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  1. I think I can help. At one point I was going for the full Jimmy collection, but I almost never play any of these 7 inches anymore. Here's what I have: Sure and Certain 7" My Best Theory 7" Damage 7" JEW / Emery split (black) JEW / Jejune split (4th press cover, black, not even listed on Discogs) JEW / Jejune split (Blue cover, black vinyl) Pain / Shame Coke bottle Work / The Concept (blue, may want to keep this one) Futures coke bottle Mineral / JEW/ Sense Field 7" (Gray) JEW / Blueprint 7" (Truck Cover) Opener / Satellites 7" (White) Big Casino 7" JEW / Christie Front Drive Split 7" JEW / Taking Back Sunday Last Christmas 7" (1st Press green) The Middle 7" (Red) Sweetness 7" (Green) Bleed American 7" Salt Sweat Sugar (white) JEW / Jebediah Split (Clear) It would be easy to ship all of this at once so shoot me a PM?
  2. I think your inbox is full. I've been trying to reach you for a few days about the records.

  3. Just got a catalog in the mail from them that has JAN1599 on it for 15% off a $99 order. Doesn't seem to be active just yet but it states it ends 2-28-15.
  4. Just because their contemporaries on the radio were virtually adult alternative rock, doesn't mean they should be completely be thrown out with the bathwater. In my opinion the Cadogan (guitarist for S/T and Blue) albums transcend that whole genre. They had the hooks to sell singles and move millions of records, but their true value is held in the deeper stuff. Listen to the D-side tracks from S/T, or The Red Summer Sun, Darkness or Wounded from Blue and tell me that stuff isn't as good as anything that post-grunge alt rock put out. It's bursting with confidence and straight up rocking out swagger. Now in my opinion they lost a little on OOTV and Ursa, that while still good, they lacked the immediacy and really just the cohesive songcraft of the first two. But I'd put the first two up against anything from that era and I'm willing to bet many feel the same.
  5. Yellow is limited to 1500 copies and will also be numbered. Standard black MOV press will follow that.
  6. Stavesacre, MxPx, Underoath (DTGL), Starflyer 59, Dead Poetic, Living Sacrifice, Blindside, Huntingtons, Emery, Embodyment, Zao, Training for Utopia, mewithoutYou
  7. http://www.deepdiscount.com/lp/COLD-WAR-KIDS-ROBBERS-COWARDS $16 and some change shipped.
  8. 1st tier for me Appleseed Cast - Illumination Ritual Caspian - Hymn for the Greatest Generation High Highs - Open Season Moving Mountains - Moving Mountains Owel - Owel 2nd tier Deafheaven - Sunbather Jon Hopkins - Immunity Russian Circles - Memorial Vampire Weekend - Modern Vampires Volcano Choir - Repave
  9. Mineral/Jimmy split on pink is in stock at Reckless here: http://www.reckless.com/index.php?keywords=jimmy+eat+world&format=&cond=&store=&is_search=true&srch=Search
  10. This is inaccurate. Both versions are double LP's. As others have stated above, the repress is done top notch except for the frustrating tracklist issues. Sound wise it's superior.
  11. I agree with this. I used to be dead set against SRC, but from a quality and even a customer service standpoint, they've been pretty good for while now. Can't speak to the various issues about contacting or not contacting bands they licence out from or old RJ stock or whatever, but what they are putting out is top notch and frankly a lot of stuff I'm really happy to have on vinyl.