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  1. This is correct. Though, imo shitty opinion, Humanz wasn't that strong of a project. Also, who the hell wants to get up every four minutes to flip a record? With that begin said, I guess it gave us a Pusha T/Mavis Staples track, so I can forgive most of it. Personally, I ended up spending my cheddar on the normal-ass deluxe. I like the concept of the book, but if memory serves me right, I already bought one earlier this year, and I can't justify 20 pages that roughly translate into triple what I already spent.
  2. Man, I just need the EP and BSides. I already picked up their first two (and reanimating already). If I didn’t already have them, I would be all over it.
  3. Woof. Fuck that shit. I didn’t even get an email about the increased cost. Time to unsubscribe.
  4. Right?! I wasn’t at that show, but as someone who owns literally every other record of theirs, it bothers me to no end.
  5. My Morning Jacket ‎– Roll Call Bonus 7-Inch 😢
  6. I think it was 1000 of the Spotify and the first 1k of the deluxe.
  7. Excellent! I’m pretty sure there was another version posted to the band’s store on Friday that same with a shirt and some swag.
  8. Description Track List: 01 “Spinning My Wheels” 02 “Still Thinkin” 03 “Climbing The Ladder” 04 “Feel You” 05 “Beautiful Love (Wasn’t Enough)” 06 “Magic Bullet” 07 “Run It” 08 “Wasted” 09 “Welcome Home” 10 “The First Time The Waterfall II completes The Waterfall, My Morning Jacket's acclaimed 2015 record. Originally intended to be a sprawling triple album, the band were advised to hold back and keep some of it on the shelf. Until now! Frontman Jim James says, "this is simply the second half of a long snapshot of life for me as a writer in the years leading up to 2014, and the life of us as a band.during these recording session”. It looks like a link is up on Amazon for the deluxe and regular versions. I’m sure more bundles and variants will pop up shortly. Band T-Shirt Bundle: Amazon: Deluxe: [Deluxe LP] [Orange/Green Splash] Normal: [Clear] Bullmoose: Normal: [Clear] Indie Exclusive: [Indie Merlot] ATO Variant[ /5000]: Edit: Appears the ATO/Deluxe are the same.
  9. Oh shit. I didn’t know that. I remember preordering in like February or something and it came a week or two ago. I just assumed it wasn’t hard to find ha.
  10. I’m pretty sure there is a standard black available out there.