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  1. i havent had a day off in just over a month, and i think im starting to get a bit loopy. its kind of wild.
  2. ive been listening to `you secretly want me dead` by kind of like spitting a lot lately, as well as owen`s self titled album. also cursed I-III as always
  3. that new floral ep is goddamn wonderful if you like things that are probably too mathy https://floral1.bandcamp.com/album/the-second-floral-ep
  4. advance base-nephew in the wild was, in my opinion the best album of 2015 by a pretty wide margin. i also really liked: viet cong-s/t summering-s/t KENmode-success elvis depressedly-new alhambra i wanted so badly to like that deafheaven album, but it just sounded like sunbather bsides and was kind of boring.¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. oh shit. i remember terrible vacation! if i remember correctly, i actually picked that name. what a world
  6. i ended up dipping out just after the boards switched from proboards to here, so everything after that is beyond me. stuff before that is a distant haze though, so who even knows
  7. clearly i have missed a lot in my absence. damn
  8. finally, a post i can get behind. also: VC has always been pretty annoying in a lot of ways, but thats just the way the internet works. DOUBLE ALSO: i think i have a file of virgil photoshops from that one thread where shit really hit the fan with him. that was a good day.
  9. ive had a beard for 3 years because its easier than remembering my ID. i am both lazy, and stupid
  10. i used to post on this board a ton between 2008-2011. its crazy how much its changed since haha
  11. found out yob and bison are playing here on new years eve. fuck. i am stoked as hell
  12. im blasting fugazi at work, and my coworker just heard "im so tired" for the first time, and he wont shut up about how much of a let down the ending was. he doesnt know dick about shit obv
  13. AKG K702's are my favourite headphone of all time, i think. i have been using them to master records for about 2 years now. really nice, open mid range. a present, but not over pronnounced low end, really nice highs AND i can wear them all day with no comfort problems. also they are about $300.
  14. im watching baseball and getting some mixes done while i wait for the last hour of my shift to pass. debating if im too tired to go to a show tonight
  15. haha holy shit. my original account started this thread. go figure! anyhow. these some bands i play in: https://teethdreams420.bandcamp.com/(FFO: grungy 90's emo, crying into 50 big muffs) https://weirdstorm.bandcamp.com/(FFO: a guy who has nothing better to do than rip off american football) my hardcore band is recoridng on sunday, so theres that too, i guess
  16. oh man. this summering album is unreal https://forsummering.bandcamp.com/album/s-t
  17. got a seinfeld tattoo the other day. pretty stoked on how it turned out
  18. i saw deafheaven last night and it was a snoozer. YOB all the way
  19. thanks! i used to post here in like, 2008-2011 ish but i havent really been back since. seemed like a good time to come back haha
  20. yeah! also, today is my friday, and im really done with this week so things were already kind of dragging on. ready to get out of here hah

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