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  1. I didn't realize that circa 7" was still available, I got it for xmas and didnt check any bands/labels site. all this said, since I am packing and moving, If anyone in nyc wants to meet up and make fun of me/have a couple beers at all this week, I can totally use a break. cause moving blows haha.
  2. WOW. lol. so, good luck finding a copy of IKSSE3 for under 450. And the copy of TDAG is the tour press from the original pressing on clear gold. hell even the CD version i have is the import with bonus tracks. and as far as this stuff, I'm not actively looking to sell it. I don't need to. but if it makes my move a little easier and I can repurchase some of them down the road, then so be it. if not, no harm, no foul. with that said, i did my homework before putting anything up, and almost everything is either cheaper or equal to any copy currently available (of these particular pre
  3. I have a copy of Riot up for sale on discogs...it's not cheap, but it is on white.
  4. huh. maybe? can you still download game updates/DLC? like rosters in Madden or NHL?
  5. I should note, if you have a question, shoot me a message on discogs (as I get an email) or twitter (momentumlost there too!)
  6. Hey Folks! Long time no see! I'm moving NEXT WEEKEND and wouldn't mind having a little more cash and little less weight. So maybe buy some really hard to get records. There's a bunch of vinyl and some rare CD's (Brand New promo CD singles anyone?). There's a ton of folks on here who know me, and my discogs rating is perfect. So check it out. Some of the notable records: Circa Survive - Juturna (1st pressing) Gaslight Anthem - Live at Park Ave Portugal, The Man - Waiter (1st Pressing) MeWithoutYou - Catch Us Coheed - In Keeping Secrets (Black) Paramore - Riot (White) Cope
  7. I had a womderful interaction with Damian, we did a very high value trade & got the records very quickly. This was in may/june.
  8. yeah, i picked it up years ago for like 75, and i keep getting offers for the 4th lp at 20, so i figure 100 is a fair price since its so long OOP.
  9. Last Night in Town, Hot Damn! and Gutter Phenomenon. It's the original pressing of all 3 on black. I also have a copy of the Big Dirty on Leopard Print (also a first pressing). I'm hoping to let the set go for about 100+postage? (probably about 5 bucks). Unless you live in nyc, then I'd deliver the damn thing to your door so we dont have to deal with paypal haha.(just realized youre in new hampshire)
  10. i have the box set with that in it that i am def. willing to part with.
  12. And I suck, I forgot your username. you sent me a thursday record, i was supposed to send you an i am the avalanche one. I packed it up, put it on my desk and my lady cleaned our bedroom, putting it behind some stuff, i proceeded to think i sent it out with some other stuff, it turns out i didnt. IM SORRY!!!! I went to the post on friday, its on its way to you. i put a little something extra in the package because im an asshole who sucks at things. PLEASE DONT HATE ME! hope you enjoy the record thats taken well over a month to get to you! :/
  13. im cool with it. pretty sure it took my pic from an old blog i abandoned haha. Hi Yu!
  14. i know its good, money is tight right now though, so if someone wants to make a trade id prefer that. but thanks for the heads up. i cant see it selling out anytime soon, so i may just suck it up and buy it. i have every single other release they did on vinyl, including a rejected test pressing, so this needs to join its brethren in my collection.
  15. sweet jesus how did i not know this came out???? i need it. someone trade it to me. trade thread: http://vinylcollective.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=73145 someone help a brother out.

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