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  1. I ordered Behind Bars from Interpunk too and never got it. I messaged them on their website and social media and never got a response. I filed a paypal dispute last Monday, Interpunk emailed me on Tuesday saying they will ship the record and got the record on Friday. It only took them 2 months and a paypal threat to respond.
  2. I haven't received my copy yet but I got shipping notification on January 14th from JB Hifi and it's coming from Australia. Probably will still be a bit I'm guessing.
  3. Has anyone got their copy of Behind Bars from Interpunk yet? My order says it shipped on 1-5-19 but I haven't received it yet.
  4. Just got an email from Bullmoose saying there is a color variant indie exclusive now and they should definitely ship in March Ben Folds Five - Unauthorized Biography of Reinhold Messner - Opaque Red
  5. Went for On A Wire and Eudora. I own Guilt Show on red already. Eudora has a run time of 58 minutes so I'm interested to see if they put that on a single 12"
  6. I have to get my hands on Elliott Song In The Air. Nothing else is catching my eye so far.
  7. Got one. Had to own this. Wondering how fast this 300 will go.
  8. Looks like SRC is taking preorders for it now. https://www.srcvinyl.com/beck-odelay-lp.html
  9. Grabbed Losing Streak. Hello Rockview was sold out by the time I saw this thread. Hopefully they do another pressing considering how fast these are selling out.
  10. According to Discogs the 6 Underground is the Nelle Hooper remix. Spin Spin Sugar and Post Modern Sleaze are just the radio edits. So basically it's the original album but the 3 original radio singles have replaced the original recorded versions that appear on the first pressing. Also, I believe the original press does not have the Nelle Hooper remix, which was the song we all heard on the radio, on it.
  11. I also ordered a copy from Hot Green and after waiting 6 months and getting no response I had to get my money back through paypal.
  12. These are great. Just ordered The Moon slipmat.
  13. I saw them in Minneapolis just a couple days ago and it's $30. Every band on the tour had all their vinyl at $30.

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