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  1. Got a copy of both and a shirt, great process for rolling these out and a great price for an exclusive pressing
  2. I haven’t but just got the email. So I’m guessing I just joined during a limbo time. Excited about the Rancid press!
  3. Do you get a confirmation notification when signing up for the mailing list, I signed up a bit back but haven’t received anything at all since, not necessarily pertaining to this release
  4. The IG promo shows the different variants. As far as I can see there’s only one that’s “unaccounted for” and might be EU specific. Think I’m gonna pass and pick it up from Discogs when it’s $10. I know supply chain, inflation blah blah but $25 for 17 mins of music is a bit much
  5. Yeah I understand collectors want everything and will gladly get gouged there, just kinda wild to be that much from the original source. Fat was always pretty well priced for things. Get the $$ I guess? At least it’s good era NOFX
  6. Brain dead press is available for purchase again https://wearebraindead.com/products/anxious-little-green-house-alternate-vinyl-sleeve-orange oops went OOS as soon as I checked it again after posting, either a mixup after they added the shirt or they had a few left over
  7. If it’s alternate recordings, guessing it’ll be available elsewhere too. Can’t imagine they limit that to /300 yep: https://purenoise.merchnow.com/collections/spanish-love-songs/products/sls0bfetdc-lp 300 - PN 1 - White In Half Doublemint/Half Clear With Hot Pink Splatter 400 - PN 2 - Milky Clear, White & Doublemint Twist 400 - Indie Retail - Doublemint & White Galaxy 300 - UK - Doublemint/White/Grey Tri-Stripe 500 - EU - Half Doublemint/Half White 300 - Newbury - Half Coke Bottle Clear/Half White With Heavy Mint Splatter 300 - Banquet 1 - Kelly Green & Milky Clear Cloudy 300 - Banquet 2 - Doublemint With Heavy White Splatter 350 - Uncle M - White With Hot Pink Splatter 500 - Band - Doublemint & White Pinwheel 1500 - Various - Doublemint In Clear With Heavy White Splatter
  8. BV order has been sitting in label created for 3 days now. Tried to hold out but glad I didnt, this is great

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