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  1. I'm guessing here but I think Dinealone will ship surface (and use canada post) whereas the Alexisonfire webstore is airmail USPS.
  2. The track list for the Joyful noise variant is the original track list order "To mark the album’s ten year anniversary, The Low Anthem and Joyful Noise Recordings are issuing a limited-edition vinyl pressing of the self-released original master of Oh My God, Charlie Darwin. Each record will be encased in a unique silk-screened jacket, painted by the band."
  3. Only £5 at banquet https://www.banquetrecords.com/taking-back-sunday/tidal-wave/tidalwave
  4. It's a shame because for a while it was pretty good!
  5. I am willing to let mine go for $420.69 Edit to say that it's pretty impressive that they managed to shift 2000 of these
  6. Now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure my cousin did a KISS one.
  7. Is this the new thing? Cruises? I see Slipknot are doing one too.
  8. It's a live compilation: A1 - All the Wine - Toronto, Canada - 4.11.2014 A2 - Wasp Nest - Manchester, United Kingdom - 9.23.2017 A3 - 90-Mile Water Wall - Rome, Italy - 7.23.2014 A4 - Lucky You - Berlin, Germany - 11.4.2013 A5 - Son - Hudson, United States - 7.15.2017 B1 - All Dolled-Up in Straps - Rome, Italy - 7.23.2014 B2 - Available / Cardinal Song - Chicago, United States - 4.17.2014 B3 - Murder Me Rachael - Austin, United States - 4.23.2014 B4 - About Today - London, United Kingdom - 11.26.2014 https://www.discogs.com/The-National-Cherry-Tree-Vol-1/release/12895673
  9. What’s the deal with this? Was it out of print and needing repressed?
  10. I have the box set but may pick these new reissues up. I wonder if they’ll repress Monday At The Hug & Pint.
  11. I got that for £10 in HMV ages ago!
  12. The link you posted has a EUR version of the 7" so presumably it'll show up closer to home.
  13. That must be a mistake? It would be about 2 inches thick 🤨
  14. £149.99 at whatrecords https://www.whatrecords.co.uk/items/the-singles-collection-limited-180gram-23x7-singles-vinyl-box-set/93706.htm
  15. I'll be keeping an eye on monorail when the single is available because they might have a signed copy.
  16. A little bump to say they are releasing 2 new tracks from the IWBLTATT recording sessions: They are also pressing "Killed My Parents and Hit the Road". Signed copies here: https://www.monorailmusic.com/album/dcbd5e3d-e080-11e9-8305-1298a0617e72/Killed_My_Parents_And_Hit_The_Road__SIGNED_<_b>.html And there is a rough trade exclusive but it appears to be sold out: https://www.roughtrade.com/us/the-twilight-sad/killed-my-parents-and-hit-the-road/lp-plus
  17. I never had any issue with PA stickers but my dad did freak out when I came home with Kerrang! magazine and it had a free sampler CD titled “The Devil’s Music” 😆 I’m pretty sure it had stuff like the get up kids and nofx on it. Hardly your satanist cult type stuff. Found it! https://www.discogs.com/Various-The-Devils-Music-Volume-4/release/657746?ev=rr this is the one I was thinking of that put me on to TGUK https://www.discogs.com/Various-Search-Destroy-The-History-Of-Punk-Volume-1/release/657858?ev=rr
  18. I ordered from an indie store in Leeds I think and they did send a replacement but it was black instead of orange. I couldn't be bothered arguing tho.
  19. Yeah that’s kinda shitty but the VMP variant does look nice and will go well with the artwork. I’m looking forward to seeing what the other options will be.
  20. I like how they are throwing in a freebie to try and circumvent the preorder rules.