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  1. Yeah I'm still pushing on UNFD merchswap but the last two people offered me one for 250AUD and 235USD which is way too much for me. There's two on discogs but they're £225-300, basically double/triple what I'm willing to pay or have to pay.
  2. This has been posted in sells/trades/wants??? Stop trying to mod when there's nothing wrong
  3. Like title says, I want to buy a fallout vinyl. I have limitless and rotr and I just need this to complete my collection. There is one on discogs atm but the price is ridiculous and the seller wasn't having any of it so here I am. If you'll sell me one I'll love you forever jk jk no but really Cheers
  4. Thank for the advice I've already tried the UNFD swap group, was 15 hours too late for getting a CG vinyl for 100AUD which is only 50GBP so bummed I missed it. Heard it is going to be repressed which would make sense since they've repressed all of their older albums now but I really want one for Christmas haha
  5. Like the topic title says, I'm looking for a Chasing Ghosts vinyl of any variant (I just want this album on vinyl!!) from a seller that will ship to the UK. If you don't have one, any advice on where to get one?? Been looking for this vinyl for ages can't find it anywhere. Cheers.
  6. Thanks a lot mate will be super stoked if you can I've wanted this vinyl for ages! Lets take this to PM?
  7. Hey would you be willing to ship one of those Youngbloods vinyl to the UK? If so I'll pay a good buck cheers