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  1. There were interlude skits on this album that aren't included on the VMP pressing or probably this pressing due to the same reason that De La Soul Is Dead hasn't been re-issued yet (sample issues).
  2. I haven't opened mine yet, but the jacket was all bent up. Sent an email to them and they refunded half of my purchase. Just FYI if you want to get something back for the warping if you're not returning it.
  3. djghost1976

    PO NOW: Thom Yorke - Suspiria (OST)

    Yeah - looking at the pics would have helped - haha - thanks!
  4. djghost1976

    PO NOW: Thom Yorke - Suspiria (OST)

    Has this been confirmed anywhere to be the pink vinyl?
  5. I got charged too - so figured it was shipping (maybe it still is?). But it does say the 14th on the listing now.
  6. They increased. Mine was $23 shipped. That's honestly the only reason I got that one (since I had already bought two others)
  7. 40 left of the SB 'art edition'. They sold 2000 in a couple hours. Impressive.
  8. I'm sticking with the JC and SB 'art editions' and the Rough Trade variant. I think........
  9. Wait - is that different from the one on the 'art edition' on the JC site? I can't keep up with all of the these variants - haha Also - only 1000 remaining of the SB 'art edition' . They've sold 1000 in less than an hour.
  10. Haha - no argument here on that.
  11. Yeah - this made no sense to me at all.
  12. I just double-dipped. I'm wondering if there will be a variant sold only on JC's tour as well (thinking of going on Halloween again in LA)
  13. I'm excited to see them perform the album in LA next month (actually hoping for Ice Cube to show up......and Fred Durst?) and grabbed the album with no hesitation.
  14. Dammit. Gonna grab the SB 'art version' because I like the vinyl color and will probably cave and get the JC store version as well.
  15. It did look exclusive. Apparently only 500 copies.