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  1. https://goodrecordstogo.myshopify.com/products/sturgill-simpson-the-ballad-of-dood-juanita-indie-version-with-natural-vinyl-and-11-x-11-print-pre-order No songs released that I can find, although his Spotify banner has changed to the album art so something must be coming? And apparently it features a lot of the same musicians from Cuttin' Grass so I'm definitely interested.
  2. also unrelated but the Wipers have an EP called Alien Boy that's being released on Record Store Day this upcoming weekend FFO the Wipers https://roughtrade.com/us/music/the-wipers-alien-boy-ep
  3. Mine shipped Feb 19th and got here - Vegas - last week, shipped from the UK so YMMV in terms of delivery times. I did get a confirmation email from the store when it shipped.
  4. Always love seeing a new release of hers and, as usual, very reasonably priced even when considering shipping from Canada to the States. PO Link (there are two songs available for listening on there as well)
  5. Meg Myers' new album is up for preorder on Pledge music with a release date of sometime in the fall. With the preorder came the release of the first song, both links found below. Seems like a little bit of a different vibe but I'm still into it. Preorder Link First Song - "Numb"
  6. Thanks for the heads-up! Just got tickets to see them here in May too
  7. Yeah same here. Got the shipping notification for the clear on 1/10 and it's been in "pre-shipment" ever since
  8. Red = Bonded elliptical stylus tip (i.e. the entire tip isn't diamond, it's mostly metal with a little bitty diamond on the end and it is rounded at the end) Blue = Nude elliptical stylus tip (i.e. same shape as the red but now the entire tip is diamond instead of diamond affixed to metal) Bronze = Nude fine line stylus tip (i.e. same as the blue but now the tip is less rounded so you get deeper into the groove) Black = Nude Shibata stylus tip (i.e. same as the bronze but now the tip is even MORE pointy so you get about as deep into the groove as you can) As far as I
  9. I was first exposed to them when they opened for Moscow Radio here in Vegas a few months back and really dug their sort of blues rockish sound. Apparently for their second album they're doing a crowdfunding type of thing so I went ahead and made my contribution. It's currently at 35% funded but I think even if 100% isn't reached they can still put out the album/fulfill the orders? Not totally sure but figured someone here might be interested! LP's are $27 (or $32 for signed versions) and shipping seems to be around $8 depending on where you're located. Pledge Music Page
  10. I've always wanted a copy of this but as far as I'm aware it was only released once before on blue vinyl and that tends to sell for upwards of $150 on discogs. Just got an email saying it's being repressed as a standard black vinyl release with an edition of 500 so I thought some of you guys and gals might be interested. Total shipped here to Nevada ended up being only $21, not bad at all! Bandcamp Link
  11. Didn't see anything posted about this but Helen Marnie's (the singer from Ladytron) second solo album is shipping a little over a month from now and thought there might be a few interested fans here! There are a few singles up on Youtube at the moment, so if you're a fan of hers or Ladytron or just synth/pop/shoegaze-y stuff you should check them out. Pre-Order Link
  12. Got mine today! As mentioned, the sound is fantastic. Mine had a skip on the last track of side B but after a quick scrub on my Okki Nokki it was perfect. The variant color really looks best held up to the light
  13. Here are a couple quick pictures of my setup: It consists of a Michell Gyro SE w/Origin Live Silver arm and Dynavector 20x2H cartridge, custom chassis 125W monoblocks and preamp based largely on the M125's in Bob Latino's lineup, and a pair of Harbeth C7 ES-3's

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