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  1. The intro before Doom delivers the first bar is forty seconds long, so thats like... 10 bucks right there.
  2. So is it wrong to assume that the full project will eventually drop and include these tracks? Or, is the “project” just a series of singles?
  3. Hasn’t he pulled this before and never sent them? Or am I pulling that out of my ass?
  4. Ugh. That’s highway robbery. Edit: The $100 OBI version has already sold out.
  5. Nope. It’s not the original sample.
  6. PookdaddyG

    PO: Freddie Gibbs - Freddie

    Hell yeah! Preordered. B-b-but where is my Bandana ?
  7. Sheeeeet. If you haven't picked it up yet, 75 is a steal!
  8. Least I know to set aside some funds to get this later. Between GOOD music and the used bin at my local store, I’m leaking dough.
  9. PookdaddyG

    PO Now: Kids See Ghosts

    Just saw this. Wish I already didn’t pay for shipping today. Actually, at this rate, I should just wait for the new Nas.
  10. PookdaddyG

    Kanye West - The Life of Pablo

    I’d assume not since it seems to be delivered they same method as Pusha, but you never know.
  11. PookdaddyG

    PO NOW: Kanye West - Ye

    Hopefully they also press Kids See Ghosts!
  12. PookdaddyG

    R.E.M. - Document on gold vinyl

    I figured it was, honestly, so it’s kinda cool to see that it’s already in the mail. REM is one of those bands where I still need to collect most of their works.
  13. PookdaddyG

    Kanye West - The Life of Pablo

    Here is a link to the new white board! Looks like Extacy lives!
  14. PookdaddyG

    R.E.M. - Document on gold vinyl

    Mine shipped today
  15. PookdaddyG

    Kanye West - The Life of Pablo

    Yeah, I've been playing this around this house all day, and it just comes off as his weakest work. I mean through the process of elimination most people say that Yeezus or 808's is his worst album (though I argue that it's TLoP). The dude needs to make up with Rhymefest so he can actually have some decent lines again because there wasn't one that stood out to me at all. I remember some double entendre about cum/come and then there is that line about he no longer takes advice from people less successful than him. Other than that, despite listening to this album a handful of times, I don't remember much about it. I do know that Ghost Town was suppose to be on the Kids See Ghost album according to this twitter post so hopefully that album has a little more work put towards it https://twitter.com/kanyewest/status/996463788231610368. Though, the only track that made it from the whiteboard was "Don't Leave"-- though there are only really two songs on the board "Extacy" and "Don't Leave".