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  1. Red vinyl is gone. Red tape is gone of the xCauterizex tape too. If you want a long sleeve shirt, get it this week. I'm not ordering many extras. 3 copes of GKF left on tape.
  2. I think too much time has passed @GradedOnACurve
  3. http://bittermelodyrecords.limitedrun.com It's been a minute since I posted here, we have some new stuff if there's still HC fans here. Extricate - Unforgiving Years 7" (band formerly called Forewarned) https://extricatehc.bandcamp.com/ Red or black vinyl to choose from. Members of 18 visions and 7 Generations. Glass Killing Floor - Vegan Dominance (CD or tape) Members of Inclination and wristmeetrazor playing vegan metalcore http://www.noecho.net/features/glass-killing-floor-band xcauterizex - demo cassette - New Portland XVX God Program - Fragments of Illusion CD - CT metalcore https://godprogram.bandcamp.com/ If you haven't been to the store in a while, we have a ton of distro stock too. Lots of stuff from Deathwish, State of Mind, Coin Toss and a lot more. http://bittermelodyrecords.limitedrun.com
  4. Mine says "processing" but I have no credit or anything. Time to email. I want a refund. i don't want store credit.
  5. Wake of Humanity orders should be arriving now. We have also added a new CD from God Program (godprogram.bandcamp.com).
  6. I got all the preorders out on Monday. Revelation will have them soon too. Not many of the grey copies left. Thanks!
  7. The Wake of Humanity vinyl is officially shipping now. You can hear the full stream here: wakeofhumanity.bandcamp.com Vinyl is available here: http://bittermelodyrecords.limitedrun.com We have a shirt with the cover art from Dylan Garrett Smith, a glow in the dark enamel pin, and a bundle with everything too.
  8. Much appreciated! Hope to have everything by early November. Tests were approved almost two weeks ago so we are very close. All the covers are assembled and ready to go.
  9. https://idioteq.com/an-ode-to-straight-edge-wake-of-humanity-premiere-new-track-alone-broken/ New song premiere for Wake of Humanity. The first single can be streamed here: https://wakeofhumanity.bandcamp.com/album/fight-resist The preorders are officially launched today: http://bittermelodyrecords.limitedrun.com We have an exclusive shirt, glow in the dark enamel pin, and the new LP on grey or clear vinyl.
  10. If anyone could/wanted to grab one for me, I'd pay you back!
  11. We are doing an LP for Seattle's Wake of Humanity. Their debut LP is heavy, vegan straightedge hardcore. Less straightforward this time with more crust/Tragedy/Catharsis parts. The tests should be here today so we will be launching preorders soon with song premieres coming this week. We also have two new cassettes out now - A repress of No Right - Unjustified on orange shells. California Straightedge. check it out here: https://norightxxx.bandcamp.com/ and a new demo tape from Final Expression. FE has members of Riot Stares and mothmother. Old school style straightedge HC. https://finalexpression.bandcamp.com/ Both tapes are shipping now from http://bittermelodyrecords.limitedrun.com I'll post back when the Wake of Humanity LP is up for preorder.