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  1. Hey there, I will gladly buy Stolas Living Creatures from you. I'm also down to trade blink Buddha for it as well.
  2. First ones that come to mind.. TWIABP- Harmlessness Alaska- Shrine Deafheaven- New Bermuda The Saddest Landscape- Darkness Forgives Dance Gavin Dance- Instant Gratification Modest Mouse- Strangers to Ourselves mewithoutYou- Pale Horses Oranges- Taxonomy Coheed & Cambria- The Color Before the Sun Loma Prieta- Self Portrait Hot Nerds- Stratigically Placed Bananas Alone- Somewhere in the Sierras Foxing- Dealer Strawberry Girls- American Graffiti Chon- Grow Refused- Freedom Caspian- Dust and Disquiet