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  1. Nice to hear it will be in stores later this year.. Thanks for posting that!
  2. It's been awhile since I listened to my copy but I remember being very happy with how it sounded (Def. remember it being a clear upgrade over the cd).. It seems like most people that complain is because of skipping or slight warp which is more times then not because of a mediocre table when it happens with a brand new record. That's a great price too, I doubt you're going to find much better.
  3. She played Bass and backup vocals on all 3 of there albums that came out in 2014-15. I just found out about them recently and laughed when I checked out there older stuff on discogs as she is listed as Being Better At Bass Than We Thought+harmonizin Like An Angel
  4. Same! Can't make any of the live shows but would def. love to have that 7". Here's the new track that is on the 7" I guess.. Pretty crappy recording but all there is so far.
  5. It seems like they are very open to selling large quantities of probably albums that aren't selling well. I've seen other sites selling them as well as some sellers on amazon and ebay who have quite a few copies of there albums. It's why I don't touch any of there exclusives unless it's something I really want or think it will sell out since there's a pretty great chance you will probably be able to grab it at least half off down the road.
  6. it should be but for me personally the closest record store is well over an hour away and next to impossible to find any parking and not to mention they have a super limited selection and the staff are all super duper hipsters and try to tell me who i should or shouldn't listen to anytime i go.. I miss living next to legit record stores though. so i pretty much have to my rsd online unless im lucky enough to be out of town when it happens.
  7. Yeah, you have to subscribe to both tracks to get any of the three albums they have for the current albums of the month. Then, like you said cancel one of them and you can switch the one remaining track to whichever one you want month to month if you want to stay longer and you can also pick from a usually pretty large swap page with a bunch of the former albums of the month and store exclusives. If they have leftovers of the albums of the month they eventually get put into the regular store as well but there is no guarantee if it sells out or something.
  8. Yeah, same here! For being a pretty huge release in the hip hop crowd it was hard to find out about. Same thing with there sales too.. the last two that happened when i was a member they were sold out of the best deals before I even found out about it.
  9. I gave up on the codes nearly a year ago since it was always a huge hassle but I still see people offering to refer people so it looks to still be going.
  10. Damn, got the two De La's and will probably grab Handsom Boy as well.. VMP came back with a vengeance at my wallet this month, it's been awhile.
  11. Yup, it will absolutely taint his talent and legacy without question for a ton of people.. I am not going to just stop listening to him altogether but my appreciation for him will drop quite a bit if all this ends up being proved true in the end plus the immediate ranting and threatening on social media and handling it all like a 12 year old girl so far is not a good look either.
  12. yeah, ill let it play out but the amount of people already coming out along with his horrible handling of it so far is a pretty bad look for sure.
  13. Grabbed mine earlier right when they went up along with the $5 Dogwhistles flexi.. Great album after my first full playback! I can def. see this growing on me a lot through the year.
  14. Keep it in your pants guys, don't premature ejaculate your love for an album to early in the year.
  15. Finally just went with Zia as well so I don't completely miss it.. I was able to grab Felt 3 (slug, murs & aesop) for 8.99! Less then half I have ever seen it anywhere so pretty excited to spin both of those albums now.