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    Thrift Store 7"
  • Birthday 10/13/1987

Your Gear Setup

  • Turntable
    Yamaha GT-2000, JVC QL-Y66F
  • Speakers
    Magnepan MG3a, Verity Audio Tamino X3, Parker Audio Signature 95
  • Amplifiers
    Cary Slam 100, Cary/AES Sixpac, Bottlehead SEX, Kenwood L-07M
  • Phono Preamps
    Supratek Chenin, Electron Images MCP-1, Promitheus Phono 1, Kenwood L-07c
  • Turntable Cartridge
    Dynavector Karat 17D2MR, Denon DL-S1, Lyra Argo-i, AT-OC9mk2, Denon DL110, Benz Glider M, Dynavector 19a, Denon DL-301mk2, AT155LC, Denon DL-300
  • Turntable Speed Controller / Speed Box
    DD 4 life
  • Interconnects/Wires
    DCCA Eminence, DCCA Power Master, DCCA Passion Master, DCCA Passion Pro, Element Cable Terminator, VH Audio Pulsar, Gabriel Gold Reflection V2, Magnan Signature, Kaplan GS

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    Not Telling
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    Purveyor of Fine Analog Reproduction

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