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  1. Yeah, it's a bunch of bored overly emotional internet justice warriors making a monumentally big deal out of hardly anything imo. The vinceron dude is clearly a douche but he's bragged about having 20+ accounts to buy stuff. He mostly has vmp releases that aren't even that hard to get anyways. People need to realize that every hobby ever pretty much has had flippers, it sucks sometimes but bitching in every vinyl outlet across the internet isn't going to change it. I bet vinceron is seeing some good sales from all this free publicity actually...
  2. It's been going for insane amounts for well over a year, don't see it changing anytime soon but I agree that it's crazy what a lot of people are paying.
  3. well, considering they are owned by a company that handles half of the entire worlds vinyl distribution you dont really have a choice but to deal with them. i highly doubt any of this was done on purpose but that doesnt mean they dont need to step it up after the 4th of july sale problems especially. but I still think over dramatic karen is a spot on title for the previous complaints.
  4. yeah, looks like the 24x24 poster might be the only limited part of this release when you buy it from the official site and I can live without that so i'll wait it out too. Was just about to spin Larry Lovestein for the first time tonight too. Anyone else who bought this bootleg actually receive a copy that is anything other then clear? The description said "random color" and the picture had some random red added to the clear to make it look like a great match up to the cover but my copy is 100% clear. Not the biggest deal as long as it sounds good but curious if I was just unlucky.
  5. you got a real winner there champ, i'd say a solid $8.50 shipped give or take .50 cents. Either that or possibly anything else since there's no sales history.
  6. It's not as good as the last app I used but it works well enough. I think a lot of people stopped using price protection stuff when amazon made that move. I honestly didn't even know Slice did it until they sent the email as I just used it for delivery organization. I guess Rakuten bought and took over Slice so technically it's called Rakuten Slice now. I've been using it for awhile and this was the first time I got a price drop alert but it ended up being a nice little surprise. https://www.slice.com/price_drops
  7. And a heads up to anyone interested, I started using this app called Slice since the other app I used to keep track of my deliveries stopped working. It has a price checker in it as well and one of my items dropped just a bit in price from Target and they asked if I wanted to try to get a refund for the difference so I did it and they completely composed the email with all the information automatically so I basically just had to click send and within 24 hours I got a gift card for the amount from Target. I normally never take the time to check this manually so it was nice having the lazy option.
  8. Yeah, im 2 for 2 so far with most of the others still in the wild. I had some mofi sleeves which got mangled asf but it happened during shipping at some point so I provided a picture and they just fully refunded both packs (only 1 was damaged) and told me to keep them. They will be getting more of my business if it is always this easy, reminds me of how great Amazon used to be with customer service. The 2 records I got so far were also in nice sturdy mailers. I got one of the Dylan bootleg sets coming which is a little bigger so that will be a test to see how they handle larger items. Anyone have experience lately with full on boxsets from them? I was completely against that gamble during the sale but seeing how they looked to have improved I might change that during the next one.
  9. Yeah, they recently started doing a good amount of exclusives. Mostly older classics from what i've seen but I remember some of the color ways looking pretty solid. I haven't ordered any but if they run a good sale I might find 1-2 I like. Surprisingly, i've had MUCH better luck with the albums I bought from Walmart then Target in the past as far as packing goes. They are always in a good mailer so hopefully the exclusives are packed the same way and you'll be fine.
  10. To be honest, a lot of my orders have been great with them I just think bad packaging happens a bit more often. They have easy returns like amazon as well so you'll be good. The last b2g1 sale I bought 6 things and 2 of them were vinyl records and 1 came packaged great in a mailer while the other was completely wrecked in a big box but the replacement came in a mailer so all was good.
  11. Yeah, the one thing I was worried about with this sale. People complain about Amazon's packing but Target seems to be significantly worse from my own experiences and what i've read/seen on the internet over the years and especially lately. I ordered the first day of the sale and several orders all say I wont be getting it until the 25th-July 1st so hopefully I have some good luck this time 🤷‍♂️ Got some great deals so it was worth the gamble.......... I hope.
  12. ahh damn, well at least it should be an easy exchange but I feel you on the Warehouse buys it's 100% a complete gamble no matter what the condition says. I've gotten a few crazy deals out of it but it's def. not worth trying to save a dollar or two at all. I actually got my first ever "porcupine record" last year where they threw a record in a 2 foot box with no protection and by the time I opened it the actual vinyl was not only broke into 3 pieces but one of the pieces actually was poking out of the cover 😱
  13. jw was it a new record or a Warehouse buy? I haven't got one like that new but i've gotten a few used, it's like they just dgaf about anything from the Warehouse most of the time and especially lately.
  14. Yeah, I was surprised. It's pretty rare I see them involved in any big sales like this.