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  1. Plus the shipping. It was $50 shipped from storm chasers and $30 shipped from Asianman.
  2. Rough Trade UK has it in stock but it's not cheap: https://www.roughtrade.com/gb/the-mars-volta/la-realidad-de-los-suenos
  3. I've got the 2017 ALK3 presses and don't remember them ever sounding bad. I've listened to them for a while but will dig them out and give them a spin.
  4. Rarewaves had this album in stock a few weeks ago on eBay. Picked it up for $22 shipped. No idea what pressing it is but it's black vinyl.
  5. This Joe Rogan episode with Commander Fravor is pretty good (he seems legit):
  6. From Autumn to Ashes in there, will probably pick that up along with a few others. TGUK live album would be cool too.
  7. Spinning this just now and happy to report it sounds pretty good! I haven’t listened to this album for years but when GTA started I immediately had the alternative lyrics in my head. Where is your border knight Idaho he is a Jen lemon.
  8. I never really thought about this before but do Canadians spell "colour" properly or do they spell it American?
  9. Dine Alone store working fine plus I think it was cheaper.
  10. Yes, I got 2 7" through at the weekend - White Shadow and Superbloom. No sign of the box yet though. I am in UK so maybe their distribution is different.
  11. I’ve listened to the CH vinyl a few times now and never even noticed. Still planning on comparing to the MOV release but haven’t got around to it yet.
  12. The fucking creamatorium. That’s all I hear now.
  13. No regrets getting the box cause it's pretty awesome but I might double dip on DitC and FtM depending on what the deal is.
  14. Seems to be up on UK site: https://www.hopelessrecords.eu/hlruk/sincere-engineer-bless-my-psyche-olive-green-colored-lp.html And here's a song:
  15. I think I'll do that. Even if it means keeping the albums that will get more playing time out of the box . I'm going to replace the inner sleeves too.
  16. The sleeve for Mr. Muggs in my box was pretty trashed. I don’t know how that happened but can only assume someone fucking jammed it in and bent it. I’m going to see if I can get a replacement sleeve. I also have a small scuff on the de-loused jacket which I’m not too fussed about but if they have a replacement then I’ll take it. Overall the box set is decent and the 4 albums I’ve listened to so far sound great. My only (minor) criticism (apart from the vinyl weight issue) is the shitty paper sleeves they used. It takes away from the overall quality of the box.
  17. Banquet has it down as 2LP. https://www.banquetrecords.com/billie-eilish/happier-than-ever/3597365
  18. Yeah, I can let that slide but I can’t forgive his use of “vinyl s”. Surely he means Grailz. I just noticed this site autocorrects vinyl(s) to vinyl 😆
  19. I think part of the issue that got peoples’ backs up was the owner’s stop bitching comment when someone complained. I agree though, repressing 90k records is not really an option and I suspect most people who bought the box set would rather have it as is rather than not at all.
  20. I can totally imagine them releasing a hardcover book CD anthology set. I'd probably buy it too.
  21. Possibly but non-record collectors might have been thinking it was a live stream or tour announcement, new album (LOL) rather than some merch. The response on Reddit was similar to here though and I would think they probably represent the average fan. What is the Tool Army reaction? The hardcore fans may be super hyped by the new merch?
  22. They even have the audacity to say "first LP in 13 years". Where is it? Where is the damn LP?
  23. Just got shipping notification from the EU store.

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