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  1. Oh shit. I didn’t know that. I remember preordering in like February or something and it came a week or two ago. I just assumed it wasn’t hard to find ha.
  2. Pardon my ignorance, is there only a swirl or is there also a standard black?
  3. There were 14 when I checked out. After I came back to post, there was only one.
  4. Question about the SSC. I subbed in June for three months. I got the eclectic funk record, I’ll be getting the Jason Molina album this month, so is BE August?
  5. Since I snagged a copy of the bands pressing via bandcamp, I have an extra white/blue that I’d be happy to sell to anyone at cost. If your interested, just shoot me a PM. It’s still in shrink, but it has a minor seam split from shipping.
  6. Mine arrived two weeks ago? Prior to that I emailed customer service when stereogum first posted their photos.
  7. Samesies. I hopped on the white/blue yesterday once someone posted it to reddit. I figured if I can get the band variant, I’ll try to cancel more order.
  8. Rad! I’ll wait for the US pressing to save on shipping. Thanks for sharing.
  9. So you don’t need to read the article... Amazon Danzig, Danzig Sings Elvis Track Listing 1. "Is It So Strange" 2. "One Night" 3. "Lonely Blue Boy" 4. "First in Line" 5. "Baby Let's Play House" 6. "Love Me" 7. "Pocket Full of Rainbows" 8. "Fever" 9. "When It Rains It Really Pours" 10. "Always on My Mind" 11. "Loving Arms" 12. "Like a Baby" 13. "Girl of My Best Friend" 14. "Young and Beautiful"
  10. Yeah, I’m not expecting these anytime soon. I wonder which comes first Ye or Frank...
  11. D Sides?! Ohhhh, yeah. Though, I am curious about the track listing for a 9 LP set of Biggie.
  12. Sounds like the Legos will come out before the vinyl.
  13. I was hoping it would be the whole band, but either way that’s too much skrilla.
  14. While he is done with the pressing, it sounds like someone else will “reissue” it, so there should be more chances down the line.