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  1. alllexm

    PO: Alex G - Rocket

    $10 shipping ha ha. i have seen some photos of this bad boy online and it's on half blue half black vinyl!
  2. alllexm

    PO: Alex G - Rocket

    a lil heads up: a (sandy) alex g live @ third man record is dropping this friday
  3. alllexm

    Record Store Day 2018

    Lmao I know it's an error but did anyone else notice the "10" for the quantity being pressed for the Sufjan EP ? Can you imagine?
  4. Being a Sufjan fan, I was gutted when I missed out on both colored variants of the CMBYN soundtrack. But apparently they are pressing his songs from the soundtrack on a 10” for record store day!!! Super excited about this! I think i’d prefer owning this over the entire soundtrack tbh https://pitchfork.com/news/sufjan-stevens-issuing-call-me-by-your-name-songs-on-vinyl/
  5. dang... hope another color CMBYN variant pops up
  6. the color way of the x/500 is i prefer it so much more than the new limited batch so i am a happy camper
  7. I didn't get one either :/ I'm hoping they ship extras with the preorders like they did with the big thief flexis. I missed that as well but ended up buying one on discogs. I'm still kicking myself in the head for waiting to buy the limited big thief.
  8. anyone get a promo postcard? 30 left now
  9. wow! beautiful! preorderded so fast! won't make the mistake of waiting again...had to pay a stupid price for the saddle creek exclusive variant of painted shut
  10. alllexm

    PO NOW: Porches - The House

    Got this in the mail yesterday. After one listen i can say that i like this 100% more than Pool!!! The yellow vinyl looks beautiful. Also Alex G is on track 1
  11. alllexm

    Coma Cinema- Loss Memory

    just in case anyone was curious 100 were pressed on colored vinyl, the rest on black. love this album so so much
  12. alllexm

    Tyler, The Creator - Flower Boy

    I could have sworn they said that the records came with a lapel pin... did i imagine that? Anyway I'm low on cash and xmas is around the corner. Anyone want to buy for cost + shipping?
  13. alllexm

    PO: The National - Sleep Well Beast

    My copy came on Wednesday and it had a "blue vinyl" sticker on it but when I opened it I found white vinyl. But I just emailed them and they said they were sending me a copy of the blue. I also didn't get a door hanger but that's ok.The opening track is sooo good !