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  1. Top money paid for the right vinyl....
  2. No longer searching as finally got a copy.....
  3. The Spark That Moves Vinyl Just wanting to know if these are the only colour variations available on vinyl for this Album. #1 - CLEAR. #2 - PINK (baby). #3 - TURQUOISE. #4 - VIOLET. #5 - WHITE. #6 - YELLOW (highlighter). If you know of any other colour variations let me know and post photos if you can as I'm a big Cancer Bats Vinyl collector and want to make sure I have them all. Cheer's.
  4. Still searching,as long as the record is in mint/near mint condition I'm interested.
  5. Or interested in any other rare 7" vinyl that you have that I may not have.
  6. Still looking for a mint condition copy.......
  7. Still looking for a Mint/Near mint condition copy of this little ripper.
  8. WTB Cancer Bats 7" vinyl,Sleeve & Vinyl Must be Mint/Near mint condition. 7" S/T Hesher's Only (brown & green) ?/25. 7" Black, Black Lungs Split -- Porno Cover - Green Splatter & Porno Cover - White Splatter. If you have any your looking to part with pm the details (what 7" you have,colour of the vinyl,the condition & price you are wanting.) I am located in Melbourne,Victoria,Australia so you will need to be willing to pack extra extra safe and shipp to Australia at my expense. I only use PayPal for payment and i pay PayPal fees. Cheers Krusty. Edited July 23 by HeavyMetalKrusty. WTB List Update.
  9. Wanting to buy a copy of Metallica's Hardwired to self destruct - Green Vinyl. Preferred a sealed copy but interested in any. Will pay all shipping cost's to Australia