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  1. Do they really have a different set of plates with a bonus song for the Target one? If so, that makes this one most desirable
  2. I put up a rare coupon code in store. If there's something you've eyed but didn't pull the trigger now's the time to pick it up. Not sure how long I'll let it run, probably just a couple days. I also have a mystery LP for $6 which the coupon can be used on too. 20% off your order with code "20off" http://bittermelodyrecords.bigcartel.com My personal opinion you should pick up the High Cost LP from last year as it was kind of slept on but a major banger.
  3. If anyone has any stories or memories of AP please make sure you head to the google doc and send it over. Or any pics or flyers too.
  4. Glad to hear it! I think you'll be pleased with the sprucing up of the source material.
  5. Woo! Yeah this one is pretty niche and archival. I feel like this one may be a little old for most of the people who follow my label but I'm sure there's plenty of 40+ folks out there who will be stoked on this if I can get it where they can see it! Hopefully we will get some new fans on board especially when they hear these remasters.
  6. Hey! So we are working on an LP and digital release of the Action Patrol discography On Patrol. It’s been remastered and sounds phenomenal. All brought up to current specs and EQ’d. We should have tests this next week so it’s not long off. New artwork completely! Can’t wait to get this out in the world. For those not familiar they existed between 1993-1996 in Richmond, VA. They blurred lines of punk and hardcore and pop. They played breakneck pace in Orange jumpsuits. Definitely one of my most favorite Richmond bands of all time so this one means a lot. It all started after the 2018 reunion. I was going to release one of those sets as a live set but it spiraled into this current project. More news to come soon. Hope some of you are as excited about this as I am. This one is kinda niche. We are building an oral history with then and and from fans. We may try to publish it in a limited zine as well as an online article. If you have something to contribute you can contribute a story or images or flyers here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc5IlIkiNrniTqw1i-TNi2KRfjUcfgv6Mr30ON6lMpi2LJl1w/viewform?fbclid=PAAaY1zH65rSW6kPv4J21sz5H2MlQYxRmz05RLa2vI8nmzTQLJjBUtS4vTsbA_aem_AZPcEM6jAVePgymznSQY0MqBfshw2uIRQaf8dh_MRl7IljQyHzXnj4EmwiHKH-4DdJw
  7. Inquisition were great. A collection of theirs would be very cool. I know AF records reissued the full length a while back on CD. I think a label did the LP too. But this isn't the one I'm working on. AP is fantastic. The 2018 reunion was so fun!
  8. I'll give you a hint: RVA (you'd find hardcore kids, emo kids, punk kids all at their shows intermingling.) I don't really know how big they were outside the southeast though.
  9. I love these kinds of releases. Archival and helping introduce bands to new generations.I have one I'm working on now from one of my favorite bands. They existed from 1993-1996
  10. We have a new tape for a new band from Asheville called Serrate. Lots of influences here like late 90s screamo like Majority Rule and some hardcore elements too from Zao. Members of Harsh Realm, Old Flings, Just Die, Weak Wrists. https://www.noecho.net/features/serrate-north-carolina-band Tapes here: http://bittermelodyrecords.bigcartel.com We also have these cool new enamel pins for the label. 2.5" tall with black glitter enamel and laser etched back.
  11. Thanks for the orders! I know a few came in from this coupon and I only posted it a couple places. It's still active now. I try to pick a good free item for folks and if I can match it to your taste I will. We have a new tape coming this week from Serrate (new skramz / hardcore band from Asheville). Members of Just Die!, Weak Wrists, Harsh Realm, and Old Flings. Think Majority Rule and early wristmeetrazor with solid production.
