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  1. I'm not familiar enough to say for sure but maybe they're being tricky with there wordplay and it's the first time the unreleased audio AND the Dopesmoker album are mastered from the original tapes TOGETHER since 10 years ago it was just the regular boring non super deluxe version for the mere peasants but we can now thank the almighty great Lawdd Jack White for blessing us with the full thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, to make it very clear! Carl "Mutha Fucking" Saff does not only master from OG tapes but he does it in a masterfully "precise" way. https://www.earsplitcompound.com/sleep-–-dopesmoker-double-lp-repressing-now-available-through-southern-lord-recordings/ From 2012
  2. Yeah, that makes complete sense. It had been probably a year or so at least since my last online vinyl order with them and I think I had about 3 in a row that were damaged so I just gave up for awhile but I don't think any were pre-orders so it very well could have just been 3 store stock items that were sent with zero f**ks given. That's good to know that at least pre-orders have a solid chance of being sent securely.
  3. Yeah, that's ridiculous and kind of sad anyone would think it's cool to send like that. It's crazy how random records are shipped from the majority of retailers the last few years.. The last record I got from UO was shipped horribly and it got to me with 3" seam splits on both ends and creases all over as well as the record being warped af.. It was comically bad. Fast forward to today and I just received a preorder from them that is one of the finest packed records from any store period.. In an oversized tough box and inside was a proper lp mailer with thick bubble wrap around it. I got the first record i've bought from Amazon in quite awhile sitting in my mailbox right now as well so i'm hoping the good luck continues onto that one 😬
  4. It's like a car, once you let it leave the lot (packaging) it drops a fucking lot in value so I just never take anything out of the package.. I stream the album while looking at the sealed vinyl beauty in my hands and sometimes I even imagine just how much better it would sound but this boy here is not leaving the lot! I got 2k vinyl so I don't need to tell you how good my retirement is going to be once I cash in 🤑
  5. At least it's not through any of the actual music. Just be careful when you first drop the needle and make sure it's beyond that crack.
  6. Started with a Spinclean and it was alright in the beginning but then made the upgrade to Squeakyclean and have used it for probably 4-5 years at least and have loved it (still going strong!). It does a much better job imo for not much more. Just buy a cheap $10-20 small shop vac to add onto it and you're set. If I get the extra funds down the road i'll def. get a nice all in one vac cleaner but those are at minimum double-triple the price so i'm good for now. For the cleaner I use this TergiKleen™ Tergitol-based Fluid Concentrate .. $30 is about the same I paid 4 years ago and I still have a good amount left. You just use 20 drops for a full gallon of distilled water which means one of these will last for about 28-30 gallons worth of cleaner which should pretty much be a lifetime worth and some.
  7. Kind of weak we know next to nothing about the extras too as far as knowing the franchise they're using for each of them and also the art. I don't buy much graphic tee's or clothes period anymore so i'm pretty picky. If I really liked the hoodie, shirt and hat it could turn it into a solid price otherwise it'll just be some extra shit sitting in my closet which is most likely. Super pumped about Killer Klowns and even though I love TCM 2 i'm not sure how much i'd like the isolated score.
  8. Mine just expired a few days ago but the same thing happened to me. I was waiting all year to use it and it wouldn't even work on things I wanted so it expired without using it.
  9. I'll give VMP credit that most of there variants and especially remasters are very well done and usually sound as good or better then other variants released. I was more then happy to drop $30ish over the years for the ones I really wanted but there's zero chance i'll come back at there current prices. Not worth it at all. I was buying releases off and on from them since the very beginning but it's come to an abrupt stop this year. Unless they lower the prices to a remotely decent price again or offer me a big discount like they have a few times in the past i'm done with them. At the end of the day though, it's all individual preference especially when they release the more rare records that some have wanted for years. I just draw a line once it starts hitting $40+ and the fact it's 2020 and I can still get a high quality digital version which is good enough for me for the few albums that are ridiculously priced that I wanted.
  10. I got the Lenticular cover standard release of Muddy Waters from Udiscover for like $15-16 a year or two ago and i've seen it back in stock there off and on since (It's sold out again currently) so i'd take a look there for it occasionally to try and grab a copy for well under half the cost and it sounds great while also looking nice. VMP is becoming a company I want to give less and less business too even beyond the stupid prices anyways. Glad to see more people lately discovering Muddy Waters because of it at least though.
  11. Yeah, it's not that serious at all. I had an album get cancelled and re-appear on Popmarket and they told me they purposely only put a certain amount on some albums to be sold at "Bargain Bin" prices to lessen inventory. Kind of sucks as I really wanted the album but it makes sense on there part and I got plenty of other great deals.
  12. Yeah, the last few orders have been relatively big so I got the big box which everything was in great condition. Got like 11 in this sale with 2 cancelled so far so hopefully I get a big box again.
  13. I heard Tim muhfucken Simmons is the music curator for all Scientology and believe me when I say they love, love, LOVE VMP. Tom Cruise especially was absolutely !!irate!! at this catastrophic blind siding price hike and was hopeful it was just his dyslexia flaring up but nope, this nightmare was a reality. I have no doubt we will see him doing a few extra movies in the coming years to help feed this filthy addiction. God (Xenu) only knows what the other members of Scientology will be doing to keep club status during these bleak Covid times.... *maybe, maybe not
  14. Yeah, it's a bunch of bored overly emotional internet justice warriors making a monumentally big deal out of hardly anything imo. The vinceron dude is clearly a douche but he's bragged about having 20+ accounts to buy stuff. He mostly has vmp releases that aren't even that hard to get anyways. People need to realize that every hobby ever pretty much has had flippers, it sucks sometimes but bitching in every vinyl outlet across the internet isn't going to change it. I bet vinceron is seeing some good sales from all this free publicity actually...

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