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  1. Hadn't been to an UO in awhile but I checked one out yesterday I have been going to for quite a few years and noticed they changed things up and now the vinyl section is less then half of what it used to be and they took out the entire sale section of the store. So now they only carry full priced items? Is this happening anywhere else? First time I ever seen an UO without a sale section anywhere in the country haha.
  2. As long as you aren't worried about having the rarest versions i'd say there's a very high chance you'll be able to score one eventually in the $20 range at some point which is what i'm going to wait for. There will be over 12k available haha They're working tf out of the Halloween franchise merchandise in the last couple of years in all aspects, doesn't matter what you're looking for there's probably a Halloween version of it out or coming soon. Even Gene Simmons would be impressed.
  3. That's stupid asf that they're doing a minimum of 3 months now for new users but I realized if you sign in first and the last thing you did was a 1 month plan you can re-activate that. Not surprised though, outside of the forum massacre they have been making several other moves i'm not a fan of as well. Of course I just finally bought the MOV version of that Outkast album about a month ago and it sounds really good so another skip for me but for people that don't have it yet i'm sure this will def. be the version to get. Hopefully they offer me another 2 for 1 deal soon with so many people pissed off at them right now haha
  4. It's all good, I always had great experiences with them before the last 6 months and with multiple stores it could have just been one or two newer employee's that lowered there standards on accepted used vinyl.. Glad others are still getting solid quality records though.. Maybe I just had a really bad run of luck.
  5. I just read actual members saying similar things. Personally, I could care less which forums stay and go but all three have been valuable resources that have helped me out at different times over the years. The VMP forums are def. way more user friendly and diverse though which allows me to find a few more things I wouldn't see on here or especially the Hoffman forums. Not gonna lie though the comparisons were pretty spot on I thought, clique attitude or not.
  6. Supposedly we're too rude and crude while the Steve Hoffman forum is too elitist so they have to Goldilocks it up and make one that's justtttt right.
  7. anyone that buys used vinyl from Bullmoose been having more problems then ever lately? I went years with no real issues but the last six months have been the polar opposite. The last 4 orders I have made had the main album I wanted cancelled since "they couldn't find it" and then immediately my other filler stuff ships which I usually only picked to get the free shipping. I completely understand how that can happen sometimes but 4 times in a row? Then I also got 2 albums that were super beat up and one album was all scratched and covered in black hairs. I'm good with some smaller damage as i'm getting a solid price but these were pretty over the top. Im done ordering anything used from them for awhile at this point but just curious if others are having problems as well? Anything I buy new is still packed well and delivered with no issues at least though.
  8. I am def. no expert but I know that can easily fund a very basic web forum for probably that long but to get one that actually runs great with heavy traffic and tons of pictures/gifs would probably be a bit more pricey but I still say they're good for quite awhile since the money is still rolling in lol.. That's insane though, under 24 hours and already over 3k. VMP better be selling off or releasing some epic titles soon because they just pissed off the hive and last I checked there prices were also raised on many older ROTM. It's too bad how this always happens sooner or later as a company grows, i'm sure the customer service will be going to shit soon as well which was one of the main selling points for me. Besides the recent De La albums I just wait for the secondary market on the majority of there "less popular" releases anyways and usually end up getting them for over half off.
  9. i wasn't on there a ton but it was far from being a bunch of angry assholes for sure.. easily the most chill and respectful forum I have ever seen to the point it got annoying at times.. I got some good info on pre-orders I would have missed along with a couple good albums from there PIF thread as well. incredibly stupid decision by vmp followed by even more idiotic responses by the ceo and staff which just made things worse by making up clear bs reasons and telling people to go join the facebook group 🤣 they had almost a hive mentality going in that forum with much of the members feeling extremely loyal and buying tons of records they normally wouldnt have.. there could be some buyout or something much bigger at play though which would make much more sense because the whole statement that they continue to love there members and are just putting the forum on "pause" is clearly bs with much more truth hidden there somewhere.
  10. Even a lot of the newer generation would know Loretta Lynn I would think.. She won a Grammy at 70-80 years old about 10-15 years ago for the classic album Van Lear Rose which was even one of the Vaults on Third Man Records. In Baseball terms she's an easy first ballot hall of famer for sure. Coal Miners Daughter was also turned into a pretty big movie a few years after the album about her life. I get not knowing about it if you're not a fan of Country music but it's def. worthy overall if you look at the history of it.
  11. Yeah, unless you really want that early access to tickets this is an awful package imo as well. I'm excited for the new album and will def. probably be grabbing it but the extras are trash, at least to me. Slipmat is ugly asf and would just be tucked away somewhere forever along with the bandanna. The 7" is cool but it's 2 demo's which I will probably realistically listen to once or twice. One of the more poor values i've seen from any vault package. Probably a good thing anyways with a solid RSD coming up.
  12. Nice to hear it will be in stores later this year.. Thanks for posting that!
  13. It's been awhile since I listened to my copy but I remember being very happy with how it sounded (Def. remember it being a clear upgrade over the cd).. It seems like most people that complain is because of skipping or slight warp which is more times then not because of a mediocre table when it happens with a brand new record. That's a great price too, I doubt you're going to find much better.
  14. She played Bass and backup vocals on all 3 of there albums that came out in 2014-15. I just found out about them recently and laughed when I checked out there older stuff on discogs as she is listed as Being Better At Bass Than We Thought+harmonizin Like An Angel
  15. Same! Can't make any of the live shows but would def. love to have that 7". Here's the new track that is on the 7" I guess.. Pretty crappy recording but all there is so far.