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  1. Dang! I haven’t got this one yet. Are those mock ups or the real deal? Any chance that let us pick a specific one out of the 100? Or more likely just pick which of the four variants...
  2. Arizona_Is_The_Reason

    PO Now: Hidden Hospitals - Liars (Out 5/18)

    Got the /100. Love these guys.
  3. Arizona_Is_The_Reason

    PO Now: Son Lux - Brighter Wounds

    Man. I’ve always wanted to like his stuff more than I actually do but that was a pretty cool track. Might have to grab this one.
  4. Wild. I consider Pinback one of my top five favorite bands ever, and SIA is my favorite of theirs.
  5. Ah. That's the big white space where my work wifi was blocking youtube. Thanks.
  6. Is there a new song streaming somewhere? I haven't been feeling these guys for the last couple albums but always curious.
  7. Arizona_Is_The_Reason

    Turnover - Good Nature (8/25)

    Great song; not sure who approved that video concept!
  8. Arizona_Is_The_Reason

    PO: Mewithoutyou [A->B] Life Repress

    When I try to get tickets to the Phoenix show, every option says "item is sold out." But other shows have items I can add to the cart.
  9. Arizona_Is_The_Reason

    PO LIVE: MUTEMATH - Play Dead

    Drum solo on Reset is the best part of the live show, and their whole show is amazing. I knew Darren was something special when I watched him literally duct tape his monitor headphones onto his head. Bummer.
  10. Arizona_Is_The_Reason

    Arms and Sleepers - Miami EP

    Dang! Someday I'll win something. Thanks for the fun contest though. Got the sunburst, so it's all good.
  11. Arizona_Is_The_Reason

    Arms and Sleepers - Miami EP

    I'm anxious to add to my collection. Love these guys.
  12. Arizona_Is_The_Reason

    PO: Everything Everything - Arc (2017 reissue)

    Any US option? Seems like their albums have only been available as imports. But I've been wanting this a while now!
  13. Arizona_Is_The_Reason

    The Juliana Theory - Emotion is Dead (PO-ish)

    One of my faves from the old days. Watching this space.
  14. Arizona_Is_The_Reason

    [PO] Pinback - Some Offcell Voices

    Mine was like that but it's wnroute finally. They must create all the labels at once, but process and drop off in batches over time. I guess.