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  1. yesss. so happy I can finally own this :,-) I wonder if they got the sample thing figured out
  2. I just got this and it’s black which is confusing because a friend of mine got a blue/black split colored copy. Anyone else get that? It’s no biggie I’m just curious
  3. hi let me know if you have this and are willing to sell. thank you!
  4. $10 shipping ha ha. i have seen some photos of this bad boy online and it's on half blue half black vinyl!
  5. a lil heads up: a (sandy) alex g live @ third man record is dropping this friday
  6. Lmao I know it's an error but did anyone else notice the "10" for the quantity being pressed for the Sufjan EP ? Can you imagine?
  7. Being a Sufjan fan, I was gutted when I missed out on both colored variants of the CMBYN soundtrack. But apparently they are pressing his songs from the soundtrack on a 10” for record store day!!! Super excited about this! I think i’d prefer owning this over the entire soundtrack tbh https://pitchfork.com/news/sufjan-stevens-issuing-call-me-by-your-name-songs-on-vinyl/
  8. dang... hope another color CMBYN variant pops up
  9. the color way of the x/500 is i prefer it so much more than the new limited batch so i am a happy camper
  10. I didn't get one either :/ I'm hoping they ship extras with the preorders like they did with the big thief flexis. I missed that as well but ended up buying one on discogs. I'm still kicking myself in the head for waiting to buy the limited big thief.