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  1. I don't know if anyone else has posted about it somewhere else, but I'm finally getting to spin my copy of FAWN LIMBS x NADJA - "Vestigial Spectra" and it is Very Fucking Good. I'm pretty much down to insta-buy anything Fawn Limbs puts out without waiting to hear what it sounds like. They've been untouchable for me over the past several releases.
  2. Wayfarer - American Gothic is hands down my AotY this year. It's stupid good. Other heavy releases that I spun a lot this year: Liturgy - 93696 Body Void - Atrocity Machine Usnea - Bathed In Light Nightmarer - Deformity Adrift Ragana - Desolation's Flower OAK - Disintegrate The Acacia Strain - Failure Will Follow (biggest surprise for me, as I fuckin' HATE everything else they've done) Bell Witch - Future's Shadow Pt.1: The Clandestine Gate Great Falls - Objects Without Pain Death Engine - Ocean Calligram - POSITION | MOMENTUM Mizmor - Prosaic Blindfolded and Led to the Woods - Rejecting Obliteration Downfall of Gaia - Silhouettes of Disgust Full of Hell & Primitive Man - Suffocating Hallucination END - The Sin of Human Frailty Big | Brave - nature morte Blut Aus Nord - Disharmonium: Nahab That's just of the records that I actually purchased vinyl copies of...this year was really good for heavy shit.
  3. OK, I'm going to commit to it here: AotY for me is Wayfarer "American Gothic" - phenomenal release, and I haven't been able to get enough of it.
  4. Man, I haven't seen LS play since the early 2000's...crazy to realize they're still active, and it seems with basically the same core lineup? Bruce's growls are legendary, and Lance is a beast of a drummer. I was one of the olds at the Botch show in Boston last weekend. Shit was beyond words.
  5. I've seen both bands separately, but seeing them together on a single bill would be incredible. You're quite fortunate!
  6. I have it spinning on my turntable right now. It is, in fact, exactly as awesome as the packaging would indicate. I'd say nothing that takes a major departure from their other stuff, it's heavy as a sack of hammers & angry as a bear with a toothache, which is exactly what I want from this band. Also, huge respect to Closed Casket for making the packaging this elaborate without tacking on a crazy upcharge. If I recall correctly, I paid $30USD for this, and they could easily have made it $40-45 and justified the increase by the material costs.
  7. Dropped the new Wayfarer on the turntable just now, already through side A, and it's fucking GOOD. Solid AotY candidate for me.
  8. I didn't grow up Catholic, but I was raised Evangelical, so the religious themes of this show still felt sinister to me in a very deep way. To me, Bev Keane is 100% the villain in this story, and reminds me of I don't know how many people I was raised by/went to church with/am related to, with that infuriating level of sanctimonious judgement and self-righteousness. I actually really felt for Fr. Paul, he seemed like someone with a sincere heart trying to do right but in a bad way. Bev was just completely fucking reprehensible (but PHENOMENAL acting by the actress who played her, no criticism there!)
  9. Spent the weekend binging Midnight Mass. I know it's supposed to be horror or at least horror-adjacent, but I mostly found it beautiful & sad, which is about the same experience as I got with Hill House. I think I prefer Mike Flanagan's brand of horror to more jump-scares or gorefest type.
  10. No order yet, but some records that have been blowing my mind this year: LITURGY - 93696 BODY VOID - Atrocity Machine USNEA - Bathed In Light FIDDLEHEAD - Death Is Nothing To Us NIGHTMARER - Deformity Adrift OAK - Disintegrate THE ACACIA STRAIN - Failure Will Follow BELL WITCH - The Clandestine Gate GREAT FALLS - Objects Without Pain BLINDFOLDED AND LED TO THE WOODS - Rejecting Obliteration DOWNFALL OF GAIA - Silhouettes of Disgust BIG BRAVE - nature morte
  11. Caught Gaerea, Blackbraid, and Wolves in the Throne Room Friday night in Boston. Also Hoaxed, but I wasn't particularly enthused by them. Gaerea was the highlight of the show for me. Also, big ups to whoever is running sound at Big Night Live - from where I was standing, the mix was damn near perfect. Blackbraid was cool, and live they're a little more ferocious than they sound on record. WITTR was great, very theatrical, very ceremonial. Only negative of the night was having to dish out $60 for parking because I didn't realize the venue is actually right in the TD Garden complex, and I got hit with their "event parking" cost.
  12. I really enjoyed Deformity Adrift, enough to shell out the dough for a "Solar Suffering" variant off their Bandcamp, but almost certainly not enough to bother with getting a second/different copy. I'll continue spinning my copy a good many times and not feel bad about skipping this. I'd say Ulcerate is the best comparison that I can think of, although Ulcerate is...I don't know, just...MORE, somehow? I can't explain it. Nightmarer is some good quality disso-death though, for sure.
  13. New Wayfarer album up for preorder. https://profoundlorerecords.merchtable.com/music/wayfarer-american-gothic-vinyl-lp Vinyl Editions: Marble Gunsmoke Edition (Decibel Magazine Exclusive) sold out Black, White, Silver Colour Mix w/Gold Splatter) sold out Cloudy Molten Gold Vinyl Black Vinyl
  14. Sold out already, to save anyone who might have been thinking of it a click.
  15. Yup, if this was a full length, or cheaper, either way I'd be all over it. It's a damn good EP, but my days of paying $30+ for an EP that short are long behind me.
  16. Sorry for your loss, Juan. Been a hot minute since I was active here, but you're one I remember bantering with on a few different threads...love to you and your family.
  17. Meteor Gem is absolutely fantastic. Last time I was in Chicago, I spent about an hour talking about how fucking amazing Gaerea is, and walked out with about three new bands I'd never heard before. Great selection, great people, and as an added bonus, Kuma's is not far away either.
  18. All my records get sleeved in Invest In Vinyl inners as soon as possible. Printed sleeves that are part of the album artwork get kept, but the standard paper ones just get tossed.
  19. Caught the mighty YOB with Gozu and Cave In in Boston Saturday night. Great show all around, and the first time I've been to Middle East since probably 2018? Gozu on record is not at all my thing, but they were fun as hell live. Cave In was excellent, as always. Yob was amazing. Loud, heavy, thunderous...played a 90 minute set that consisted of a whole six songs, one each from most of their old albums (I think a track from every record except Our Raw Heart). I couldn't have been happier.
  20. My high school self would be stoked for a vinyl pressing of S/T, but beyond that and DBL, I guess I never held much interest in them. The first album is still a banger, and while I don't think the DBL pressing was anything mindblowing, it's still cool to have a copy of it. I'll skip these, but cross my fingers.
  21. Pre-Covid, I was a lot more dilligent about this, but I try to keep my collection curated & pruned to the point where if something hasn't gotten at least one spin in the last year or so, it goes out the door. Conversely, damn near everything I own gets played. Out of ~600 records, I'd say maybe less than a dozen haven't seen my turntable at least once in the last 365 days, and the only reason those haven't gotten swept away is because they're too cheap to be worth the effort to list on Discogs or haul to Newbury (and/or Newbury won't take them anyway), or they're novelty items that I keep out of sentimentality.
  22. I thought about holding out until either Meteor Gem or the Debemur Morti US store had copies listed to go a little cheaper, but ended up just saying fuck it and pulling the trigger on the IndieMerchStore variant. Love Exchange Failure and the Debemur Morti EP are both 11/10 releases, so I'm really looking forward to hearing this. EDIT: Looks like the standard variants are up now too.  
  23. Well, fuck me, this is as good a reason to come back to posting on these boards for the first time in a handful of years.

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