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  1. As a writer, I prefer Prowler because those are JR's best lyrics hands down. But overall, I think Terrifyer is a better record. I'm all in on this one for sure.
  2. Yo, I absolutely love the Buried Inside jam. Spoils Of Failure was also the shit. "Time As Commodity" is absolutely one of my benchmarks when it comes to "what do I mean when I say 'heavy' music?"
  3. Hey everybody. I came back, ordered a buncha records I didn't need, and accidentally posted some SmallTalk bullshit in the Postrock thread. Anything else exciting happen lately?
  4. I'll be there. I haven't posted here in a while, but I literally live ten minutes from where his accident happened, so aside from being fucked up over it as a fan of Caleb's work, it also fucked me up a lot driving past that exact tollbooth a few days later. Seeing Santos from OMG who's usually 190% troll getting super choked up & emotional on the OMG Facebook page definitely made me go all weepy more than once.
  5. Hi y'all. I came back again, and already spent more money than I meant to on records I didn't know were coming out, so there's that. Anything exciting happen here while I was away? EDIT: fucked up & thought I posted this in the SmallTalk thread, so to keep it on-topic... My dudes in Au Revoir played a sick show about 4 blocks from my house last week, and they ripped it. Best set I've seen them play.
  6. My copy arrived late last week, and I've given it several spins since. Sounds great. Easily as good as Carpe Diem.
  7. TSY was a 15/10 for me since it first came out...and everything after was very much not for me. I'm hoping that this is at least MOST of what I love about TSY. The new song makes me feel fairly confident, but I guess we'll see. I also now realized, I can't remember whether I ordered this or not. I thought I grabbed one when the preorder went live, but I don't see anything in my PayPal history that seems like it matches this. Guess it'll be a surprise for me when these start shipping!
  8. I'm an Old Asshole, so generally I don't get super excited about new bands like I used to...but the split this band did with .gif from god was sick, and I'm trying to commit to checking out at least ONE band each year that was formed sometime after 2004, sooooooo....guess who just ordered the blood splatter variant. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. This is pretty much why I went with the DW variant, despite the other options sounding really tempting...been ordering from DW for many years now and they've not let me down, so I'll take consistency over a slightly more nifty variant. New song is good. Got my tickets today to see them in Boston, a convenient 3 days before my birthday...Royale ain't my favorite venue but I'm still stoked.
  10. I hesitated on ordering this when the preorder went up because my credit card balance strongly suggested I not buy records until payday, so I missed the splatter by a lot of days. But I actually think the olive fits the artwork better anyway so I'm not upset over it. Zao was the first "heavy" band I listened to, thanks to a Songs From the Penalty Box comp...super stoked that literally 20 years later I can grab some of their back catalog for not stupid prices.
  11. No issues on my copy...I'm guessing you just got a flawed copy. Bummer for you, obviously, but not an overall pressing error. In other news, this is officially the first SN album I've actually enjoyed listening to.
  12. I loathe Danbury because I generally just loathe Connecticut. It's an irrational hatred born out of having to drive I84 every time I want to visit my folks, and I84 is a parking lot for about 65 miles no matter what time of day it is. Even though I'm from western PA and therefore sick to death of people saying "oh, Pittsburgh, that's right next to Philly isn't it?" I actually really love Philly. Except the Flyers. And the Eagles. Mütter Museum is cool as hell, 30th St. Station is gorgeous, there's a pretty awesome music scene...yeah, Philly' s alright.
  13. Don't think anything is available at the moment, but this dude is absolutely my favorite working artist right now: http://zeblove.com/ He does a ton of work for the Avett Brothers, and frequently has limited run prints go up for sale. Here's one of my favorites (I have the original print of this, with no text, hanging right above my record player!)
  14. I've been tinkering with getting back into photography since discovering that my phone (Galaxy S7 edge) has a beast of a camera. I'm entirely a hobbyist, so I'm sure someone with actual knowledge of photography could probably tear these to shreds, but here's a few that have been sitting on my memory card since Christmas that I somewhat fancy. I took these at work, using the stock camera app, pro setting (I think?) and no filters. No editing after the fact either, because I didn't realize until recently that I can shoot in RAW made as well.