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  1. Walk the billyburg bridge, rent a bike and bike central park. if you like beer you need to check out: rattle & hum on 33rd, the blind tiger in the west village, lucky dog on bedford in bk and barcade in brooklyn. oh and breuklyn bier merchants on grand in brooklyn. check out the museums. my favs in this order: AMNH, The Cloisters, MoMa. avoid times square like the g-damn plague. if you want anymore recc's hit me up. im gonna try to start posting more again.
  2. How is everyone? gonna try and post/check in more often. word.
  3. Sup bitches? Been for ever. Hows yr xmas. Me? Im drunk. My girlfriend is meetingy family tomorrow (the extended fam, the fucks you ignore and try not to be related to) so i decided it'd be a good night to booze my problems away. If you are twitter friends with me, none of this is a surprise. So what up?
  4. Hey, ive brought it down to 2 choices. Internet Meme (peanut butter jelly time) Marty McFly Im going to a chiptunes show in manhattan and a houseparty in williamsburg, bk. Reply with the reason why you chose what you did. Ill post pics once i figure out what it is. Go!
  5. Im going to a wedding sat & wondering: do i bring the wedding gift with me or do i give it @ a later date? The internets is giving me conflicting reports. Thx in advance.
  6. I think he'll be a solid addition but i wouldnt sacrifice anyone on the team (except maybe shelley)
  7. I love my iphone. The service from att is fine, not the best but could be worse. As for the attena issues they are negligable, you will buy a case for the phone (its a given & att practically gives them away with a new contract) and that solves all the iphone4s issues.
  8. Quick hockey question. If you had ryan kessler on your fantasy team would you trade him for tuuka rask?
  9. again face value is $50. Im taking the loss on ticketmaster fees which woul make the pair $120. I want no more than i paid.
  10. Sounds good to me id rather get rid of them as a set
  11. I have 2 tickets for pavement in central park for 9/24. I think Jenny & Johnny are opening. Im going to vt for a wedding but get at me if ya want them. I just want face value ($50 each).
  12. this is what i took from the night. That & a lapdance is just being dryhumped by a girl you dont know. I had enough of that shit in high school.
  13. Spent 41$ on 2 bud lights & a bottle of water for my friend(the bachelorette). Totes not my thing but an experience nonetheless.
  14. Not my scene. Everyones so pushy. Nothing for me here. I my friend wasnt gettin married i wouldnt be here.
  15. That said, I really do dislike anyone new posting here. One of many reasons I don't post often. Damn newbs. Go find yr own message board! Get of my lawn! Damn rabble rousers with their compact discs & digital delivery!!!
  16. This thread embodies everthing vc stands for: new ppl improperly valuing vinyl, blaming ronnie for shit, hitting on allison & a comment getting blown out of proportion. Shit, someone post some n00dz & I fuck up mailing shit & it'll be complete!
  17. i have a good question, will the band have any of these on tour? i dont have a solid mailing address right now and it would be way easier to just pick it up on the nyc stop...or maybe rj if ya need some help putting these together i'll just hand you cash for them.
  18. A couple of you saw this through my twitter this afternoon, but I was featured on this blog today. If ya haven't seen the blog ya should, its awesome.: http://dudeswithbeardseatingcupcakes.tumblr.com/ enjoy.

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