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  1. Yeah, they included in my email that they would be repressing these as well, and that anybody who got their orders cancelled would be given priority on the represses. Not sure if that just means we'll be given advance warning before they go up or if we'll have an exclusive window to order, but it does make me feel a little better about the whole situation. I do hope it's another cool color variation though. I love pretty records.
  2. Phew, was able to get TSY just in time. Had to do it while I was supposed to be taking an HR Management exam lol. Prof is giving out the exam password as I'm refreshing the page like crazy hoping they go up before she makes her rounds to make sure we're all on lockdown browser....
  3. Possibly the worst time for these to go up for me... hopefully I'll be able to snag one still.
  4. Eh. I'll live with it, still looks good. And yes please to another pressing of TSY, I missed that one.
  5. $35 shipped is steep, but it's one of my all-time favorites, so I had to grab it. Didn't even have to think about it after missing out on The Satellite Years a couple months ago.
  6. HRVRD - From The Birds Cage has sold. Thank you very much! Make me some offers guys, I'm willing to work with you.
  7. Feel free to make an offer if you want multiple, shipping is $5 but you must spend $10 or more. (I don't have many mailers) consider everything VG or better unless otherwise stated 7": Zao - Xenophobe/Fear Itself - Clear - /600 --- $40 South Hill - Springtime - Robin Egg Blue --- $5 Years & Years - King --- $8 10": Jowls - Cursed - Opaque Bone --- $8 12": Restorations - Restorations - Clear (Repress) - Gatefold --- $10 State Faults - Head In The Clouds - Black - Etched B-Side - /300 --- $12 Dikembe - Mediumship - Yellow Starburst - Gatefold - /250 --- $12 Best Practices - The EP LP - Translucent Green - /250 --- $8 Haybaby - Sleepy Kids - White - /200 --- $10 Direct Effect - Sunburn - White - /150 --- $10 Save Ends - Warm Hearts, Cold Hands - Transparent Light Blue - /150 --- $10 Red Collar - Welcome Home - 180g Black --- $8 La Dispute - Wilderness - Translucent Purple - 2x LP --- $12 La Dispute - Somewhere At The Bottom - Translucent Purple - 2x LP (some scratches on one of the records even though it's never been played.) --- $8 Soundtracks 12" (These are slightly worse for wear, but play well enough) John Williams - Star Wars - 2x LP --- $15 Ennio Morricone - The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly --- $12
  8. I collect too many other things to buy more than one of any particular record lol
  9. Sweet, just making sure. Ordered from Kingsroad! I like the splatter better too, but usually Newbury is more expensive. Easier to just get it now too and not worry about it. I really wanted the bundle but shipping was like $8 bucks more so I had to skip it..