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  1. As much as I want it, think I’m gonna pass. Can’t see ever opening the book more than once and ~$40 is pretty steep really looking forward to the digital drop Friday tho
  2. Got my copy, held up to the light you can somewhat see the peacock aesthetic they were going for, otherwise it just looks like teal. album is ok through first listen, it’s gonna have to grow
  3. Variant isn’t up but this image from an IG post appears to be different than what they have for sale on their site so I’m guessing when they run through the “hot” this is the next up https://imgur.com/a/tv8DBac
  4. The splatter on the website says “Hot” almost guaranteed when they burn through these there will be a “Cool” tone splatter
  5. They just sent an email indicating they cancelled the ones I had except one so they should be having stock shortly
  6. Not a problem, otherwise needless to say I’ll have a few to sell lol
  7. Keep an eye on it, I legit have 17 that they need to cancel out and they haven’t reached out about it yet. I’ll post when they do so that it might give a timeframe
  8. Glad to see they’re canceling duplicates. Gonna have to hound them to change to media mail
  9. Yeah i've got a pile of them, all order #'s now. Ofcourse no one answers the phone # listed on their website
  10. Fuck i've been hammering this and have like 15 holds on my card lmao
  11. Tried all available options and error every time
  12. Missed out on the Green Day link, if anyone sees another pop up would appreciate it