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  1. Anyone have a copy they would be willing to sell? Shoot me a DM.
  2. I might be willing to do some logo work for you in exchange for a record, depending on the complexity of what you need done. I cant think of any good free software though. If you can find an adobe trial, use that.
  3. Found a copy. Hey all. Looking for a copy of Florida Guilt by Bay Faction. Any variant, doesn't matter to me. I know this record is pretty tough to come by, but its been high up on my want list for a long time. Bless me please. I'm praying I can find a copy.
  4. Wow, I had NO IDEA these were going for so much. I very much regret selling my copy all those years ago. Thanks for the link, but I really can't afford a 300$ record at the moment.
  5. Im looking to buy a copy of Junichi Masuda ‎– Pokémon, any variant. I had this record and sold it for about $65, 5 years ago, due to bills that I needed to pay. I am looking to get a copy of this again, but I can't find it anywhere. Listings are blocked from Discogs for some reason, so I can't even buy a copy there. Shoot me a DM if you can help me out! What I'm looking for: https://www.discogs.com/Junichi-Masuda-Pokémon/release/7895339
  6. Hey all, title says it all. Looking for a coke bottle copy, but I could go for a clear copy as well. Shoot me a DM if you have a one you would be willing to part with.
  7. I am selling some of my signed B+C test presses because there are a couple of records I am having a difficult time finding at a price I can afford. Both records are signed by Andy Slaymaker and Jon Simmons. I am primarily looking for the records listed below (plus cash depending), but I might consider just cash offers. What I have: Balance And Composure- Acoustic (0/20) Balance And Composure- Separation (?/20 6th Pressing). What I'm looking for: mewithoutYou- Catch For Us The Foxes The Plot In You- Happiness In Self Destruction The Devil Wears Prada ‎– With Roots Above And Branches Below Ice Nine Kills- Every Trick In The Book Tiny Little Houses- Idiot Proverbs Psychadelic Porn Crumpets- High Visceral, Pt. 1 Psychadelic Porn Crumpets- High Visceral, Pt. 2 Pretty Lights- A Color Map Of The Sun
  8. Want to buy Ice Nine Kills- Every Trick In The Book. Not picky on variant, I just want to have this on vinyl. Willing to pay $70 shipped. Found
  9. Hey everyone, I am starting a Discord server to connect vinyl collectors from around the world. The idea came when I saw a user on a Nujabes subreddit ask another user (from Japan) if they could help them by finding a specific Nujabes record at a local shop in japan and ship it to them overseas. The server will NOT be for making money/reselling records. It is meant to help people gain access to certain records or record variants at a more affordable price than going through a 3rd party shipping company that would offer. The discord server will need people from all around the world for it to be successful. I want this to be a small, tight knit group to begin with. But I can see this potentially becoming a bit bigger. This will start as a super small trial, so the group will be capped at 5 people from each region, USA, Japan, Australia and Europe. If you're interested in something like this, shoot me a DM with your Discord username and where you are located. I will also need a few people to moderate and help me build and manage the server. So, shoot me a DM if you would also be interested in helping out with this. Thank you and happy collecting!

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