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  1. I mean it’s like anything that you can invest in. You know what you’re investing in and understand the value/rarity and know when to sell it if you look at it that way. Im just saying at this point you can’t divorce the aspect of collecting and value from vinyl. It’s been like that for a long time. Can’t blame the people who have bought into at part of it when they have press limits and variants to feed that end of it. End of the day (most) people don’t want to have something they spent money on, that isn’t a consumable, massively lose its value. You can care about having it as a tangible product AND being able to have something rare to collect/resell
  2. Stocks and index funds don’t double their value immediately after purchase. To ignore or just look past the collector/value aspect of this makes no sense. It goes hand in hand with the music aspect when they created variants/press counts. People have been doing this with vinyl for decades (Beatles presses, Deja presses, etc etc) LTJ is a band that heavily plays on that collectors aspect. If this were just about having something tangible to listen to, they’d press it in black in perpetuity
  3. I can see the dislike in flippers, it sucks to see something you want on eBay 10 mins after purchase for twice as much. But that’s the whole game. Bands/Stores use low press counts to get you to click “buy” immediately. Part of the trade off on being first is you have something rare and of value. It’s a fair trade off to me, and don’t see why more places don’t throw up a standard black pressing with no press limitations for those who don’t want to be part of that aspect of vinyl. That way they’ll get to keep their nose up in the air while being “above this whole color vinyl mess”
  4. I mean let’s be real, part of vinyl collection is holding value. I have boxes of cds not worth a shit in a basement. Modern Vinyl collection was a remedy to that while still being able to get your music and support the artist. The collector aspect is a selling point of all of this and if it wasn’t they wouldn’t advertise counts to entice sales. Yeah people want the music, but that is readily available and on MUCH more convenient platforms. Vinyl is roughly 200% more expensive than the CD that it came out on originally, it’s not a wild thought that someone wants that $30 to hold its value in 10 years rather than be worth .01 of its value like CDs now. You can get use out of the item and still look at it as an investment. That’s how vinyl has been for the last 10+ years. If they’re creating scarcity to drive you into purchasing so you can be one of the preset number to get it, the natural instinct is you’re getting something rare and of value. To take your money and remove the scarcity 5 mins later is bullshit.
  5. Magenta the standard press color I guess?
  6. As much as I want it, think I’m gonna pass. Can’t see ever opening the book more than once and ~$40 is pretty steep really looking forward to the digital drop Friday tho
  7. Got my copy, held up to the light you can somewhat see the peacock aesthetic they were going for, otherwise it just looks like teal. album is ok through first listen, it’s gonna have to grow
  8. Variant isn’t up but this image from an IG post appears to be different than what they have for sale on their site so I’m guessing when they run through the “hot” this is the next up https://imgur.com/a/tv8DBac
  9. The splatter on the website says “Hot” almost guaranteed when they burn through these there will be a “Cool” tone splatter
  10. They just sent an email indicating they cancelled the ones I had except one so they should be having stock shortly
  11. Not a problem, otherwise needless to say I’ll have a few to sell lol