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  1. Lorem Ipsum is so great. Instantly pre-ordered the early bird variant.
  2. I'm looking for one copy of each of Illenium's albums, "Ashes" and "Awake". I'm pretty late to the game here, but with his third album coming out this year I'd really love to snag the first two. Thanks!
  3. Ah that makes sense, I was trying to place the order super quick before it potentially sold out so I must have missed it. It's okay though I was just curious. Thanks for clearing that up!
  4. How come yours cost so much less? Mine was like $47 lmao
  5. I'm assuming you guys are talking about deejay so I can't help much there as I ordered mine from HHV and paid the same night. However I just noticed HHV isn't sold out anymore? Maybe try canceling your Deejay order and ordering through HHV instead.
  6. That's odd. I ordered mine through HHV.DE and haven't had any issues so far.
  7. Thanks a bunch for the feedback, especially that bit! Much appreciated.
  8. Apologies for digging up a dead thread here, but I've been away from the hobby for a while now and have a couple questions. When I walked away from the hobby (I was out of work for a long time and couldn't afford it) I had just started putting together my first sound system. Nothing super high-end or audiophile quality, but something that I'm hoping is a significant upgrade from the Crosley I have now and refuse to keep using: - TC-750 Professional Moving Magnet Preamp - Nad C352 Stereo Integrated Amplifier - Monitor Audio Radius 90 Speakers / AKG Q701 Headphones Obviously all I'm missing is the turntable itself. Back then I had my eyes on a turntable that was pre-fitted with a 2M Red and it came to something like $700-$800 but now I see you can get the Denon DP-300F (with the standard cartridge) for just about $230 at Best Buy (my best friend also works there so I could use his discount to get it for even less!) and similar sites. Could anybody tell me if this is a record player that would be compatible with the setup I've outlined above? Sorry if this all seems a bit ignorant but I was new to all of this when I had to take a break from it so it's kind of like I'm relearning everything. Is there anything else that I would need to make this all work together besides speaker wire?
  9. It's funny you mention it, I'm actually the one who started that petition before I was led to these EU sites. I also heard Mau5trap is doing a poll on Twitter (and it's leaning very much in the way of people wanting a repress) but I don't use Twitter which was the reason I missed the sale in the first place because it was almost exclusively marketed to Twitter users and there was no notice of it until just a few hours before it went on sale I think. I ended up buying a copy off of HHV and it came to about $47... which sucks, but, I'd rather be safe than sorry just in case Mau5trap decides to cater to the people crying that they bought one of the first 300 copies and think they're the only ones who should get to own the record. Now I'm hoping HHV is legit since I've never ordered from them before, but right now they seem to be fine. I paid with PayPal so worst case scenario I dispute it and get my money back.
  10. REZZ's debut album "Mass Manipulation" is now available for pre-order on vinyl! 12" double LP cut specially to 45rpm. Limited to only 300 copies. US/CA: https://mau5trapmerch.com/products/rezz-mass-manipulation-lp (SOLD OUT) EU: https://www.hhv.de/shop/en/item/rezz-mass-manipulation-554660 (SOLD OUT) https://www.deejay.de/Rezz_Mass_Manipulation_MAU50127V_Vinyl__291099 The Mau5trap merch site says it will be sold exclusively through them but I was shown the two EU sites by a fellow member of The Cult of REZZ (her Facebook fan group) and decided to post them here. Shipping is quite expensive as they're based in the EU, but this seems like the last chance to get your hands on a copy until they do a repress (IF they do a repress).
  11. Yeah, I actually wrote something about it (last comment of page 9). It's absolutely fantastic especially if you read the books. Does anyone here watch "Between"? Just sat down and watched the entire first season in one sitting (about five and a half to six hours) completely on a whim, absolutely loved it.
  12. I can't stress what I'm about to say enough... long gone are the days of excellent content like Orange Is The New Black, Daredevil and Stranger Things. A Series Of Unfortunate Events is a vile, melancholy television program and Netflix must be punished. There is very little if any positivity to be taken away from this program and so I suggest that anybody looking for a happy ending do themselves a favor now and look away and watch something more delightful, like Fuller House. In all seriousness I'm about half way through it and it's absolutely fantastic so far! It's everything the movie was but also everything from the books that it wasn't and then some.