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  1. Everyone's orders who have not shipped will ship next two days. Been a tough week
  2. Not sure why its not showing but thank you all for the well wishes for my father. I'm sitting here next to him in the ICU and I feel so helpless.
  3. Bump. Taking some stuff to post office today. Ready to cut some great deals,especially if you pick up a few things. USA shipping should be to everyone next week!
  4. If you have wants based on the type if shit you see here let me know. Easily another thousand 7"s and another thousand Lps at home. I didn't write everything I'm willing to sell. Hit me up!
  5. Thanks. Have the original so I decided to keep that. Has more meaning. Spend your Friday paychecks by buying records. Doing my best to give free stuff with every order!
  6. Tons of stuff sold but even more good stuff left! Thank you for the kind words for my father also, I appreciate it. Still have some messages to return but get those offers in. Shipped a few orders today and will be shipping more tomorrow!
  7. Hey my dad had a stroke so I will be responding to PM's a bit slower today. Postitive thoughts.
  8. http://boards.vinylcollective.com/topic/89750-huge-list-of-records-for-sale-cc-floor-musehwm-fat-wreck-ink-dagger-coliseum-jew/?p=1542940#entry1542940 Just added a thread some 7"s and lps
  9. Bump! I will be working all day today, I'm in est time so I will not be available from 10-2 today but I will respond to all messages before and after! PM's ONLY PLEASE! Saves me so much time.
  10. I'm going through a purge phase of my life so I've decided to sell a ton! Make an offer and ill likely accept if reasonable. Not looking for eBay money at all. If there's a price that's not ppd after shippings not included. Working on adding prices. Shipping will be worked out per transaction. Information for each record will be included after title. If nothing is mentioned it is on BLACK VINYL. If you want detailed information about a record please ask. Prices will be fair but also based on condition, rarity etc. First come, first serve Also obviously I will pack them extremely safely and quick. Thanks for reading! On to the list! Slipmat Blue Deathwish "D" XmorningagainX - hand of hope XL windbreaker. Cassette O, Pioneers - Neon Creeps (green cassette in drawstring silk screened bag) never played! CDs Fall out boy - take this to your grave Russian circles - enter Thou - tyrant Young widows - settle down city DVDS $6ppd each or 2/$10 ISIS- Clearing The Eye Burn To Shine Vol 1 - Q and not U, Ted Leo, the Evens, Bob Mould and more Every Time I Die - Shit Happens Envy - Transfovista 7" ...and sometimes I - wardrobe $1 Abusing The Word - s/t $2 Against Me! - white people for peace (white) Against Me! - Thrash Unreal Against Me! - Cavalier Eternal ( clear orange) Against Me!- crime as forgiven by Air Conditioning- Sharon, queen of the pie in the face (pic disc) $2 Amber Inn - s/t Arma Contra Arma- let no one deceive you( members of Los crudos) Aughts - Habidad vol 1 (clear) $2 Bad Religion - s/t (grey marble) Barbaro - s/t (clear) Baroness - horse named Golgotha ( pink) Bikini Kill - new radio Black Wine - tornado AOTU single #51 Bouncing Souls - 20th Ann series vol 1 (maroon) Campaign - numb Camper van Beethoven- Northern California girls $1 Can I say- through so many others $1 Carol - prefabricated City & Colour - weightless (white) $3 City & Colour - fragile bird $3 Coliseum- true quiet ( choice if green or orange) Dead like Dallas - a story as old as time( white) Deathreat - S/T (clear with blue splatter) Ellie goulding - anything could happen Envy - eyes of final proof Eyehategod-New Orleans is the new Vietnam (green) Floor - figbender Forensics- has anyone unknown to you... Forstella Ford -Arcebus vs. Archer Fugazi- furniture (clear) Gaslight Anthem - forty five $2 Godings Sawed Off- s/t $1 Guns N Roses - sweet child o mine (pic sleeve) Hal al Shedad - sounds of swords clashing Hidden Chord - suicide note to myself (white) Holy Mountain - your face in decline (purple) Horrible Crowes - rsd Hot Hot Heat - black on red (clear) Hot Water Music - live in Chicago 1. ( blue) Hwm - live - 2 (red) Hwm - live 3 (yellow) Hwm - live 4( green) Hwm - live 5 (purple) Hwm - live 6 (6" white") Ignite- sea Shepard conservation society ep I hate Myself - 2 songs (clear brown) I Hate Our Freedom - batting practice (gold swirl) I Hate You - prime Directive Ink & Dagger - experiments in nocturnal Ink & Dagger - drive this seven Inch Insurgent - loudest letter #66/517 $2 In the Hollows - move Away (half orange half black) $1 Jeff the Brotherhood - six pack (vevc color white #80/1000) Jelly roll rock heads - kill trend thrash demo 1999(white) Jennifer Herrera 2 songs( 1 with Kurt vile 1 with Wino)( grey #d out if 1000) Judas Factor - last days of the titanic Jud Jud -X the demosX (green) Kill The Man Who Questions - number one asshole Kill the man who Questions - pigeon English Knapsack - trainwrecker Motörhead - ace of spades (earmark, sealed) Muse - super massive black hole (sealed pic disc) Nada Surf - deeper well (clear blue) Napalm Death - hung (deep red) Newgenics- eraser $2 Night Bringer- s/t ( grey marble) $3 Nobunny - give it to me No Doubt - fan club /500 copies (grey ish purple) No Reply- still fucking pissed ( blue letters) Occam's razor- letter from the slave auction (244/400) Off With their heads - hi five for the rapture Oil- falling behind $2 Pines of nowhere - s/t Rancid - I'm not the only one Running for Cover -humanity Remains ep$2 Sense field - overstand Slayer- psychopathy red (sealed) Spirit of Versailles - in line for halos (clear /100) Split cranium - scepters to rust (sealed) $2 Standfast - sick and tired of trying to explain $2 Strokes - hard to explain (clear) Sublime - April 29th 1992 rsd Swing kids -s/t Team Chocolate -s/t (teal) (pre lemuria) Thirty seconds deep - hot Carl Tomahawk - stone letter (sealed) $2 Transistor, transistor- young vampires Van Johnson - ladies and gentleman $4 Vent - long lost human (green) plus one black test press. 2 7"s $15 Yage -s/t Zero tolerance - fuel the fire$3 Split 7"s 13/Grief A days refrain/ Barstow Aim of Conrad/ Transistor Transistor Bouncing Souls/ Hot Water Music (sealed red w/ black & white splatter) Clancy 6/ Vincent prices orphan powered death machine (clear) Creation is crucifixion/unruh (blue) Crestfallen/wailed CDC funk band/grant phabao (clear #/1000) Drunken orgy of destruction/ csmd $2 Drunken orgy of destruction/s.a.a.e.i (blue marble) $2 Drunken orgy of destruction/project grizzly $2 Drunken orgy of destruction/recession $2 Envy/ this machine kills Facade burned black/ 65 film show (misfits covers) Fast times/ tear it up Floor/ tired from now on (purple) Floor/Dove (black or clear, I'm keeping one) Gamma kids/ Saskatchewan trio (clear 187/500) Good riddance/ Ignite Holy Mountain / cave Canem I,Robot/ cable car theory Ink and Dagger/ le shok Insurgent/ sometimes walking, sometimes running Jelly Roll Rockheads/exclaim Knapsack/stuntmen Kill the man who questions / the shoplifters Let It Burn/ Scarlett letter Man is the Bastard/Sinking Body Marked men/ this is my fist (salmon) Masked Intruder/the Turkletons (clear purple) Measure/ new bruises (purple) Mike Anderson/William Pelion (witching hour fan club#26/200) Municipal Waste/Bad Acid Trip Occams Razor/ found my naked corpse 9" Bad Secrets - lay Down (colored vinyl supposed to look like an eyeball) 10" Ampere - all our tomorrows end today Chuck Ragan with Jon Gaunt and friends ( day trotter sessions) Dharohar Project , Laura Marling and Mumford & Sons (rsd) $20 El Buzzard - tranquilizantedel elefante (grey) $3 Of Monsters And Men - little talks (rsd) Pg.99 - document #8 Reversal of Man - Revolution Summer Trial- s/t 12" Against Me! - the original cowboy $6 Against Me! - as the eternal cowboy $6 Against Me! - searching for a former clarity $8 Angelhair - Insect Mortality Anthem Eighty Eight - define a lifetime (clear blue, mini labels) Atmosphere - god loves ugly $5 Austin Lucas - somebody loves you ( half black/ half clear red) Birds of Prey - hell preacher (sealed) $6 Blink 182 - Buddha (sealed) $10 Blink 182 - dude ranch (black vinyl, mightier than sword label) Blink 182 - enema of the state (white) Bon Iver - s/t (sealed) $9 Burning Love - songs for burning lovers Cage - depart from me Caleb Lionheart - think hardcore, play pop punk ( light green) Casket Lottery - Choose Bronze Chad Price - smile sweet face $4 Charles Manson - air (reddish brown marble) Chokehold - content with Dying Chromatics - cave care ep (1 sided) City & Colour - sometimes ( blue/gold) Combatwoundedveteran - I know a girl who (sky blue, mini labels) Cougar Den - keep on drifter ( sky blue , great horsey silk screen cover) $5 Cure - standing on a beach (1986 Elektra/asylum press. Gatefold. Inner pic sleeve. Have hAd this at least 15 years) Cure - kiss me kiss me kiss me (also includes original inner sleeves and also had this over 10 years) Cure - never enough 12" $2 Cure - catch 12" $2 Dahlia Seed - survived by Death cab for cutie - open door ep Holier Than Thou? - high on barbecue (1 sided ) Julia - s/t Knapsack - silver sweepstakes Lifetime - seven inches Lifetime - jerseys best dancers ( no idea press clear red) Lifetime - hello Bastards ( no idea press white) Majority Rule/pg.99 - split Mike marker - future isms Mohinder - discography (with cd) Moneen-red tree (rsd version with 7" 1 red 1 white lp) $15 Muse - showbiz (because sound matters repress SEALED) Muse - origin of symmetry (because sound matters repress SEALED) Muse - black holes and revelations (because sound matters repress SEALED) Naked Raygun - throb throb Nation of Ulysses - 13 point program to destroy america Nation of Ulysses -plays pretty for baby North of America - brothers, sisters (pink) Offspring - ignition (sealed remaster color vinyl) Off With Their Heads - all things move toward their end(blackish marble) Off With Their Heads - from the bottom (clear blue) Off With Their Heads - hospitals Oil - definition Delta $3 Omar Rodriguez Lopez - old money On the might of Princes - where you are and where you want to be $15 Orthodox - gran ponder Pmtoday - in medias res (sealed black) $3 Propagandhi- less talk more rock (clear brown) $24 Radiohead- Pablo honey (sealed 180 gm from Capitol vaults) R.E.M. - murmur $2 R.E.M. - reckoning $2 Rise Against - the unraveling $6 Screeching Weasel - bark like a dog Screeching Weasel - emo Screeching Weasel - my brain hurts ( clear gold) Strokes - room on fire This machine kills - death in the audobon ballroom Tim Barry - 28th & stonewall $3 Vanilla -s/t Venom - at war with satan (sealed back on black limited edition color vinyl) Violent Femmes - s/t William Elliott Whitmore - latitudes (red) Various artists Hello my name is Direction (polyvinyl comp with braid, corm, clairmel, Rainer Maria etc #191/540) 4 way split small pool records ( 4 bands OWTH only band I'm familiar with)
  11. Last chance in these titles! Posting a massive new thread tomorrow afternoon!
  12. Tim Barry, copywrites, lifetime, Sparta all gone! Lets get our deal on! I'm going to be closing this thread soon and starting a new one. I've decided I'm going to part with about 50% or so of my records. If it wasn't an inferno in my apartment I'd do it now. So get these records on the cheap now and get your wallets ready for what's to come!
  13. Really want to make some sales. Willing to deal on multiple items. If you don't like the price listed lets haggle!

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