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  1. I know, but it’s too much. 500$ it’s not its true value. There was someone who was selling it for 250$ on Mercari but it’s not available in my country so I’ve missed it.
  2. Hello. I want to buy the blue variant of Riot!, by Paramore. DM me if you sell one Thanks
  3. Yeah! @LindseyStirling with a @paramore shirt! https://t.co/3R4eEp1ERc

  4. #3yearsago @paramore played in Denver, Colorado @ The Fillmore. More: https://t.co/SRyLYsCh0p https://t.co/2CE8ndFOke

  5. There was an auction on ebay 2-3 days ago, it ended with 250$, i was bidding but i discovered that the selled blocked me for that item (because i asked him some photos).........
  6. Ops, and which is the 100 pressed vinyl? (https://deadformat.net/release/riot/5025) Sorry btw, and thank you