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  1. How would one tell the difference when trying to buy in person? I know no one is going to want to open it and check
  2. I see, a deep dive would probably be closer to Christmas I am assuming? And is there a way to tell which one is the galaxy vinyl in person? I saw pictures saying color vinyl for both clear, GTID, and galaxy so not sure if barcode is different. I know she has a rough trade show coming up here and they also have an exclusive
  3. Is there any way to get the galaxy vinyl still? As in cancellations or leftover copies? Missed out and really want to grab it.
  4. You ordered the GITD from rough trade or you just did in general? And Did anyone get the galaxy vinyl? I emailed the label about seeing if I could grab a copy (missed out too late) and never heard from them. But seems like no one got the galaxy vinyl from hashtags or here as well.
  5. Saw some things on discogs of rainbo pressing it and it being noisey? is that true? Was gonna maybe get the books a million edition whereas i preferred rough trade
  6. I remember with Villains, I got a damaged sleeve and they hassled me saying that it wasn’t worth a replacement sleeve and then asked me why I would buy from them (to support the label & band) after that banter than they got me my sleeve. As for the record i got a replacement same defect, but theyre sending another one they tested so hopefully it works. Opaque though.
  7. Translucent right? I think the Interpol website was also giving translucents?
  8. When I contacted Matador they said color vinyl usually tends to be worse than black and said no one reached out to them about the defect which is total BS. So it seems a lot of people are having good luck with their translucent and cream vinyl but the opaque is a messed up one. Sucks. I'm going to ask for a refund/return and just buy the cream. Maybe enough of us complain they'll print out another batch with the issue removed?
  9. Any one having an issue with a whoosing noise on the b side of opaque red? Want to know if the entire batch was affected
  10. I see i guess ill have to see it in person. Hoping the vmp edition lasts till sept (hoping they do a good record next month)
  11. Thanks for that!Though it seems the cover is still the white cover? Is the back red foil and I'm guessing that's the inner sleeve that's red foil too?
  12. That's so weird. I am guessing since you got the bandcamp exclusive that it just comes with the DLC when the album is released? But bandcamp said you were supposed to get lithos so I would contact them. I saw a zoomed in pic of the album's back on instagram and it seems a red foil cover? Would need to see the whole thing to confirm.
  13. Yeah I agree with you. I doubt the 45 rpm will come out any time soon even if he bothered to work on it.