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  1. We have a new shirt for Jon up for preorder at Bitter Melody. We are pressing Jon's first record to vinyl now and Jon is gearing up for some big shows this year so this shirt is to help us with both of those things. Printed on Gildan Hammer. http://bittermelodyrecords.bigcartel.com
  2. https://oldgodsofappalachia.bandcamp.com/track/panthers-on-the-mountainside?fbclid=IwAR2k4ljviHxSCBuWsKczrTQccXBuYMKL4t_y7QTzrrFwuwAceAZBGIf6P2U If you've been missing Jon there's a new track through the Old Gods of Appalachia podcast bandcamp. We are also working on something special to fill in this gap while we are waiting on a new LP. More on that soon.
  3. Yeah. I like this approach too. Sometimes bands say no to that because they start to not like the ep or demo prior. I've tried this a few times and been told no by bands. With the High Cost LP I asked if they had any other songs to add. Turned out they had two songs recorded just no vocals so we got those finished and added them to fill out the LP.
  4. Yeah. I guess you could argue for bands to wait to record until they have a solid 25+ minutes but we all know that's not going to happen especially in hardcore. haha
  5. Unfortunately I think that's the way it's going to be from now on. 7"s historically don't sell very well and it's no longer 3 bucks to press one. You are lucky if you can get it done for 5ish bucks per and then you factor in the percent to the band, the percent you lose with paypal processing you have to sell them for 8+ and then hope you make your money back which you have to sell almost all of them to do. Making money is almost impossible for most releases on 7". OR you can press it on an LP for 8-9 bucks packaged and sell it for 18-25 (label depending) and double your money per record. I've said I wouldn't do anymore 7"s as a label but I have done one or two splitting it three ways with other labels but I don't think I'll ever do a 7" solo as a label again unless pricing drastically changes.
  6. I heard somewhere that they have the next couple pressed but there was an unspecified hold up at the distribution place that adds the records to the comics and sends it out. It is definitely a crazy mess. I mean they are through issue 10 now. It wouldn't surprise me if it doesn't fall apart at some point and they stop.
  7. We have a new 90s style vegan metalcore EP up for order now. Vegan Justice FFO Day of Suffering, Earth Crisis, and xRepentancex. http://bittermeodyrecords.bigcartel.com RED Vinyl 7" is our color. We have limited amounts of tests and the yellow and green colors too. Also if you missed out on a Gold copy of Indecision Unorthodox and want one, shoot me a PM. $25 ppd in US for the couple leftovers I have!
  8. These are up now! Euro orders can get them from Ugly and Proud or Bound By Modern Age. I have red copies and a very very limited amount of tests and green and yellow copies. We have vinyl in hand but we are waiting on our covers still. http://bittermelodyrecords.bigcartel.com
  9. If anyone missed out on the GOLD LP and wants one I have a couple extra I ended up with $25 ppd in the US. Just shoot me a DM on here or IG.
  10. This is a split release with BBMA and Ugly in Proud in Europe. BBMA has yellow vinyl, U&P has green, and we have red in the States. Very limited amounts of tests and bundles with all colors will be available from each of us. Digital is streaming everywhere now. https://boundxbyxmodernxage.bandcamp.com/album/vegan-justice My copies will be available here: http://bittermelodyrecords.bigcartel.com at 10am EST.
  11. Took a few minutes since the site kept crashing but I got a blob, black, and cassette from TLAL. I will try to get a splatter at the show in a couple weeks.
  12. I wish I could go. It's a hell of a line up. End It being added on top is the icing on the cake. Hit the merch booth quickly. They will have some of all colors of the record and I worked on a special show only version that's super limited.
  13. There used to be a Bean in Asheville too. Charlotte is really amazing for vegan food. I think it's the best in the state for variety and options for vegan stuff. There's also a Loving Hut there inside an all vegan hotel (Golden Green Hotel)
  14. Lunchbox is the best especially for punk and indie stuff! But it looks like there's some newer places I've not been too. Cream Puff Records, Noble Records, Repo Records. Manifest has been around for decades and the last time I was in there it was way downhill. For vegan food if you are interested: Oh My Soul Pepperbox Doughnuts (not all vegan but 90%) Ma Ma Wok (a drive from center city but amazing all vegan Asian) Banh Mi Bros (not all vegan but amazing options including vegan steak, vegan kimchi, vegan bbq) Artisen Gelato (all vegan gelato - best ice cream around) These are some of my favorites but there are others too like Bean, Veltree, Fern (more fancy), Plant Joy and more.
  15. Euro orders don’t forget that there is an exclusive Euro color with cheaper shipping from Ugly and Proud. It’s the only marble color this pressing: https://uglyandproudrecords.net limited to 100 we called this one corn tortilla marble
  16. Starting the work of packing and shipping all these orders! Thanks everybody. It may take a week or two to get them all out but they will be heading your way shortly
  17. Gold sold out this morning but I added 5 more copies from a couple cancelled orders but that's it! So don't snooze if you want a gold.

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