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  1. I saw on recordstoreday's Instagram that there would be a pink vinyl of "Wonderful Wonderful"... does anyone know anything about that? Edit: Just saw it posted above. Sorry.
  2. so would the middle one be... http://merchnow.com/products/v2/233593/tidal-wave ? that's just so different from the mockup :')
  3. Thank you so much! now just got to figure out where to get the starburst one :')
  4. Thank you so much! now just got to figure out where to get the starburst one :')
  5. I just don't remember the middle and right vinyl being released anywhere; were they the ones released at certain record stores/ online exclusives? Or will those be the second pressings of the album?
  6. Hey guys, do you know by any chance where i could grab the last two variants (the white one and the tri-color)? or does anyone have a list of all the Tidal Wave Variants? sorry for being misinformed :/
  7. This looks sick. If anyone can please pick some of these up for me when they are at a show, ill pay you back full price+ shipping
  8. Hey just a quick question about the $10 deal going on. So if you want the deal and a specific vinyl they dont have they have in the store, can you ask to order it from the warehouse to the store with the deal? And also, how long is this deal going to last? Thanks for the help guys!
  9. Selling some stuff for cheap; shipping is $4 for each one. A Day to Remember - Homesick (Picture Disk /3000) $15 Bayside - Shudder ( Clear Gold Victory Merch Variant /1616) $10 As It Is - Never Happy, Ever After (1st Pressing , Midnight Blue with sparkle /1000) $12 prices are negotiable, just message me! All of them are open, but have only each been played once and are in great condition!
  10. There's going to be a tour variant; It's a Color on Color like the one posted on the last page, except it's a sea green splat on a clear light blue vinyl.

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