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  1. The variant collecting has gotten out of control and has consumed more space then I currently have so Im sellng off all the damn multiple copies I have. Some pretty rare stuff. shoot me a message if you see something you like. https://www.discogs.com/user/MikeSantor/collection
  2. Im pretty sure he realizes that but wants to know if mike used the original masters for the picture disc of if he used the redux masters. At least that's the way I interpreted what he asked.
  3. They might not be responding when it gives the updated status in your order details. Looks like the bone is due in stock in 3 days according to my status. Hopefully we see them shipping by the end of the week?
  4. " This is an update on Alkaline Trio – Is This Thing Cursed? Vinyl pre-orders, due for release Oct 19 Unfortunately the stock is running late from the suppliers. Red/Smoke and Red Vinyl – coming from Kings Road Merch USA – orders are now due to ship on Monday 22nd October Black and Bone Vinyl – coming from Warner Music Australia – orders are now due to ship on Monday 29th October We do apologise for the delay, we understand it’s already been a long wait for the vinyl version of this album. Your patience is appreciated and we w
  5. Looks like these three are being reissued. The problem is they're being reissued with the same exact Black/Red split as last time. Has anybody ever seen this? You could still buy the last split from the alk3 Kings road shop. I don't understand why these would be repressed when there are still plenty of NOS represses floating around with the exact same color.... Edit, I I stand corrected. It looks like within the past week since I've been on Kings Road you can no longer get the last red/black splits from their web store. still doesn't seem to make much sense. They disa
  6. Looking for the Fat store variant and the tour variant of we are the champions of the world. Will trade my copy with Gold with Black Splatter / White with Black Splatter.
  7. So using rape is wrong but we can use "retarted"? Noted, thanks. We have a winner here.
  8. I got the box set that will stay mint/unplayed, i got a copy of all the individual past lives for rotation, and now all 5 variants of this plus 1 extra black for rotation. Thank god there is only like 4 bands I collect variants of. Alk3 vinyl is raping my savings account in 2018.
  9. That was it. Bought bith black and bone whike walking into work at 10:45 pm cst last night.
  10. Coped both variants so far. Alk3 is raping my bank account this year. ...
  11. You were too slow. They are popping up at retailers all over online though. No one should have a problem at this point. Just dont sleep on it too long.

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