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  1. Recently upgraded my Ortofon 2m Red to a Blue. I was likely due for a replacement as it was, but am still amazed at how much cleaner it sounds. Really happy with the upgrade so far.
  2. http://www.nytimes.com/2016/01/27/arts/television/abe-vigoda-actor-of-godfather-fame-dies-at-94.html?_r=0
  3. Seriously, what's up with all the soundtracks?
  4. Well, at least that's confirmation that the $30 LP doesn't contain any of the bonus tracks. Fucking ridiculous.
  5. What's the reference? A severed phallus? Seems a bit of a stretch...
  6. $30 is ridiculous, even if it's a double that includes the acoustic tracks (which, I'm sure it isn't).
  7. Man, good times. Team Riki-Oh checking in.
  8. What they should've done is made that pre-show package free for 45 rpm club members. Even at $85 it's pretty absurd, and it's not as though they've given us much of anything else...
  9. Not interested in more than one copy of this one, but it looks like a nice color nonetheless. I'm glad they're keeping all of the back catalog in stock - I wish more bands and labels were able to do the same.
  10. I've had my Xbox One for about a month now, and my only regret is not buying it sooner.
  11. I haven't seen them since probably 2010, but I've loved every show I've been to. As others have stated, it's a shame they were never able to reach a larger audience. I still remember hearing Broadway Calls' "Good Views Bad News" for the first time on the PA between sets at a Swellers show in early '09. Loved that shit.
  12. Costco near work still had a few 24-packs of Sierra Nevada's Beer Camp yesterday, so I decided to grab one. Found a 12-pack last week and really enjoyed a number of them.
  13. I feel like you're applying an extremely loose definition of "brainwashing" when it comes to Woodbury. The citizens were certainly deceived, but they didn't appear psychologically altered or willingly doing anything against their beliefs. Some of them even questioned the Governor's actions, which practically screams 'not brainwashed'. Ultimately the citizens acted under the impression that they were defending themselves. Had they not been told the prison was a direct threat, I don't think they'd have had any inclination to attack it. The group he led to attack the prison a second time wasn't even lied to as far as their reason to attack (the prison was safe, and technically many of the survivors in the prison were murderers) - though the Governor clearly left out some details and had some ulterior motives. I won't say it isn't the case in Terminus, though at this juncture we don't really know anything about them; they very well could have democratically decided to eat people, or Gareth could be the brainwashing leader of the cult. I'm sure we'll get some flashback episodes next season to clear it up. You've got your opinions, and I don't expect to change them, but if that's how you feel, then I think you're looking at things a bit too broadly. If you zoom out far enough, such formulas apply to stories in almost all media. The problem with looking at something from that far out is that you miss out on all the subtleties that make it unique. It's a pretty boring way to look at things.
  14. How is it at all something we've seen before? The Governor was a sociopath, but the people of Woodbury were good people. Terminus appears to be a cannibalistic cult, and clearly the people there know what's going on. People complain about how boring it is when the survivors find refuge at Herschel's farm or in the prison, but then complain about deja vu at the first sign of a threatening community? What exactly do people want? Endless wandering with no breaks in the action, yet no strong villain?
  15. I'm moving again at the end of the year. Girlfriend is pushing hard for a house, and the only things swaying me in her direction are 1) room for all of my books/records/movies and 2) room for brewing/storage. Just have to figure out if its worth all the other legwork!
  16. I eagerly await the day I can do the same. Having moves into a small apartment last year, I've resorted to smaller batches and switched to extract over all-grain. It's mind-numbingly simple, but hard to justify all the prep work for a 10-pack of beer.

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