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  1. Reminder bump that this classic is in print on it's third press and available on beautiful lavender, coke bottle clear, and peach color vinyl. It should be in every hardcore vinyl collection.
  2. There are only 14 copies of Junebug on vinyl left in the first press. We are looking at a second press now but just wanted to give folks a warning on the coke bottle clear copies.
  3. Bump. All orders are out. Junebug is almost gone too. I've got like 25 left of the first press. Looking at getting a repress soon. I'm betting this tour with Old Gods of Appalachia will probably finish off both presses so don't snooze if you might want one.
  4. Got most of the first wave of orders packed and shipping labels printed last night. Gonna drop off at post office today. Thanks!
  5. Starting to pack these up. They look and sound great. You can check the Bitter Melody IG to see video of the vinyl and hear it.
  6. It's up! We have a handful of copies of Junebug left and also some leftover shirts from the shirt preorder we did a couple weeks ago!
  7. Some of you picked up JCD's Junebug LP from a couple years ago. This is his first LP written in 2016. It was originally released as CD and digital only but after the success of Junebug and while we wait for his new record we wanted to give his first record a proper vinyl treatment. He's going out on a nationwide tour with Old Gods of Appalachia podcast this year which is going to keep him very busy. We redid the artwork and added two live bonus tracks. Mastered for vinyl by Jamie King. It sounds amazing. There is no preorder, this is in hand and will begin shipping immediately. It is limited and pressed on 180 gram black vinyl housed in a black poly lined dust sleeve. First 40 orders will get a free sticker sheet. We only have about 40 copies left of his other album Junebug as well. http://bittermelodyrecords.bigcartel.com On sale today at NOON EST! You can hear the record here: https://joncharlesdwyer.bandcamp.com/album/between-the-hallelujahs Thanks!
  8. Damn I missed this when it went up. Thanks Scott. I love JKS so much. Wonder if they will press this one? I've bugged them about pressing Millennium for All and Fantasy Baseball but haven't been able to get anywhere with Epitaph licensing or JKS direct. I talked to Christine a little bit about some things.
  9. Yeah. It's a decent deal. Cost wise most places charge 40-50 bucks per to make them plus you have the cost of two records in each one. I looked into doing one but I'd be making less on them than a regular copy, didn't seem worth it to have all the expense even though they are super cool looking.
  10. We have a new shirt for Jon up for preorder at Bitter Melody. We are pressing Jon's first record to vinyl now and Jon is gearing up for some big shows this year so this shirt is to help us with both of those things. Printed on Gildan Hammer. http://bittermelodyrecords.bigcartel.com
  11. https://oldgodsofappalachia.bandcamp.com/track/panthers-on-the-mountainside?fbclid=IwAR2k4ljviHxSCBuWsKczrTQccXBuYMKL4t_y7QTzrrFwuwAceAZBGIf6P2U If you've been missing Jon there's a new track through the Old Gods of Appalachia podcast bandcamp. We are also working on something special to fill in this gap while we are waiting on a new LP. More on that soon.
  12. Yeah. I like this approach too. Sometimes bands say no to that because they start to not like the ep or demo prior. I've tried this a few times and been told no by bands. With the High Cost LP I asked if they had any other songs to add. Turned out they had two songs recorded just no vocals so we got those finished and added them to fill out the LP.
  13. Yeah. I guess you could argue for bands to wait to record until they have a solid 25+ minutes but we all know that's not going to happen especially in hardcore. haha

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