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  1. I don’t know what to price this at. discogs has em up for close to 300 so I’ll just cut it in half $150 shipped
  2. Really hope they keep it physical only. i don’t mind a rip going up just a refreshing way to do the release.
  3. damn saw this too late. 20 bucks wasnt bad at all
  4. anyone snag an extra? Not really trying to pay 40 for my daughter to annoy me but really trying to surprise her with it
  5. Vinyl / CD whatever. What is it gonna take?
  6. Last Record Store - Santa Rosa, CA End of an Ear - Austin, TX Arrow's Aim - Gainesville, FL Sisters In Christ - New Orleans, LA Permanent Records - Los Angeles, CA Shuga - Chicago, IL Reckless - Chicago, IL Guestroom Records - Norman, OK Guestroom Records - Oklahoma City, OK Guestroom Records - Louisville, KY HooDoo - Yucca Valley, CA Love Garden - Lawrence, KS Redscroll Records - Wallingford, CT Jackpot Records - Portland, OR Vinal Edge - Houston, TX Hot Poop - Walla Walla, WA Criminal Records - Atlanta, GA Grimey's Records - Nashville, TN Extreme Noise - Minneapolis, MN Material World - Brooklyn, NY Landlocked - Bloomington, IN Luna - Indianapolis, IN Easy Street - Seattle, WA Radio-Active Records - Ft. Lauderdale, FL Quimper Port - Townsend, WA Exiled Records - Portland OR Sonic Boom - Seattle, WA Nob Hill Records - Albuquerque, NM Electric Fetus - Minneapolis, MN Seasick Records - Birmingham, AL End of All Music - Oxford, MS Goner Records - Memphis, TN Shake It Records - Cincinnati, OH Lunchbox Records - Charlotte, NC UHF - Detroit, MI Twist & Shout - Denver, CO Waterloo Records - Austin, TX Newbury Comics - Boston, MA Music Millennium - Portland, OR And of course: Third Man Records - Nashville TN Third Man Records - Detroit MI Anyone in any of these cities able to snag me the /1000??
  7. i just need one copy. i dont care which one. does third man do anything thru the website for sale?