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  1. Two new songs, one video. Really enjoying them both, album is shaping up well.
  2. Yeah, I ended up doing the same thing. Some places over here are charging £99.99 for it 😱
  3. That was an advert over here for a glasses company: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=SH_tr5Dd-i0
  4. Plot twist: You've pre-ordered the limited edition picture disc variant.
  5. I like the new song. I found it very easy to get lost in and it was over far too quickly.
  6. Same in U.K. initially although it’s starting to pop up on indie stores around £50.
  7. Pretty expensive. HMV has this up for £79.99 I am being quoted about £54 shipped to UK from amazon.com, looks like that's the winner so far.
  8. You'd be cheaper ordering from the US. Although the German Amazon link states 2 CD.
  9. Motherfucker! Where's the down vote when you need it?
  10. I mean, that's all well and good but for those of us living off of bootlegs I'm sure any new reissues will be just fine.
  11. They may be getting a bit more adventurous as I have a couple of recent releases by them that are mixes.
  12. PO is live. Limited Lime Green 2LP: https://store.universalmusic.com/lanadelrey/
  13. In for this. Love me some Lana! Been listening to Ultraviolence a lot recently.
  14. Kinda agree after hearing the 4 new songs that are on YouTube. At least call time on Blink-182 as a band and start a new project under a different name. It it just means they won’t be able to cash in on the anniversary album tours...
  15. Waiting to see what the banquet pre-order is.
  16. I had totally forgotten Robert Smith was on the album too! That song is great!
  17. I revisited S/T the other day. I don’t think I appreciated it that much at the time but it’s up there with their best imo.
  18. It's a bonus track on the Japanese CD, not sure about the vinyl.
  19. I got one on ebay a few months ago for relatively cheap - but still pretty expensive. The seller shipped it in a padded envelope and the jacket got trashed 🤦‍♂️
  20. That was a nice thought. Just over a month to go and still no pre-order info 😭
  21. I think there is a thread for this already but thanks for the heads up. For UK people, I ordered from temporary residence and they offered cheap shipping via royal mail.