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  1. Good spot, think you’re right. Resident also has it up and has it as 3lp. https://www.resident-music.com/productdetails&product_id=85385
  2. Rough Trade UK has FTM listed on red wax. https://www.roughtrade.com/gb/the-mars-volta/frances-the-mute
  3. We know CH are doing colour runs of them as they already did De-Loused and Rough Trade has FTM and Amputechture listed. I just hope the UK/EU version of FTM isn't on GitD vinyl.
  4. The other non ROTM TMV albums are pressed at Optimal so you should be fine.
  5. Holy fuck, they did a colour variant of FTM and they chose glow in the dark? What a joke.
  6. Random colour choice but the OP in Reddit says it sounds decent enough so here's hoping.
  7. This is 99.99% a boot. Has to be. I ordered from Juno, should have it early next week. Suspect it till be similar to the other unofficial releases listed on discogs.
  8. Polyvinyl are reissuing There Are Rules for its 10th anniversary. https://www.polyvinylrecords.com/product/there_are_rules_deluxe_edition Also available from their Euro store: https://store.polyvinylrecords.co.uk/products/712818-the-get-up-kids-there-are-rules-deluxe-edition
  9. Yeah but they sold their souls to make a record.
  10. Any word if Monorail will get any signed goodies to go with it?
  11. Thank you Glass Realms. I slept on Captain not realising it was a Dig! exclusive and ended up getting gouged on the secondary market. Not making the same mistake again!
  12. Shouldn't be any import fees as it's under £135. I have ordered too and hoping it sails through customs.
  13. In typical Brand New thread fashion they are locked, so we are safe for now.
  14. All I'll say is that I never had to make a spreadsheet to track my POs until I found this website 5 years ago.
  15. Transmission UK exclusive on orange w/ black splatter: https://www.transmissionrecords.co.uk/product/halloween-kills-uk-exclusive-orange-black-splatter-vinyl-500-only/
  16. Now that I’m actually listening for it I can hear it but agree, it suits the album. I actually prefer Dan’s songs anyway. Blue Carolina is a fucking great song.
  17. Wouldn’t mind hearing the demos, where can I find them?
  18. Interested to know the story behind this, can you elaborate? I’ve never had a problem with the sound of Good Mourning, in fact I’m spinning the Vagrant 20th reissue right now and it sounds decent. Maybe shredded vocals actually enhance the sound they’re going for?
  19. Hassle are pressing some more on black vinyl: https://store.hasslerecords.com/album/from-here-to-infirmary I got the recent EU RSD press and thought it sounded pretty good. I never thought the CD sounded great in the first place tbh.
  20. I got an email from them stating the repress. Both my initial copy and replacement copy had the sound issue. I had to send them videos of the issue.
  21. Na, it's pretty bad. The first minute of the A/B sides have a horrible static noise. VMP have acknowledged there is an issue, they think it was a stamper problem. They are going to repress.
  22. There's been loads of people reporting the sound issue. Have you complained to VMP?
  23. Plus the shipping. It was $50 shipped from storm chasers and $30 shipped from Asianman.

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