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  1. Sorry so many of you aren't stoked on the new stuff; this is my favorite of theirs so far. Love it. Although I do think the vocals are rough at times.
  2. Interesting. I actually really like this album and am glad to find that Pink and Blue is probably my least favorite track so I was a little worried I’d be disappointed. Always interesting when an artist deviates from a formula and disappoints fans, when it makes total sense from the artist’s perspective to evolve, branch out, and try new things. I mean, How great would another variation of his first three albums really be? For me, His sound was already starting to get a bit redundant with Epoch. Weather is different, so I can see why fans of his prior work would be disappointed, but I enjoy it for what it is, although I do think it could be a bit stronger and might work better as a collab EP rather than a straight up Tycho album. This interview has some nice insight.
  3. waiting on my pink one to make it across the pond. I'm digging that signed Blue Screen Life back there!
  4. Alright lame question... side D plays likes it’s blank except for what appears to be a single track at the end of the vinyl (the innermost ring of the record.) the rest of the double LP appears to have the proper 13 tracks, so I guess this is correct? Like the “secret songs” we used to find long after the final track on CDs?
  5. Got mine today. I’m actually pretty lukewarm toward Eluvium in general but I love this simple solo piano stuff so much.
  6. Aha! Thanks. Also available here: Graywhale SLC $44 shipped
  7. Sorry for being brain dead, what is RT? Trying to track this down!
  8. This Reddit thread lists some other websites where it looks like the Pink may still be available. https://www.vinyltap.co.uk/weather-523720 https://truckmusicstore.co.uk/dinked-17-tycho-pre-order/ https://friendlyrecords.co.uk/collections/pre-order/products/tycho-weather-dinked-edition
  9. I’m in the same boat. Since copies are out there in the wild, can anyone speak to the sound of the album?
  10. Dang! I haven’t got this one yet. Are those mock ups or the real deal? Any chance that let us pick a specific one out of the 100? Or more likely just pick which of the four variants...