue this EP. This is a vastly under appreciated piece of east bay punk, a hidden gem of the Lookout catalog and personally one of my favorite records. We’re producing 1000 total copies housed in a faithful reproduction of the original 8 panel booklet/sleeve. http://1234gorecords.com/1234goreleases/bigrig