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  1. I got that frampton in a custom frame with the gatefold unfolded as my centerpiece in my music room and people are always full of envy when they see it.. thats one record that I would never consider selling to say the least!
  2. Accidentally posted in the other deal thread but I picked up RHCP - Greatest Hits for $8.13 after the 10% off coupon.
  3. hype

    The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    Also, posted this somewhere else but if anyone is looking to get the Late Johnny Cash stuff musicvaultz is having a solid sale, I picked up the Unearthed Box Set & American Recording Box Set along with "WELCOME" to get an extra 15% off for a total of about $211 shipped. You even get a free record frame when you spend over $100 haha.
  4. hype

    The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    Picked up RHCP - Greatest Hits for $8.13 after you clip the 10% coupon on Amazon.. Usually not that big on greatest hits albums but thats a crazy price.
  5. Yeah, if I had to guess I would say it is def. going to be limited to 1 per person.. They started doing it so things wouldn't get sold out by flippers in minutes/hours and most things last weeks/months instead now. Like YouTwo said though you never know 100% for sure with VMP so it might be worth a try still.
  6. I am pretty sure, at least from what I read that this was the tour variant leftovers which was a run of 500 so it should just be a matter of getting them out.
  7. Someone on Reddit said they messaged secretly and they told them it was limited to 500. Kind of sucks I bought it for $26 hours before the coupon came out lol.. I guess at least I got a copy before it sold out though.
  8. hype

    The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    Yeah, I am usually down for some obscure stuff sometimes but this is just really bad imo as well.
  9. hype

    Waxwork Records Thread

    Agree completely, as much as I would like to grab it the soundtrack isn't worth that much to me either.. IDK about everyone else but I also don't listen to film scores enough throughout the year to buy that many of them with these kind of prices so I try to just stick with a few favorites and grab some I see here and there at a good price. I have a feeling I can eventually grab one of the variants in the 30 range if I wait a bit. Great to see this finally get re-issued though regardless.
  10. Well, I hate to toot toot my own horn much but I am THE self described Indiana Jones of rare vinyl treasures so let me tell you I know a few things! My professional, expert advise is too throw those mutha fuckers on a player and let your ears skate to that beautiful De La and decide on the quality yourself. You're welcome!
  11. Kind of ridiculous tbh how hard people go to discredit them, it's not even funny anymore at this point. They are still pretty young and finding there own sound and one thing I do know is the lead singer has some major vocal talent.. I don't know if i'll buy the album but I am def. curious to hear the entire album which is something that is happening with less and less artists so i'll take it.
  12. I have played all my test presses as I play any album I own regardless of worth. I also don't spend any crazy amounts for them, all the tp's I have I got at great prices. Actually, when I think about it the majority of tp's I have I do not even own any other variant of them but imo unless you're just looking to flip what you have you should enjoy your collection and listen to it all with how much records are now. I finally got an Atmosphere tp not too long ago which was the artist I wanted one from the most.
  13. hype

    The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    Finally got my first and biggest box from roughtrade today.. The box looked horrible on my doorstep so I was expecting bad things but luckily they used the big tank like double boxes along with an egg crate to secure it nicely from damage. Some definite shelf wear & small creases here and there but considering the prices no big deal at all. Now hopefully the rest of my order either ships soon or is cancelled and doesn't drag out too long.
  14. hype

    The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    The Maroon copy was a limited release for Urban Outfitters around 4 years ago so there is zero chance this is it, especially considering how many they have for sale. Still a solid price for the black repress.
  15. Yeah, you just have to do some research and depending on the release it could be easy to find the info, hard or nothing even out there so you have to ask yourself if it's worth the gamble or not. Discogs is the single best place without question. For a lot of the rock or blues releases you can find tons of info usually on the stevehoffman forums. Several other sites or forums as well but you have to take it all with a grain of salt if you do not trust the certain posters since they could be using poor equipment, didn't clean the record first etc. Like if you look on Amazon you will see tons of people giving good presses bad ratings because they use horrible equipment so they just blame the record instead. Sometimes there are even several versions of a record that sound great but people prefer the dynamics of one press over another. There are def. certain labels or record plants that are known to do higher quality releases but even then there are usually some here and there that didn't turn out as well. A lot of what you learn will simply come with time and experience. In the beginning just buy some of your favorites to start out with and start exploring around.