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  1. So using rape is wrong but we can use "retarted"? Noted, thanks. We have a winner here.
  2. I got the box set that will stay mint/unplayed, i got a copy of all the individual past lives for rotation, and now all 5 variants of this plus 1 extra black for rotation. Thank god there is only like 4 bands I collect variants of. Alk3 vinyl is raping my savings account in 2018.
  3. Missed the red/black swirl. Damn you sleep.
  4. That was it. Bought bith black and bone whike walking into work at 10:45 pm cst last night.
  5. Coped both variants so far. Alk3 is raping my bank account this year. ...
  6. You were too slow. They are popping up at retailers all over online though. No one should have a problem at this point. Just dont sleep on it too long.
  7. Kingsroad/alkalinetrio.com has em all back in stock. Get it.
  8. Yea I know that's how they were doing it but do you really think that they did not order any extra to sell inside of the store being as how limited these are? I would assume that they ordered at least a few of each outside of all the ones that they purchased specifically for people.
  9. Got mine in Chicago today. Anyone that needs any has to call or message on facebook bucket o blood books and records in Chicago. They have some inbound but are holding them fir people if you hit them up.
  10. There are dozens of people reporting they never got an update on that page and their boxset just showed up. Orders started hutting the west coast first (obviously closest to KR) and moved east. People are starting to now get them in the midwest.
  11. MikeSantor

    Record Store Day 2018

    Decided to stay on the southside of the chi this year and not wonder up north. Line started forming at 3:30 am. I got there at 7:40 and was out by 9. Got 50% of what I wanted, not bad for not waiting in line for hours and hours.