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  1. jacketscience

    shhh secret free tape giveaway (no more!)

    Ok the new tape is done verymiddle.bandcamp.com Mastered by Warren Hildebrand Comes with a zine!
  2. Hello! You may or may not remember the tapes, lathe, and other weird shit Very Middle put out last year but FINALLY some new things are happening. New LP will be out July 9th 2017. Includes a nice and weird zine and perhaps some other surprises. verymiddle.bandcamp.com Here is a press release: "Everything shits. Covered in the deep shit dirge awakens the 2169 AD smash power hit MYSTERY LP including scorching guitar solos and other sounds that are sure to give you an ear infection. Worst new music. They should of joined a PR team like all the other indie bands. Death is scrolling. Bound to disappoint. Extreme positivism." NYC area shows to follow ...
  3. jacketscience

    shhh secret free tape giveaway (no more!)

    Thank you for the bump!! I have no idea why that silver tape didn't dub correctly! Sorry! It was supposed to be the same as the green one, I just put a couple "unreleased" songs and a couple old songs on all the random colored tapes I had. My DIY dubbing is probably not the best setup, but if anyone got fucked up tapes, lemme know! They're all supposed to have the same stuff on 'em.
  4. jacketscience

    shhh secret free tape giveaway (no more!)

    Shoot me an email thru Bandcamp if you would like your tracking number. I have no idea how to put them into the site!
  5. jacketscience

    shhh secret free tape giveaway (no more!)

    OOOOook Ok, no Penny on the bonus tape, but there will be some Very Middle stuff on there that's sort of a mystery I think! I'm gonna ship these fuckin' things tomorrow!
  6. jacketscience

    PO: "Weeper Burner" 7 inch Lathe

    Ooooook here to re-plug myself. Lathes are incoming this week and the packaging just needs to be assembled!!! Again, for 10 bucks your get the 7 inch clear lathe, riso-printed fold-over sleeve, 6x6 inch unique painting, a random colored cassette of a "split" between Very Middle and my other project called Penny. The length of each tape is kinda random, so it will be a mystery what actually ends up on each! Also each lathe comes with a folded up single page zine thing of incredibly low quality. This is for fans of I guess lo-fi bedroom noise pop droney stuff, and for possibly people who are into what Alex G is doing, except I am less attractive than Alex G and older. No offense to Alex, I love his stuff a lot. The end. any shows
  7. jacketscience

    shhh secret free tape giveaway (no more!)

    I swear the secret free tape will be more lucid than that first Penny Demo EP
  8. jacketscience

    shhh secret free tape giveaway (no more!)

  9. jacketscience

    shhh secret free tape giveaway (no more!)

    SECRET BAND PENNY: https://pennynewyork.bandcamp.com/album/its-a-pipe
  10. jacketscience

    shhh secret free tape giveaway (no more!)

    I've been told that the lathes are almost done and the guy is printing the labels and such, so I think he's still on track for the end of this month. If need me to ship to a different address, just hit me up thru Bandcamp and I will send your stuff wherever. Also someone told me that those there cassettes are a seeeeeecret unmarked split tape with my other band Penny, which is fronted by my secret live band bass player, although this is top secret information that she may or may not want leaked. Secret. I will put some in to whatever lathe orders there are hehehehehehehhehg. Also I still haven't played a live show so I technically don't even have a "live band" HEH oh god I'm so bitter and old ......