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  1. I love that Travis is still talked about. We really took his services for granted. I still follow him on IG. Hes moved on to bigger & better things.
  2. Mine had one crushed corner. Definitely not awesome. I was trying to upload a pic but couldnt figure it out. You can see it on my IG (same handle) if you want. It's very noticeable and considering I waited 6 months for this, very disappointing.
  3. I just remember one music video from one of those Vagrant dvds, and remember growing to really like it after hearing it 1000 times in the rotation. Only song i ever heard from them. Not even sure they were still a band when high-speed internet and streaming music became a household thing. *ahem* Myspace
  4. Anybody on here have an inside scoop on any of the upcoming releases Vagrant will be doing for their 20 year anniversary?? Seen Here Or does anybody know the dates or pattern in which they're being released? Any tips at all are greatly appreciated.
  5. You're not wrong. I know there's a few out there that still do but Im pretty sure when theyre gone theyre gone forever.
  6. I managed to snag one this morning. I have never seen a record sell out that fast on HT.com. That was absolutely bonkers! My question is, does HT reserve any copies for their stores? Does a record like this ever actually make it to any of their sales floors?
  7. Vices & Virtues is currently live at Hot Topic's website. http://www.hottopic.com/product/panic-at-the-disco---vices-virtues-vinyl-lp/10790935.html?cgid=band-merch-vinyl
  8. oh how the snobbery is real with the vinyl community.
  9. The Fever LP on Amazon is set for March 3rd. I'm gonna go with that date for HT as well.
  10. Doesnt look like theyre going up on the site today. They're usually posted by noon PST. *queue sad trombone
  11. When does [email protected]'s "A Fever You Can't Sweat Out?" get the Hot Topic treatment?? Forgive me because this has probably been touched on recently but I went back like 15 pages in this thread to find the answer and came up empty handed. Last I heard it was supposed to be Jan. 16th-ish and i've been checking my bookmark everyday since like October for anything new on their website. I just really, really want this one in hand so I can finally get some sleep at night. any help would be most appreciated!!