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    famousdrumer reacted to mrewest in Glass Animals - Dreamland (August 7, 2020)   
    I’m fine with his vocals on this album.  It’s the generic af radio pop beats at about all the same tempo.  Their whole “tribal groove” thing is what I love about them.  This is just dull.  And to have waited what, 6 years for this one?
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    famousdrumer reacted to Buffbloom in Saosin LP3 - Spring '16 (hopefully released on vinyl)   
    Almost seems as if you should start a new thread for this completely different album.... 
    Stop being lazy. 
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    famousdrumer reacted to Wasda Deelwifkramer in PO NOW: The Dangerous Summer - Mother Nature   
    Our producer and great friend @pjleavitt (Reach for the Sun, War Paint, Golden Record, and much more) came out to The Mother Nature Tour at The Metro Gallery in Baltimore last year to record our set. He ran a board recording, and later mixed and mastered it for us. We decided to keep this raw and unedited, without any overdubs; just The Dangerous Summer in a tiny sweaty Baltimore venue screaming alongside their best friends. We have been debating on the best way to release this special piece of music, and finally decided to release it on tdsmerch.com (link in bio) on August 14th (you can preorder now), with the money going to a cause that is extremely close to Paul Leavitt. Paul and his wife Cody had a son Casey pass away of SIDS 5 days before his first birthday (July 10th would have been his 8th birthday). Through Paul, we have learned that The Center for Infant and Child Loss has recently lost all of their federal funding and are now solely relying on fundraisers to keep them afloat. This is a very important resource for families like the Leavitts who are grieving the unbelievable loss of a child. In Casey's memory we will be donating all proceeds to the CICL. Please help us spread the word, and visit https://www.infantandchildloss.org to give more. - This will also hit streaming platforms on August 14th via @hopelessrecords , and they will be donating proceeds from this release for the first 3 months.
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    famousdrumer reacted to ethanpricington in Underoath - Three Represses (Chasing Safety, Define the Great Line, Lost in the Sound)   
    Look, I get it. At earlier points in my life, especially when I was a broke teen, paying for entertainment was annoying and, at the time in my opinion, not fair. Yet as I’ve grown up, and even more so as a musician myself, although in no way professional or for monetary gain, I now appreciate that this is their livelihood. This is their job. Would I be angry if my employer walked in and said: “Hey that analysis report that you’ve been working on for the last few months, staying up late to finish, yea we’re not gonna pay you for that time. Because, well jus because we don’t think you should be charging us.” Ha!
    Do you see my point? Entertainers are not here FOR us, they’re here SHARING WITH US their gifts. Helping us emotionally when needed. And for that, I find it completely ethical and within their creative rights to charge me for every sliver of their craft. If I don’t want it, then I can go listen to someone else. 
    Just my two cents...
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    famousdrumer reacted to corey. in Drive-Thru Records - Welcome To The Family (Deluxe Vinyl Set)   
    300-ish copies of the split were sold. 100 of the yellow are available. That's only 1/3 of the customers. But also - they all already own a copy of this, so giving specifically 1/3 of the 300 orders a chance to re-buy a second copy privately seems unreasonable as hell lol.
    *Coming from someone who bought the split thinking it was /100 but not up in arms about it
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    famousdrumer reacted to Shelby American in Brand New - Daisy on LP   
    Nobody cares. They are pointing out that the band is disgraced, not that you're disgraced for listening.
    I will say however, the first album is just pure cringe and I'll judge you for listening to that if your over the age of 18. Probably the reason Jesse had so many kiddy diddle opportunities because it's so relatable for teens.
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    famousdrumer reacted to Daiei in Brand New - Daisy on LP   
    I still listen to Brand New
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    famousdrumer reacted to MachoHommeRandallSauvage in Blink-182 "Nine"   
    Does that somehow make you unable to read? I too post mostly from my phone. This reply makes no sense, dude.
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    famousdrumer reacted to pizza face in Blink-182 "Nine"   
    I haven't listened to any of Blinks new material but last night during MNF I finally heard it, absolute garbage. Sounded like a country band. They shouldn't continue without Tom. 
