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  1. Lathe preorder ends July 5th when I turn my final numbers in. Black tape is just about sold out! Thanks!
  2. New ep from The Mirror called Chance in Hell. It’s 4/5 of Heavens Die who we were big fans of. This is more crowbar influence but super heavy. Streaming everywhere. Tapes and limited lathe cut picture disc at Bitter Melody. We have a new store http://bittermelodyrecords.bigcartel.com
  3. Honestly you will find good and bad stories about every plant. I don't think there's a plant in the world where mistakes never happen or shoddy work slips through. The most difficult thing right now is probably finding any plant that will take new clients and will do it without a 12+ month turnaround. The plant I use isn't taking new clients. I loved Rainbo back in the day (now defunt). I pressed at United and it's been mostly good to great quality but they are cranking out tons of stuff and super backed up. The worst pressing I've ever received was from Bill Smith Custom Vinyl (now defunct)who was supposedly the best around. I've had hit and miss with Palomino but they worked to help fix it. Musicol have done several for me and did a pretty nice job overall every time. I've only done one through Pirates Press besides flexis and I had no issues besides some jackets dinged in shipping from Europe. I pressed an LP at My45 in Germany and it was really nicely done. I pressed at Archer in Detroit and it was no frills but a solid pressing. There have been a few more probably too. You'd save money if you do it piecemeal and put it together yourself but if you want it shrink wrapped I guess it's best to have the plant handle it all.
  4. Grabbed this! Can't wait to hear a full length from them.
  5. Yeah. I offered to remaster Merciless when we did it but they were pretty happy with it and felt it wasn't super necessary so we didn't. I'd have to revisit the idea with them. They are all super busy so it's hard to get them pinned down on things sometimes.
  6. This sounds so much better than the original press too!
  7. Maybe someday. They used to be easy to get. I just checked discogs and they've gotten a little more scarce. Deathwish pressed a lot of Our Lady. I remember them clearing some out for dirt cheap a while ago. Nothing in Vain could definitely use a repress.
  8. Just to let you guys know, I am doing a third press of Indecision's Unorthodox right now on some fun new colors. I've also updated the artwork and color corrected some things that were bothering me. It will still be on reverse board jackets but there is a fun hidden printing surprise with these new jackets and we expanded the insert to 11x17 folded poster instead of just the 11x11 insert and has some never before used photos. This will technically be close to 25.5 years but we are considering this the 25th anniversary pressing. It should be finishing up at the plant in early June.
  9. I feel like non have been crazy limited and hard to get. She will probably do a signed CD version through her store very last part of the drop. Seemed like the RED vinyl version from Target was quickest gone with RED I guess just because it matched. Usually Target ones are slower to go. Seems like merch comes first. Then the CD/Vinyl and then after that slows signed CDs pop up. She's been signing some stuff going to indie record stores too.
  10. It says they won't deliver to my country. I guess the signed one is for UK only?
  11. Same. That WMR, Heavens Die, God Program tour was amazing. Last show was yesterday. I saw some footage on instagram. Looked like a good time.
  12. God Program are playing their final show very soon which means that the grey copies are likely the last press of this so if you want one the ones we have will be the last of them.
  13. Unorthodox just turned 25. I'm working on some fun things for this, coming in the not too far future.
  14. Buy a dehumidifier and hygrometer. Keep the moisture under control. There are always mold spores everywhere you just don’t want to give them the environment to grow. I would check the vinyl. If they have mold on them they will likely play crackly.

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