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  1. Recently, I bought the Newbury Comics colored vinyl exclusive album Whenever, If Ever by The World Is a Beautiful Place and I am No Longer Afraid to Die. I took the album out of its shrink wrap, put it on the platter, dropped the needle, and it sounded terrible! The record was scratchy & noisy, and sounded like it was an old beater found at a flea market! I tried cleaning the record, but it still sounded awful, and I also made sure it wasn't just my turntable. Does anyone else have problems with this record being noisy? Or did I just get a bad pressing? Link to the record: https://www.newburycomics.com/products/the-world-is-a-beautiful-place-and-i-am-no-longer-afraid-to-die-whenever-if-ever-lp-vinyl?variant=4629280131
  2. Does anyone know whether or not the Brian Setzer Orchestra album "Dirty Boogie" came in an all blue jewel case? I bought it yesterday, but every copy I see online is in a traditional clear case. A pic: http://imgur.com/ogU07uC
  3. A Yamaha table with a Grado cartridge.
  4. Thanks, but the problem is not with my turntable. I've listened to several 45s on it, & none of them have skipped (besides the Everclear one).
  5. By "basic cleaning' I mean cleaning it with a microfiber pad & record cleaning fluid. I have listened to it before it started skipping, & it did not skip then.
  6. Hey guys. A couple years ago, I bought an Everclear promo single on yellow vinyl. I played it the other day and it started skipping! I paid way too much for this to have it skip, so can anyone recommend a way to fix it? I've already tried a basic cleaning, but that hasn't done anything.
  7. FOR SALE: 2007 Sweden/UK released Velvet Underground & Nico Unripened album, which presented a rare demo of the seminal Velvet Underground album. This is an extremely rare transparent green vinyl/white label variation of the album. You can view (or bid on) the auction here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/THE-VELVET-UNDERGROUND-NICO-UNRIPENED-LP-GREEN-VINYL-RARE-HTF-WHITE-LABEL-/262048004637?hash=item3d03473a1d UPDATE: The record sold for $30. Thanks for your support, guys.