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    famousdrumer reacted to Uw0tm8 in PO NOW: Senses Fail - From The Depths Of Dreams   
    Dude, don’t let these shitty keyboard warriors get to you. I think you’re awesome for tirelessly being helpful on these boards. Seriously, thank you. 
    On another note, hopefully, putting more copies up on sale will kick the lazy asses at SRC to ship my copy that I ordered nearly a month ago....
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    famousdrumer reacted to Wasda Deelwifkramer in PO NOW: Senses Fail - From The Depths Of Dreams   
    Step 1. Butt into a conversation that doesn't involve you.
    Step 2. Get into an argument with one or more of the parties in the aforementioned conversation.
    Step 3. Repeat.
    Go play in traffic dude.
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    famousdrumer got a reaction from Wasda Deelwifkramer in PO NOW: Senses Fail - From The Depths Of Dreams   
    he did. buddy and Beau wrote the rest of the music. 
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    famousdrumer got a reaction from YesPlease in Blink-182 "Nine"   
    this single is worse than The Chainsmokers. 
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    famousdrumer reacted to THE_James_Champ in PO: Circa Survive - Juturna & OLG new variants   
    Truth is, they don't have any bad albums. 
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    famousdrumer reacted to holyvacantsholyhell in PO: Circa Survive - Juturna & OLG new variants   
    I get opinions and whatnot but you’re saying blue sky noise is bad, so your opinion is invalid.
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    famousdrumer got a reaction from bubb4 in Finch - What It Is To Burn X Live repress   
    master rights are probably tied up with Drive Thru Records. Same thing happened with Senses Fail, that's why they re-recorded From Depths and Dreams. 
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    famousdrumer reacted to [Banned User] in Taking Back Sunday Craft Recordings represses   
    Convinced you all do more extensive writing on these forums than ever done in college/school. It’s a vinyl online record forum. Ain’t that deep. 
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    famousdrumer reacted to Shitty Rambo in Taking Back Sunday Craft Recordings represses   
    Relax dude, he's just sharing a link to a new repress on a record collecting forum.
    Juan and I moderate this whole goddamn forum and don't get paid for it, you think the dude who's posting links every other month is on their payroll? They could just blast the boards with ads for free instead lol
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    famousdrumer reacted to mrewest in PO NOW: OWEL PARIS   
    So we’re not gonna talk about how amazing  this album is?
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    famousdrumer reacted to holyvacantsholyhell in [PO] Thrice - Palms (9/14/2018)   
    Same, it's a good album... but not by Thrice standards. These songs are so run of the mill and homogenous that I'm not an iota surprised the packaging is devoid of any substance... could you imagine the band trying to fill out liner notes for these songs?
    Dustin- I sang like words on this one.
    Teppei- I wrote this riff on a guitar.
    Riley- There was percussion on this song.
    Eddie- We were drinking some PBR's and watching Stranger Things in the studio when we were supposed to be writing. Then we banged this one out in ten minutes before our session was up. My bass is the best thing about this album, btw.
    Pretty cool variants though.
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    famousdrumer reacted to Shitty Rambo in Moose Blood - I Don't Think I Can Do This Anymore   
    "You can’t wrongly label innocent people. Your words have very real effects and consequences. You are part of the problem and the reason why social media can be such a toxic place." 
    No truer words have ever been said. Don't fault them for stepping away from a scene that isn't even willing to let them speak for themselves.
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    famousdrumer reacted to Vince Ives in [PO] Thrice - Palms (9/14/2018)   
    This album is great. I think I must have a totally different perception of what constitutes 'Dad rock' to other people.
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    famousdrumer got a reaction from dnl in RÜFÜS - Atlas & Bloom represses   
    Love these guys. Been wanting to pick up atlas. But guck those resale prices are ridiculous. I saw one for $1k
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    famousdrumer got a reaction from pizza face in PO Now: Circa Survive - Blue Sky Noise (2018 Repress)   
    hoping that it is the same as Bullmoose as Target too doesnt have them in stock, so it was definitely a finite amount. Either way, happy to finally complete my LP collection of CS. 
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    famousdrumer reacted to andrewlucas in PO Now: Circa Survive - Blue Sky Noise (2018 Repress)   
    We don’t tolerate transphobic racism on this board sir.