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  1. Ricardo Donoso Most of Umor Rex's output, I especially love the Driftmachine album they released last year. Evan Caminiti's new one on Thrill Jockey
  2. Awesome, always excited for new (and old) Donoso!
  3. They included one with the Blue deluxe.
  4. coldlampin

    Sleep - "Dopesmoker", Deluxe Reissue

    Just got shipping confirmation on this!
  5. coldlampin

    Bookshelf Speakers?

    Thanks, yeah I've been looking hard at Paradigms. I just might have to hold off a little more until I get them.
  6. coldlampin

    Sleep - "Dopesmoker", Deluxe Reissue

    I cannot wait to get this reissue in my hands. I think I'm more excited about this than anything so far this year.
  7. coldlampin

    Bookshelf Speakers?

    Cool, good to know
  8. coldlampin

    Bookshelf Speakers?

    I've also been researching some new bookshelfs for a while. Does anybody recommend one out of these? Polk (Audio Monitors) Wharfedale (Diamond 10.1) Klipsch Paradigm B&W Sony (SS-B3000) Dynaco (A-25 or A-10) Advent KLH (Model 5, 6, 17 or 24) Boston Acoustics (Model A-40, A-60 or A-70) Infinity (Qe or RSe) Realistic (Mach series)
  9. Good time as any to start actively posting, I suppose!
  10. coldlampin

    Nirvana reissues at HT?

    But, every picture I've seen of In Utero from the ORG press has been an opaque light yellow that matches the cover. These are a translucent bright yellow, so maybe that's an exclusive pressing? The others look the same.