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  1. I didn't realize that circa 7" was still available, I got it for xmas and didnt check any bands/labels site. all this said, since I am packing and moving, If anyone in nyc wants to meet up and make fun of me/have a couple beers at all this week, I can totally use a break. cause moving blows haha.
  2. WOW. lol. so, good luck finding a copy of IKSSE3 for under 450. And the copy of TDAG is the tour press from the original pressing on clear gold. hell even the CD version i have is the import with bonus tracks. and as far as this stuff, I'm not actively looking to sell it. I don't need to. but if it makes my move a little easier and I can repurchase some of them down the road, then so be it. if not, no harm, no foul. with that said, i did my homework before putting anything up, and almost everything is either cheaper or equal to any copy currently available (of these particular pressings) including shipping. that's pretty competitive by definition.
  3. I have a copy of Riot up for sale on discogs...it's not cheap, but it is on white.
  4. huh. maybe? can you still download game updates/DLC? like rosters in Madden or NHL?
  5. I should note, if you have a question, shoot me a message on discogs (as I get an email) or twitter (momentumlost there too!)
  6. Hey Folks! Long time no see! I'm moving NEXT WEEKEND and wouldn't mind having a little more cash and little less weight. So maybe buy some really hard to get records. There's a bunch of vinyl and some rare CD's (Brand New promo CD singles anyone?). There's a ton of folks on here who know me, and my discogs rating is perfect. So check it out. Some of the notable records: Circa Survive - Juturna (1st pressing) Gaslight Anthem - Live at Park Ave Portugal, The Man - Waiter (1st Pressing) MeWithoutYou - Catch Us Coheed - In Keeping Secrets (Black) Paramore - Riot (White) Copeland/ThePale Split. I tried to keep the prices competitive, while not screwing myself. Enjoy! http://www.discogs.com/seller/momentumlost
  7. I had a womderful interaction with Damian, we did a very high value trade & got the records very quickly. This was in may/june.
  8. yeah, i picked it up years ago for like 75, and i keep getting offers for the 4th lp at 20, so i figure 100 is a fair price since its so long OOP.
  9. Last Night in Town, Hot Damn! and Gutter Phenomenon. It's the original pressing of all 3 on black. I also have a copy of the Big Dirty on Leopard Print (also a first pressing). I'm hoping to let the set go for about 100+postage? (probably about 5 bucks). Unless you live in nyc, then I'd deliver the damn thing to your door so we dont have to deal with paypal haha.(just realized youre in new hampshire)
  10. i have the box set with that in it that i am def. willing to part with.
  12. And I suck, I forgot your username. you sent me a thursday record, i was supposed to send you an i am the avalanche one. I packed it up, put it on my desk and my lady cleaned our bedroom, putting it behind some stuff, i proceeded to think i sent it out with some other stuff, it turns out i didnt. IM SORRY!!!! I went to the post on friday, its on its way to you. i put a little something extra in the package because im an asshole who sucks at things. PLEASE DONT HATE ME! hope you enjoy the record thats taken well over a month to get to you! :/
  13. im cool with it. pretty sure it took my pic from an old blog i abandoned haha. Hi Yu!
  14. i know its good, money is tight right now though, so if someone wants to make a trade id prefer that. but thanks for the heads up. i cant see it selling out anytime soon, so i may just suck it up and buy it. i have every single other release they did on vinyl, including a rejected test pressing, so this needs to join its brethren in my collection.
  15. sweet jesus how did i not know this came out???? i need it. someone trade it to me. trade thread: http://vinylcollective.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=73145 someone help a brother out.

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