  12. Hey! I sent this promo code out in my email blast but I figured I'd share it here too. Use code: FREEITEM in my store and I'll send you a random free item in your order. If you are ordering tapes/7"s then that's probably what you'll get to fit the box best but if you order LPs I'll find a free LP I can send you. http://bittermelodyrecords.bigcartel.com
  13. Dropping Bombs and BBMA are sold out of tests. I think I have one left in my store. Thanks!
  14. Divine Sentence 7" preorder on green or red 7"s launched today. All three labels have both colors and we all have limited amounts of test to sell too! BBMA in Germany is best for Euro folks to save on shipping! In the States you can get this from us http://bittermelodyrecords.bigcartel.com or Dropping Bombs https://droppingbombs.bigcartel.com/ Listen here: https://divinesentence.bandcamp.com/album/demo-22 Hailing from Zurich, Switzerland Divine Sentence debuted their demo in 2022. Dropping Bombs, Bound By Modern Age (Germany) and Bitter Melody are excited to have pressed this to vinyl. Vegan Metalcore for the masses. Go Vegan. Released November 27, 2022 Divine Sentence – Basil, Franz, Noah & Sofia. Recorded & mixed by Noah Gross. Mastered by Connor McAuliffe from Magnitude
  15. White is retail color! To Live a Lie will have more colors soon. Occult Vibrations is the guitarist's store from PFC so he has some to sell for Europe since he lives over there. There should be plenty this go round!
  16. We got our awesome plant to squeeze in a second press for us! There are 8 coke bottle clear copies left in store. Jon will likely sell most of this second press on tour with Old Gods this summer so if you want one don't snooze. This second press is numbered out of 200 copies. They fade to black consecutively. At 1 they start out pink with black smoke and more and more black is added so they go to transparent maroon dusky pink to very dark maroon (a little transparent) and then as they get closer and closer to 200 they become fully black. The first press had pink but they were all pure pink. These are easy to tell apart because there are no pure pinks just pink with black smoke. If you have a preference, you can put it in the comments and I'll see what I can do based on what's left. http://bittermelodyrecords.bigcartel.com
  17. Reminder bump that this classic is in print on it's third press and available on beautiful lavender, coke bottle clear, and peach color vinyl. It should be in every hardcore vinyl collection.
  18. There are only 14 copies of Junebug on vinyl left in the first press. We are looking at a second press now but just wanted to give folks a warning on the coke bottle clear copies.
  19. Bump. All orders are out. Junebug is almost gone too. I've got like 25 left of the first press. Looking at getting a repress soon. I'm betting this tour with Old Gods of Appalachia will probably finish off both presses so don't snooze if you might want one.
  20. Got most of the first wave of orders packed and shipping labels printed last night. Gonna drop off at post office today. Thanks!
  21. Starting to pack these up. They look and sound great. You can check the Bitter Melody IG to see video of the vinyl and hear it.
  22. It's up! We have a handful of copies of Junebug left and also some leftover shirts from the shirt preorder we did a couple weeks ago!
  23. Some of you picked up JCD's Junebug LP from a couple years ago. This is his first LP written in 2016. It was originally released as CD and digital only but after the success of Junebug and while we wait for his new record we wanted to give his first record a proper vinyl treatment. He's going out on a nationwide tour with Old Gods of Appalachia podcast this year which is going to keep him very busy. We redid the artwork and added two live bonus tracks. Mastered for vinyl by Jamie King. It sounds amazing. There is no preorder, this is in hand and will begin shipping immediately. It is limited and pressed on 180 gram black vinyl housed in a black poly lined dust sleeve. First 40 orders will get a free sticker sheet. We only have about 40 copies left of his other album Junebug as well. http://bittermelodyrecords.bigcartel.com On sale today at NOON EST! You can hear the record here: https://joncharlesdwyer.bandcamp.com/album/between-the-hallelujahs Thanks!
  24. Damn I missed this when it went up. Thanks Scott. I love JKS so much. Wonder if they will press this one? I've bugged them about pressing Millennium for All and Fantasy Baseball but haven't been able to get anywhere with Epitaph licensing or JKS direct. I talked to Christine a little bit about some things.

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