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  1. First Mondo vinyl pickup in a long while. Art looks great as per usual from Rich Kelly - hoping the sound on these is the same.
  2. We use 'em all the time so they don't just sit on a shelf. A lot of fun with guests over too. But yeah, as far as collectability goes, they are as dumb as anything else.
  3. They really are amazing for frozen drinks...I'm stupid enough to collect these now :/ I think your setup is too good for vinyl...perhaps you should downgrade
  4. Hi there, I have the following Mondo/Death Waltz Records TP's for sale - Prices include CONUS shipping: Prometheus - $50 Zombi Holocaust - $45 The Night Evelyn Came out of the Grave - $40 Colossal - $40
  5. Hi there, Have been trying to track down this box set for some time now. Looking for a US seller and a set in VG shape or better. This will complete my Mogwai box set collection! Cheers
  6. Pretty disappointed in this, honestly. Would have expected a lot more from Tong, conceptually.
  7. In good news for you, the gold pressing (online version) sounds like shite. I will probably go for a retail black version myself.
  8. Did you bid on the signed Fountain TP at MC? I went as high as $120 and tapped out. Curious what the final price was on that.
  9. This version won't be limited, so shouldn't be any issues at all. I could see it being open edition and on the site for a month+
  10. That was interesting. Figured the online drop would have just been remaining copies Have heard that there are some MC variants left over though that they will hold for future events.